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  1. Bob thank you for checking out my log and thank you for the congratulations! I agree about this model being perfect for entry level. Not too hard, but not too easy, and certainly small enough to finish in a relatively short period of time. It also gave plenty of wiggle room for those who like to go above and beyond. For such a simple model, I learnt quite a few things. As an example the waterline was very difficult for me to get right. Also I have no clue how to tie the right knots used in rigging. This is to be a lifelong hobby, I imagine with tim
  2. Fittings Mast Finished It isn't perfect but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for checking out the build!
  3. Hi folks, I am by no means good at modelling, let alone ship modelling, however I find the craft to be extremely relaxing. I won't allow my lack of ability get in the way of this most excellent hobby. I should point out that I cannot use CA glue as I am highly sensitive to it, I use just wood glue. That being said.. I thought I'd share my progress for this very small kit by Amati. Please forgive me as I am extremely slow, though as I said earlier I am not in a rush. This is a hidden gem of a hobby and I intend on fully immersing myself and enjoying i
  4. Wow, just absolutely in love with this model. May I ask, did you use a brush to paint? Did you use a primer before applying the colors? This model is absolutely gorgeous... it belongs in a museum!
  5. Dude! Nice LEDs.. I'm hoping to do this with my half moon build. Cheers!
  6. Great work! That is an awesome Sofa table, I've been looking for one just like that.... Cheers! Eyup
  7. Hi Greg, Big fan of midwest here, looking forward to your progress! Goodluck! Well done on the fix. Eyup
  8. Hi Mike, I have this kit waiting for me, exciting to see someone experienced start the build! I'll have my chair pulled up! Following along. Cheers Eyup
  9. Hi Jct, I was eyeing this kit @ Age of Sail, I am really happy you picked it up and are building it. I think I might pick this kit up and follow along sometime in the future, masterful work sir. Cheers, Eyup
  10. Russ this is an awesome Skiff. Can I ask what sort of glue did you use to build this? Cheers, Eyup
  11. Russ, This is absolutely stunning work. Excited to see the final product! Absolutely gorgeous. Cheers, Eyup
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