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  1. Great work and craftsmanship. I love these models with detailed interior. Very inspirational and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. Best regards, Doris
  2. Just watching and admire your workmanship with metal pieces. Fantastic results and details. Kind regards, Doris
  3. Very good start, Jo, and do not worry, everything is possible to achieve. It is important "to want" and enjoy what we do. Keep it up. Here is an inspiration for you: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=100656&start=30 I am glad that another woman is here and build ship models. Great!! 👍 Best regards, Doris
  4. Unbelievable precision and neatness of work. My deep admiration to your workmanship, dear Amalio. I enjoy watching these ultra realistic wooden models. Kind regards, Doris
  5. Spectacular work and sense for detail. Very inspirative! Best regards, Doris
  6. Dear friends, thank you very much for your praise and kind words, I do appreciate your support a lot. I am pleased, you enjoy the pics and like my work. Oh you mean this... Well I usually leave my signature on the frame/main rib. But on my older scratch-build model Sovereign of the Seas stayed my tears, cause I had some accidents and was sad also because of the problems and disappointment that life brought to me then.... *********************************** I have decided to improve decoration on the bow section and make larger/wider sculptures to achieve more realistic appearance. Lower pieces of decoration are completely new and they overlap the upper cheeks as you can see on many museum models from that period. I believe, this decision was good. Enjoy the pics and have a good time. Previous bow design: And here's the current design:
  7. Hello dear friends, I am very grateful for your support and comments, your words mean a lot for me. I'm flattered and do appreciate your praise. Thank you all very much. I believe the Royal Katherine will be my best card model after finishing, but there are several things and details I should improve in the model and during the build I try to correct or do them better. I do not continue very fast although want to add something new on the model as often as possible. Well, I try to do realistic model, but have to say, it is really hard. Next time I am going to relax and build something according to complete building plans. The Royal Katherine is the most chalenging project I have ever realized. Wefalck: Plenty of my tutorials and videos have been posted here, so please look through my thread. I am going to add others in the future. I don't have experience with other materials, so I can't recommend anything else. I am satisfied with this one I use. I build card models more than 30 years.I am not sure if I understand well your second question ( unfortunately my English is not very good), but I try to devote my greatest effort to all parts of the model. I usually put also a "part of myself" into building these models - not only my modelling skills, but also "emotion" and "love". **************************************************** The belfry is finished and now I am continuing with other pieces of decoration on another railing... I try to create it according to museum models from that period to achieve more realistic result. Unfortunately there are no exact plans or drawings of these parts of the Royal Katherine, so I have to improvise a bit.....😉 Enjoy the pics and have a great time. Best regards, Doris
  8. Here are current pics. I tried to create these pieces of decoration according to museum models from that period but wanted to achieve unique/original design as well.
  9. Did you miss my report on decorating work? Well, You can look forward to it cause it will continue again...😎
  10. There were also added brass rings on the sides of gun ports for rigging and tackles. I finished other railing on bulkheads.The crew members come from yacht Royal Caroline and were made in a scale 1/40. They are here only for a short time for an excursion...😄
  11. The low railing is completely made of wood due to its higher strength:
  12. And another bulkhead completed and placed in model.... The brass bell is not my own product, it is one of few things on the model I have purchased as finished accessory.
  13. Placing the largest guns "cannon-of-seven" in the hull. The carriages were placed into the hull separately and then I added cannon barrels to them. It is possible to move and set them as necessary.

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