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  1. The "supervisor" making sure I am following the plans! Soaked the garboards and clamped them in place while they dried. Starting the next row of planking.
  2. Happy Sunday all. It's been quite some time since I've posted and my previous build never took off. I figured it was time to start a new kit that was simpler than the last. I decided on the Whaleboat since it's a smaller kit without the higher parts count, and it seemed to be easier than the Occre kit I tried last year. I have been working on this over the last two weeks, so here are some photos of my progress thus far. I started setting up the jig, beveling the stem and sternpost, and gluing them to the keelson.
  3. Finally got some time over the last couple of weeks to work on this. I found a problem after gluing the bulwarks in place. A couple of my clamps popped off during the night, which caused a lot of gaps around the deck. Rather than try to cut everything apart, I decided to see if I could make things work since it will be painted in the end. Filler blocks in place. Planking the interior of the bulwarks. Stanchions in place. I will be painting this model, so the filler will be hidden. Starting the first row of planking.
  4. Thanks Bill! I'll send you an email shortly. Sean
  5. Thanks Darrell! I was not able to make the meeting today due to timing and weather, but I plan on being at the April meet.
  6. Thanks for the invite Lee. I'm only 30 minutes from the library. Does the club meet in one of the conference rooms there?
  7. My name is Sean. I'll be adding it to my signature block along with my current build soon.
  8. Well, here is my first build log. I haven't gotten very far over the last couple of weeks, but it's a start! I will warn you, my nautical terms are severely lacking, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong, or don't know the proper term. First up I glued all the frames together using aluminum angle to keep everything square. Adding the planking to the deck. I found the wood to be very dry and quite fragile. I believe it's sapele. Trimmed up the planks and glued the deck to the frames. Everything lined up pretty well. Did some p
  9. Hi all! I've been meaning to post here for some time. I've been registered for almost 4 years, better late than never I've been following this site for some time, reading over build logs, and trying out cheap MidWest kits before I posted an actual build. I currently build a lot of plastic amour and ship kits, and I am active with our local IPMS chapter. I used to build furniture a long time ago, but after selling our home a few years ago, I had no where to keep the tools and work. I did manage to take over our den and the wife has been completely supporting my hobby. I
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