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  1. Anyone have any idea of the standard size of copper rectangle sheeting pieces used on hulls back in the early 1800's? We're they 3'x2'? 12"x10"? I'm trying to decide what size copper adhesive tabs I want to get for my 1/4 scale.
  2. Does anyone know if there are any MS builds in the build logs, I haven't checked there yet to see what others have done. My internet is sporatic at best.
  3. Thanks all, I appreciate the the votes of confidence. Back to the secondary issue of scale size. What is the mm size I'm going to want? The same as for my AL Virginia kit. They are really close in size.
  4. I just got a used 1/4=1 MS Katy of Norfolk schooner off of ebay the other day and I need some advice on it. The kit is MISSING the following items: rings for the sails, the boom/gaff yokes, parrel beads, an anchor the belaying pins they say should be in the kit, the rudder, rudder hinge, rudder bar, keel stem and stern post instructions that make a modicum of sense. (what's in included is rubbish), blocks and deadeyes that are not 1/8" in size, mastcaps. What IS in the kit: hull (partly carved), rigging, a packed of itty bitty deadeyes, a packet of really tiny nails, a packet of blocks that a spider couldn't fit a web through the hole, wood for the masts, bowsprit, blocks to carve for the hatch/cabin, two pieces of wood I am guessing I am suppose to make the sternpost, rudder bar and keel stem from, really useless instructions, a packet of itsy bitsy teeny weenie eye pins. I will use the instructions to make sail templates and then make them from silkspan So what i need is advice on where to buy the blocks (in bulk), deadeyes (in bulk), anchor, bit heads or belaying pins (in bulk), mast caps (I will probably make these). The other thing is SIZE of the items needed. Most everything is in MM out there and I don't know what MM is close to scale for 1/4 inch = 1 foot. thanks, Keith BUILDS : AL Scottish Maid (complete) AL Virginia Schooner (under construction)
  5. Please tell me the name of this model. I am looking for Benjamin Latham or similar images.

    Thx Steve


    1. kearnold


      The one I posted in the gallery?  It's the AL Scottish Maid kit.


      Currently I'm working on the AL Virginia kit.

  6. My AL Scottish Maid rechristened the "Lady Gina". This is my first ever attempt at a wooden ship model. Through LOTS of trial, error and occasional blood, she finally came together.
  7. Hi, I'm Keith from Ohio. I have been building plastic static models of different ships for years and only recently decided to try my hand at wooden ship models. Turns out my wife is a huge fan of tall ships, so she supports my new hobby completely! Sadly all I have to work with is AL because that's all my local hobby shop sells. I am finalizing an AL Aberdeen Schooner that started as the Scottish Maid but due to ignorance on my part and it being a really crappy kit...well, she's being renamed and has a different look than the Maid.

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