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  1. I have a very small space to use when working on my ships. My tools are all in a plastic holder that prevents me from seeing what is what, so I end up with them sitting on the cutting mat usually, and getting in the way. Craft/fish tackle cases never seem to have enough bins unless they are huge. And space is a premium. Is there a portable tool caddy on the market that doesn't take up a huge amount of space and let's me separately store them?
  2. Issues with the deck to the frame size after first planks. When the bulwark was added it became more pronounced. Solution? I added some deck planking to fill the overhang. Once the glue is set I will sand it smooth. I trimmed 5mm from the bottom of the transom so the rudder bar would fit in its proper place, and after the bulwark dried I trimmed and sanded the bits sticking over. I will fill in any gaps with filler and sand it smooth
  3. I suggest you check this one out. Its much better than mine will ever be. http://blog.clockwork-orrery.com/2017/12/08/virginia-1819-build-log-part-1/#comment-982
  4. I will have to look into getting some of these
  5. I recently got the "Scotland" 1/64 scale and discovered the deadliest and the blocks are really really REALLY small! I know I will need to drill out the holes for the rigging to go through the holes, even if I crazy glue the tips of the thread. So what I'm worried about is the drill bit cracking the item. What can I do to avoid this problem?
  6. Since the framing was off true, I added a little extra for the planking to attach to in the correct places. I also had to add shims to one side since the deck was glued on in the wong place.
  7. I bought this kit off of ebay, and it was already started. I had to remove the #12 deck planking from the sides. And taper down some pieces with sand paper to get the right curvature. The deck was put on, but it really doesn't look good. The worst part, sadly is that a few of the hull framing pieces have been glued in incorrectly, as much as 5mm off true. This may or may not cause some problems. If anyone has any advice on how to straighten these pieces, or a fix, please let me know.
  8. Couple of reasons. I can't plank worth a damn. The original concept was in the colors my eldest likes, it was going to be a gift to him. I personally think the anchors that came with the ship look stupid
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