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  1. Hello dear friends, and thank you very much for your comments and likes. I am pleased, you enjoyed pics from the progress. I use mainly water-based - dispersion glue, in our country known as "Herkules" : https://www.google.com/search?q=lepidlo+herkules&sxsrf=ALeKk02EIjI_jrGWdKcG_WO5JPyXDsvNtg:1585674617926&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=JlezZe3F3Bel4M%3A%2C0luYouwhWcn-EM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRDKInHGaIkIlgLbCZdDJkMEL_y9w&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwibsNKimsXoAhXSoVwKHYIWAH0Q9QEwAXoECAoQEA or Ethyl Cyanoacrylate super glue as well.: https://www.mpmshop.cz/bolt-medium The ropes are sometimes shaped and "glued" even with a matt clear varnish. I tried to create realistic flag, so I spent quite much time to look for best technology, how to do. Finally I used clear varnish (Tamiya TS-80) and during drying it was shaped exactly as I needed. The flag then remains relatively stiff and does not change its shape. Thank you for your help and great inspiration. I do appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot for me. ********************************************************************************************************************** I know it will be really challenging to complete this model with realistic rigging, but as two friends have written to me, it is important to find a way to proceed with the rigging, and to take the model to completion. Some years ago I faced a similar challenge when I was building Sovereign of the Seas, and although it was really hard, it was worth the effort. Yesterday, I took several pictures of both ships together. I wish I would complete the Royal Katherine as successful as the Sovereign of the Seas model. So, it is time to study and look for the right solutions.
  2. I was very sad reading about your serious health problems, Danny, and hope you are doing better. I wish you to win this battle and be able to continue successfully with all, you would like to do. Kind regards, Doris
  3. Hubac's Historian: Hello and thank you for the recommendation. I have these books at home, they are very helpful but in some ways I find it very difficult to understand technical English. Despite a lot of quality drawings it is a pity that some important things are only mentioned or described in text, but there are not illustrative drawings of them, expecially detailed daigrams of a whole rope from its beginning to the end. Therefore it is very difficul for me to understand where and how it should be tied. Today I have finished rest pieces of decoration. I find inspiration mainly in museum models and Van de Velde drawings.
  4. Hello dear friends, I am honoured reading your comments and responses to my work. I do appreciate them a lot. Thank you all very much. Well, I would like to continue and finish this model in maximum historical accuracy, but I am not sure if I manage it. The rigging is quite complicated and I was not succesful to find plenty of details in available books. Although I have commercial plan of this ship, there are a lot of mistakes and nonsense, which I cannot apply to my model in any case. I do not want to give up although it would be possible to leave the model without rigging and finish the build even at this stage. Please, if you have any drawings or documents suitable for English ships from the second half of the 17th century, especially the rigging, please share them here. It can help not only me but also other people interested in realistic design of such ships. I will be very grateful for that. Yesterday I added remaining ropes to gunport lids on the upper deck and quarterdeck; the ropes in the middle/open section of the upper deck will be tied later.
  5. And finally I have added required ropes - the spans on gunports lids on lower and middle deck. The upper ones will be completed later.
  6. Making gunport lids from card and foils + brass rings.....
  7. Fully armed Royal Katherine is now carrying 88 cannons.
  8. Eight remaining guns for quarterdeck - "sakers": I made two kinds of wooden carriages based on Endsor's book - the Restoration warship HMS Lenox. I suppose these kinds of carriages were also used on the Royal Katherine - the ship from almost the same period.
  9. Hello dear friends, I am very grateful for your support and kind words, thank you all very much. And thank also for all your "likes". I appreciate them a lot. Well, sculpting is my favourite hobby as well, I love creating beautiful things and bringing pleasure to other people who can watch my work. I am not sure if I would enjoy making sculptures for manufacturers and see how they make coppies..... The uniqueness of the original is very valuable to me. Few days ago I finished remaining ordnance for the Royal Catherine. The barrels are made of card, but for carriages I used wood - it was much less laborious than paper and I saved a lot of time. The cannons are still without rigging and tackles, will be added later. So, have a great time and enjoy the pics from progress..... Here is first piece - demi-culverin for the main deck - in comparison with the biggest gun from RK - "cannon-of-seven" from the lower deck:
  10. Thank you for your praise and all the "likes", dear friends. I am happy you enjoy the pics and the progress. Paper brings a huge range of options; it is possible to create almost everything using only ordinary modeling tools and it costs next to nothing (except spent work and time of course...). With every other model I can find a new and better application of this material. Of course, I prefer to make ornaments and scupltures from Modurit (this is my favourite modeling clay available in Czech Republic) and there is still opportunity to improve details and realism. Now I have made tiny reliefs for cannons, 8 of them will come for smaller cannons - sakers on the quarterdeck - these cannons will be made later. At the same time, I created other ornaments and placed them on the hull. I use mainly photos of museum models for inspiration.
  11. Thank you for your advice, dear friends, I greatly appreciate your help. Johann: Oh yes, I also have this picture available and it will certainly help me to make halyards. Dave: That's exactly the thing I was looking for. In the books there is a good description, but the pictures are not complete - that confused me a little, but this is a right solution I will make on my model. I am continuing with the demi-culverin cannons for the upper deck. They will be created will all details. We also had to reinforce the shelf supports on which the model will be displayed. It already weighs more than 8 kg.
  12. Thank you very much, guys, that’s a great idea. They really could be lifts for the ship’s boats. I would like to place them on my model as well. I assumed that these ropes should be easily detachable in order to use the capstan. I have just finished other 14 pieces of demi-culverin for upper deck. The last 18 pices (10x demi-culverin for upper deck and 8x saker for quarterdeck will be made with all details).
  13. Thank you all, dear friends, I greatly appreciate your support. Thank you also for the superb inspiration that I am finding in your threads on this forum, I am impressed by the perfect craftsmanship and also the realism. I admire your work a lot and also try to improve my models and want to shift them to a higher level of realism. I would like to ask you for advice - do you have any idea what these two ropes with tackles (hooked on the upper deck) were used for? Do you have any diagrams or drawings with complete running of these ropes? ( I do not know from which point they started on the upper place - from mast or yard??) I would like to make rigging on the Royal Katherine correctly, unfortunatelly plenty of details I was not successful to find anywhere.😥

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