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  1. Today, I received my replacement parts from Model Expo for my early flawed Essex kit. I asked for everything that was updated. Looks like I got a set of all the laser cut wood parts. I assume that all the bulkheads and frame parts are improved. The window parts are clearly an improvement. No metal or cast parts. They did include an instruction book and a "template sheet". Don't know how different this instruction book is from the original till I compare the two. No new plans, except for the mentioned "template sheet". So basically what I got was a new set of laser cut parts and instruction book. This is good as it was the laser cut parts that had me worried... Bill M.
  2. Not having heard anything from ME in response to my email of May 6 asking for replacement parts for my Essex kit, I was getting ready to call them. I went to "my account" on their website to get my Essex kit order information so I'd have it for my call-- when, lo and behold, I see a new order consisting of "misc. parts", dated May 8th in the warehouse about to be shipped. Maybe I'm going to get my replacement parts after all! Bill M.
  3. Good advice. I went back to "my account" on the Model Expo website and retrieved my order information. I will call them tomorrow or Tuesday with that info. Hopefully, that will do the trick. Bill M.
  4. As noted, I emailed Model Expo earlier this month about getting new parts and have not received any sort of acknowledgement or response. I also noted that I had similarly emailed them in January about the new Essex parts-- again no response. I hope they keep their commitment to the earlier buyers of these kits, but I'm getting a little worried they might not. Bill M.
  5. For what it's worth, I asked them for corrected plans; assuming, of course, that they have been corrected. I guess we'll see. Bill M.
  6. Well, based on the success of others in getting correction parts for their Essex kits, I have emailed Model Expo customer service for the corrected parts for my early Essex kit. Assuming I receive them OK, I will have no excuses not to start the kit! Bill M.
  7. Pheasant, What was it that you got a month or so ago and did you contact or call Model Expo to get them to send it? Thanks. Bill M.
  8. Also being one of the earlier purchasers, I too am waiting to hear when the corrected replacement parts will be coming. I emailed them back in January to ask, but never received a reply. Sam had said that the instructions would be revised. I'm glad they did that at least, but I think they should send out a replacement set with the replacement parts. Yes, it is getting frustrating. Bill M.
  9. I assume this is the new, fully revised Essex kit? If they are shipping the corrected kits, I wonder if they will ship the corrected parts to those of us who have the flawed original kits. Bill M.
  10. Thanks. In addition to the quarter gallery windows, I hope that ME sees fit to provide the new bulkheads, the new instruction booklet and whatever other parts need replacing. I think there may have been some issue as to some of the castings, if I recall correctly, though the principle issue for me are the bulkheads. Bill M.
  11. What exactly are they sending? I guess I need to contact them again.Bill M.
  12. Great news about ME sending out the new replacement parts! ME has had a good reputation for standing behind their kits and products. It looks like the Essex kit will be no exception. I would still like to hear about Sam and how he is doing? I communicated with him in the past about the Essex and he was always most helpful-- a great guy. I hope he is doing well. Bill M.
  13. No, I haven't heard back from them either. In the past, they have always been very responsive. Maybe, since the upgraded kits won't ship till February, they don't have enough parts to ship replacement parts. Bill M.
  14. Yes I just tried logging on to my account and it came up as "Joseph Dornier"--- not me! I immediately checked to see if "Joseph" had been ordering kits on my account, but no indication of it, so I guess all is well with the world. I will correct my account information some time soon. Bill M.
  15. I'm in the same boat (no pun intended!) with an earlier version of the Essex kit. I have been waiting for the corrections before starting mine. I just emailed ME to see if they were going to provide the corrected parts to those of us with the earlier kits. I noticed on their website just now that they say they will replace any defective parts free of charge on their kits-- so there is hope. One other thing that Sam told me would be corrected was the instruction booklet, as much was left out, including mention of the wales, etc. Finally, has anyone heard from or about Sam recently? He was a real stand-up guy and I hope things are alright with him. Bill M.

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