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  1. Dear colleagues and friends, Thank you all very much for your comments, kind words and support. It means a lot to me and I am pleased that you like the Royal Katherine model in my rendition. It was a really great challenge when I decided four years ago whether to go for it or not, but despite many difficulties during the building, I do not regret this decision. At the same time, I fulfilled another modeling dream, which I was able to share with you and almost to the end with my husband George. The realisation of this project brought me not only the joy of the hobby itself, but also learning and possibility of expanding the knowledge horizons about real ships, their construction and history. My main intention was to strive for the most realistic model reconstruction of the real appearance of the Royal Katherine and to point out the various shortcomings and inaccuracies that we often encounter in documents and plans of sailboat models. In addition, I tried to create my model without the use of special tools and from the most available materials as an example of the fact that even a very modest background is not an obstacle to creating a nice and quality model, which makes this hobby available to almost everyone. None of us can know what the future will bring, but I definitely do not want to give up my hobbies and when I find enthusiasm for a new and interesting project again, I will share it with you. Kind regards and all the best, Doris
  2. General view and details of decoration on the stern section... Have a great time and enjoy the pics. Best regards, Doris
  3. Dear friends, I am very grateful and honored reading your kind words and feel your support. Thank you all very much, I do appreciate your feedback a lot. Th Royal Katherine has been finished a few days ago, this build took me almost four years and approximate 7000hours of work and studying. I am sorry that my husband could not see the completion of the model, but he supported me a lot in my hobby and shared the successes and joy of building models with me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped me and followed my work through this forum. A few days ago there was a nice report about my work on card models on Czech television. It was also dedicated to my husband, with whom I wanted to say goodbye for the last time. You can watch the report here, but it is in Czech languauge: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10805121298-gejzir/221562235000005/video/819958?fbclid=IwAR1I97p0dLk-BvV_dO7SQtBYOl3AFps7K9qI9gWhKSZ4TEeRVBBPsp-3zy0 And here you can see plenty of pics of my largest finished model - the Royal Katherine - I consider her the best ship of all I have ever created:
  4. Dear friends, I do appreciate your comments and support. Thank you all very much. Well, I am not sure I will start with new projects in future. I have lost motivation and enthusiasm, always shared it with my husband and created the models also for him - he supported me a lot and loved what I did. Now I'm finishing my best model - the Royal Katherine and definitely don't want to give it up. I added the bonnet under the fore course to achieve another detail for better realism. A followed these drawings from Lees´ book: Now I am working on four anchors, they will be made of card. Best regards, Doris
  5. Thank you all for your condolences and kind words, dear friends. Life has brought me terrible suffering, and the pain in my heart is unbearable. I know, it is necessary to go on, I try to finish everything I started, and hope that one day it will be better again. I finished the flags, inspired by Sailmaker's painting of the Royal Katherine:
  6. All that remains is to add anchors and flags. The crew was originally supposed to be on the model, unfortunately I was struck by a very cruel life event, when my husband died a few months ago and it changed a lot in my life. There will be only two figures on the model that will symbolize me and my husband, it is a remembrance and a tribute to the best person I have ever known and spent with him more than 20 years. He had a wish for me to successfully complete the Royal Katherine, and I want to fulfill his wish as best as possible. Doris
  7. And here are already finished sails (made of cloth), including other rigging:
  8. Almost complete running rigging: Here you can see how big the model really is - towards its builder:
  9. Hello dear friends, First of all, I want to wish you all the best in the new year. Thank you also for your comments and kind words. I am currently completing the model, almost all the rigging is already done and the ship also has sails. Here are several photos from the process of tying the ropes, as well as some examples from the books I followed and used on the model (Andreson and Lees).
  10. Hello dear friends, thank you all for your kind words, feedback and comments. I am pleased, you enjoyed the pics from progress. Well, Sovereign of the Seas is is approximately in 1/90 scale, and Royal Katherine in 1/55, she is much more larger, but in the photos it doesn't seem that way. On the other hand, the SoS was a huge ship and in 1/90 scale it's a great model. Hello Jan, I make all ropes myself using ordinary ropewalk from Amati. And about top-ropes - no problem, I am grateful for feedback and notification of possible errors. Exactly, I made them according to Anderson; in fact the rope on starboard side is placed a little higher - it should have been approximately in the middle, but there is a metal reinforcement inside the mast and this did not allow me drill a hole through. But I was already trying to move the rope a little lower to make it even more in line with reality. It's a bit visible here on the masthead. The top-rope on main mast is meanwhile without change: https://www.modelforum.cz/download/file.php?id=1617212 I found inspiration for example here at this museum model: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/65964.html Hello Alan, In fact, all these parts are hand made, I use common tools. I gradually add layers and glue them together, then I cut each newly glued layer with a scalpel. Finally, I sand the edges and close them with a glue. *********************************************** Yesterday I finished ratlines on starboard shrouds, now I will continue on the other side and also add the upper catharpins (by Lees): Have a nice day and enjoy the pics.
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