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  1. You seem to be flying right along. Even starting after me you seem to be 2 steps ahead, doing a lot of things I have planned (new wood/blocks/rope ...) Ill be watching your build very closely. Keep the pics coming. Tony
  2. Thanks for stopping in Keith. 1- straight keel - Yes 2-bulkheads set level with the top of the keel,which will be the deck.To me this is what you will build the rest of the ship off of. You will go off of the deck for the height of the top rail,base the whale shape and level. - Yes each bulkhead is level with the higher end of the keel, I have not beveled the tops of the bulkheads yet. Will do that after they are glued in place. 3-the side to side of the bulkheads -center them up as close as possible-open up the slot in the middle to be able to move them. There are a couple in the
  3. GuntherMT - Thanks for stopping by. Loved your library, Ship looks good too >.> Managed to attach the sternpost with a a few shims it looks real nice. Most of what I did will be hidden by the planking. But I know it there and that is what really matters. Another wave of dry fitting and measuring led me to see that about of my bulkheads are very slightly out of square with the keel. Some are just slightly crooked (port or starboard side slightly forward, the opposing side aft) others are slightly tilted with the bottom being forward and the top being back. None are real
  4. Small update. Added some shims to the outside of a couple bulkheads so I can get the smooth lines I'm looking for. Did some more sanding and added some more shims to the bulk heads to get their height right. I also started the rabbet. I left it a little shallow for now, Ill deepen it after I get the keel glued on when I can properly measure how deep I need it. Side note: Don't think Ill use this method of marking the bearding line again. Took more time to clean the rubber cement off then it took to sand down the rabbet. And finally I started gluing the keel. Next up is
  5. Alistair - Thanks for popping in, I've read your log several times over, I'll start adding some shims to the mid bulk heads. As to taking my time, I am. I spend most of my time at work fixing problems caused by being forced to do something on time instead of doing it right. I'm in no rush to finish and want to do it as right as I can. Dragzz - Yeah I measured the keel its flat so no worries there. Thanks every one for stopping by. Ill update again when there is more to see than glue drying.
  6. 1. The Hull (Bulkheads and Keel) Seeing as the everything is built on the keel and bulkheads I’m trying to avoid as many problems as possible, checking everything many times over. The problem with avoiding problems on my first build is I don’t know what I don’t know. I removed the bulkheads and false keel from the billets. Then I cleaned up the burnt marks from the keel and bulkheads. After the cleanup I checked the parts against the plans and added some shims to the keel and resanded to get the bulkhead slots in the correct spots. After the keel was in order I turn
  7. So I’m taking the leap and starting my build log. This is my first real build, I picked up the Midwest Dinghy on a whim and built it. Enjoyed that so now I’m trying something a little more involved and longer build. For a couple different reasons I went with the Armed Virginia Sloop by Model Shipways. For guidance I will be using the wonderful build logs here on Model Ship World, Ship Modeling Simplified, The Model Boatyard’s Practicum, and the occasional reference to Lauck Street Shipyards partial practicum that I got with my eBay purchase of the kit. After selecting the kit I happe
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