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  1. . Great to always hear of another cut an paste builder. It is very easy to get addicted to Card Models. I have had and built many. Now I am a bit more deliberate on what I build. I am working on a completely laser cutSanta Marie @ this time. Will post photos soon. As for kits, there is no limit to subject matter. And yes, I agree, SD14 is the top dog of the kits. I have found myself down sizing on the ships scale. 1/200 is a great scale to build in, I find myself buying more and more of the 1/250 and 1/300 scales. Is great to see such an interest in card modeling. Rick 8)
  2. Is this a HMV kit of the Bismarck.........looking forward to this. I too have the HMV kit w/detail set and barrels. I am going by your comment about the number of pieces, which is daunting to say the least even to a ole hand @ building card kits. But I believe it is the most detailed version one can find of this kit in 1/250 scale. I will answer a question that was asked.......yes, one is always able to change the kit in anyway they deem, @ 1/200th and up, this is a pretty easy thing to do, but once you start going down the scale, this gets a bit more tricky. A HMV is a top of the line, v
  3. Thought I would offer a hand here, I am and have built many GPM Card kits, there are ways to translate, but the way it translates, leaves too me much to be desired. In other words, the sentence sometimes does not make any sense. So with that said, I study all drawings and there is a format f/sizes of card, wire and anyother noted detail, study them closely. Follow the drawings to the letter and take your time and before you know it, a completed project is before you. I just received a order from GPM and a future project will be the Graf Spee w/all the goodies. Good luck and I will be watc
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