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  1. Have done a fair amount. I have a few intermediate picture, and in the lates one I have placed the upper superstucture and have wiring in for upper lights. I am not putting navigation lights . Mainly because i only had 5mm green and red leds, and at 1:100 scale they just over powered. Also , the truth, It looked very hard to do.
  2. Thank you. It was really a fun model to build, and I am glad you can't see it up close. One thing about puting lights in a ship like this or a river boat is that you really have to plan ahead. I am finding that out on the current model.
  3. Cathead I just came out of model building retirement, and am trying to catch up. As usual you work looks great.
  4. As you can see by the attached photos I have started the build up of the hull. The quality of the plywood and laser cut are very good. As you can see I have added some hole in the bulkheads to accomadate wireing that I have added for lighting. I have puts lights in the last several models I have built and it adds a nice effect. Pls excuse the clutter on my work bench I am not a neatnick at heart. I have added a picture of the "Portland" (Bluejacket) to show the lights.
  5. I am surprised that there are not other logs on this ship. The only one I found is in the link below. There is probably an easier way to direct you to another log, but I don't know of it.
  6. After reviewing the kit my first reaction is: The wood looks good quality, but the quantity is going to be tight. The instructions are a set of assembly drawings (no words), but look easy to follow. The fittings are all in two plastic boxes that I am not going to open until I need them. If I opened them I am sure i would lose something. So I am happy so far, I just hope i am up to it.
  7. Just got this kit. I haven't built anything for about two years due to arthritis in my hands, so I might not do the rigging, but I think i can still do the carpentry work. So stay tuned, and follow along. I could only find one other log on this ship by "alpayed", and his work is fantastic. Don't expect this quality from me, but i'll try.
  8. I just received the model yesterday, and am getting ready to start. Your work looks great. I only hope that I can do half the job. A few post back you mentioned that you gathered additional info on the ship. If you still have it and could make it available pls "PM" me.
  9. Cathead Thanks for the comments, but if you look at it close the workmanship lacks in several areas. In all the models I have built I never used gloss paint or stain. I think it adds a certain “phoniness” to them. I guess gloss doesn’t scale to well. I know that you were a big part in stepping up the interests in riverboats on this site. First with your log on the Bertrand, starting the General log on steamboats, and your current work on the Arabia. Thank you I’ve learned a lot from your effort. Keep it up
  10. I may semi retire . Going through all the junk I have I found that about a year ago out of curiosity I bought a paper model of the Australian Paddlesteamer "Penesey'. When it cam in the mail I never opened it, but just "filed it away". It says that anyone older then 12 ( I qualify ) and more experienced builders can build the advanced version included. I opened it up and it looks interesting so I am going to give it a shot. I see that there is a forum for paperboats so if I make decent progress I'll put something up. a few more better pictures of the Monroe. I see that I have to make the name decals for the Wheel house so I will try to finish them.
  11. picture turned out bad. I thought there used to be a place to preview. Anyway I'm done. Npw I have to find a home of all my left over parts and equipment.
  12. I know that I am really not finished with the model, but I am declaring it done. I’ll be 87 in two weeks, and my hands and eyes aren’t what they were in the late 70’s when I started doing this. I have the ship in it’s new home in my den so it is a little hard to take some pictures but have included some that give you an idea of how it turned out. .rough
  13. Everyone must be on vacation. I haven't seen anything new in any of the riverboat threads. I think cathead is still in the drawing stage, but i haven't seen any update so I thought that I would add a small one. Looking back i also have not done any updates and really haven't taken any real pictures, but have made some progress as the picture shows. If anyone is interested there are 719 railing columns.(60ft of 1/6 in dowel) That means 1440 1/6 holes, which used two 1/6" bits. I still have quite a bit of detail and fixture stuff to do plus all the stern. I have all the lighting done, and have toned it down a little. You will have to excuse all the junk, but since the model is 49 inch long I don't have any place to put it for pictures. I gave my son my model of the "San Filipe" and going to use that space when completed. The wheelhouse is done except for the roof. (neglect the junk on the roof.) For those still out there stay in touch, and if there are any new threads I am not aware of let me know. Clarence
  14. I use a stiff clea material that is use for clear divider in notebooks etc. I got it at office max. It is also great to use as a surface when you want to glue parts. since ca will not stick to it. when gluing I set a sheet over the plans, Line the pieces up with the plan or sketch and glue it. When dry the parts just lift off. It is called "presentation covers" on the box. Their web site is www.gbc.com. I have to buy a box of 100, but they come in handy. Clarence
  15. I thought I would send an update picture just to let you know I am still here and slowly moving along. The lights are certainly brighter than I would like. I have a couple variable resisters that I am going to try to turn it down a little. I have used 3mm bulbs and a couple yellow ones, but the only yellow ones I had were 5mm and they give off a lot of light
  16. I don't know how I screwed up all the text in my words above, but I did. I am old, but shouldn't make thoes mistakes.
  17. Made a little more progress. I found out one of the nicest things of supplied from a kit is all the parts that your require fifty of the same thing, the kit just turns on the laser cutter, and there you have them. In this case I am referring to the railings on the boiler deck. Making the first one was fun, but it became boring after ten or fifteen.Made a little more progress. I found out one of the nicest things of supplied from a kit is all the parts that your require fifty of the same thing, the kit just turns on the laser cutter, and there you have them. In this case I am referring to the railings on the boiler deck. Making the first was fun but then it became a chore. Another item that can help is that if you saved the scrap from previous kits laser cuts you can use these on a scratch build. In this case for the filigree at the top of the posts between decks I used what was left from the railing cut out from the “Mississippi Riverboat “ Kit. Hope the pictures below explain this better.
  18. I did not take it that way, and appreciate ever one of them so keep them coming. That is what makes this site great. Not running them through makes construction easier. I forgot to point out that that thingee in the front is a working searchlight.
  19. You have a great eye. This is what happens to a first time "scratch builder" who deviates from the plan. I built the big double doors and side windows in the front of the cabin and then went to put the stacks through and found that they would only be a foot away from the cabin structure. So I figured that since I wasn't going to light the boiler up I could move the stack where I I had clearance. However I didn't make the mistake I made on my "Mississippi Riverboat" which you picked up The rear stairs have the same pitch. In all seriousness Thanks for the comment that is what makes this fun.
  20. Cathead and Bob Thanks for the response, and the effort you put in to get the info. As a result I am going to leave them off my "Monroe". I put them on my previous two builds and they kind of detract from the whole boat. Your eye first goes to the red or green light rather then viewing the whole item.
  21. I am building a scrath build of a mid 1800's river boat. Got a question> When did riverboats start using navigation lights. There was a law passed in 1838 that steamships have some kind of lights, but when did western riverboats start using them.
  22. Very nice. I have never used yellow to get the effect you have.I'll have to try a sample on my current build.
  23. Thnaks Bob Up close it has it's faults. Blighty I picked the Monroe plans because It looked like a typical riverboat . I have changed a fair amount of it. I enlarged the engine room to include what i think would be a kitchen, I converted it to wood because I like the piles of logs, and moved some things around to cover my mistakes. The one thing I learned in this first scratch build is once you start to improvise you creaet a lot of downstream problems that the kit builders solved. It adds to the enjoyment though, and it uses up a lot of the inventory of wood I had accumulated over the years. I built the Chaperon and that started by love for steam power, and also I am getting to old to tie a lot of lines

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