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  1. Hello dear friends, thank you all for your kind words, feedback and comments. I am pleased, you enjoyed the pics from progress. Well, Sovereign of the Seas is is approximately in 1/90 scale, and Royal Katherine in 1/55, she is much more larger, but in the photos it doesn't seem that way. On the other hand, the SoS was a huge ship and in 1/90 scale it's a great model. Hello Jan, I make all ropes myself using ordinary ropewalk from Amati. And about top-ropes - no problem, I am grateful for feedback and notification of possible errors. Exactly, I made th
  2. And here are the current photos of the model as it looks these days:
  3. I slightly shortened the length of the main and front yards to more closely match the proportions of the real ship. Previous version: current version:
  4. Backstays and topmast + togallant shrouds..... And other rigging.....
  5. Although the masts of the Royal Katherine model are based on the proportions of Lenox's masts in Endsor's book, I found the mastheads too short and decided to make a radical adjustment. Original appearance: Thanks to this change the mastheads have the exact length now:
  6. And finally it was time for the rigging .... Here I have started with top-ropes. Wooden blocks are also modified to achieve more realistic look as it was on 17th century English ships ......
  7. I will use CNC blocks from HISModel, for a long time I am very satisfied with high level of quality and service of this eshop. https://www.hismodel.com/articles-category-1 https://www.hismodel.com/articles-category-19 In addition, I can save a lot of time than if I made everything by hand. I tried it as well, but I would spend about a whole year to make my own wooden block. Time is too precious for me.
  8. The tops are made mostly of card, but I also used wooden ribs to achieve higher solidity:
  9. And this is how the model should look with sails, I'll probably use the second version:
  10. Masts, their parts and all yards are completely handmade. The biggest yard is more than 50 cm long. Here are some drawings from Endsor's book dedicated to Lenox, from which I took dimensions and proportions of masts and yards and adapted them for my RK.
  11. Hello everybody, thank you for your comments and support. These days I continue with masting and rigging of the model. Plenty of details are created according to these two books : Lees - The masting and rigging of English ships of war (1625 -1860) and Anderson R.C. The Rigging of Ships 1600-1720. I would like to build my model in the most realistic form as possible. Well, I use copper or brass wires coated with black paint and shape them with various tweezers. More complicated parts are made from several parts, which I assemble together then. Here is one of the wires which
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