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  1. Dear Eric, I seem to understand the meaning of your words. I must be thankful to the cultural heritage of my ancestors and Vedic knowledge for my attitude to life.
  2. Dear friends, colleagues, thank you for the high mark and kind words. I built this frigate in five months. However, I do not consider this work outstanding. There are eight more frigates of the same type ahead, and then six more ... This is the usual routine work ...
  3. I believe that few people care about what tools mastery is achieved. Mastery is not in the hands but in the head. Yes, there is a bit of digital technology but there is a lot of manual work. I also had to draw a lot ... This applies to decor.
  4. Putin ... And here Putin ... Perhaps he is more popular than the English Queen Elizabeth? Putin ... Putin ... Putin ...
  5. Almost ready. It remains to put a couple of parts and make a decent stand. Enterprise, 1774, Gregorian style. Scale 1:36.
  6. The work is not finished yet. It will be a vintage in the Gregorian style (without a mast, with hemp masts and a bowsprit). Appearance will do for 200 years of age.
  7. A little more and it will be ready. I hope I have enough time for one week.
  8. Hello. Yes, I built this ship. This is the second Standard that I sold to finish building with another modeler (this is his model in the auction catalog). My ship was custom built three times more expensive than auction prices.
  9. Thank. Vintage is generally a copy of an old thing with traces of exploitation and time. I copy the exterior of old museum models of the appropriate style. But without traces of exploitation. The new fashion "torn pants with holes" someone believes that this is vintage. I argue that this is simply worn clothing characteristic of the poor or low strata of society. This is not vintage but a substitute for concepts. Vintage is primarily a kind of noble antiques antiquity.
  10. The hull of the ship is made of individual parts cut on a CNC milling machine. Alder wood. Then the body is assembled on glue and fastened with beams and velvet. I did not take photos of a very long and monotonous milling process.
  11. Hello Johann Thank. However, your experience and skill deserve special attention. You are building very gorgeous models! In today's world of consumption, your mastery is rare. For me, building models is already an ordinary job. I wanted to build two identical frigates at the same time (Enterprise and Siren). But something went wrong ... Now I am building only one ship. I hope that in the near future the hull of the second frigate will be ready.
  12. The draft hull of the ship is made of alder wood. Fine cladding made of pink pear veneer. I made black veneer on my own from blackwood. This is the choice of saving money. Pear boards have a price of $ 24,000 per cubic meter. Pear veneer has a price of 35 dollars one meter square. For the ship, I use two meters of square pear veneer and only one pear board (100mm X 30mm X 800mm)
  13. Almost finished finishing lining of ebony and pear.
  14. Dear Brian. Obviously, the quality of the photos did not allow you to clearly see the design of the ship. The mast steps are carved from beech wood. In addition, the masts have different diameters. Based on your assumption, it would not be wise to make steps of different diameters from a plastic pipe of the same diameter. Confusion turns out ... yes?
  15. Yes indeed. On this page there is a mention of the frigate Enterprise. And this name is written through the letter Z. https://prints.rmg.co.uk/collections/ship-plans/products/syren-siren-1773-j6307 Perhaps this is what they wrote in the 18th century and the original name was left in the annotation. However, as far as I know in modern English, there is no such word "EnterpriZe". This word is now spelled as: Enterprise. I can assume that English as one of the young languages has a constant transformation. For example, in the ancient books of the 16th century, the modern combination of "TH" is written and read as "T". The change in pronunciation and spelling of some letters and sounds are associated with some negative factors that have occurred in English history. On the frigate that I am building now, I will write the name in the modern manner "Enterprise"

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