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  1. Dear Friends, would like to let you know that I've finished my relocation from Belarus to Poland. My workshop is reopened and from now I ship from within EU. This is good news for my EU customers as now they do not care about import taxes. Hope to see you again on my web site ShipWorkshop.com regards, Alexey PS Yes, with heart full of love to Belarus my family have relocated to kind neighbor Poland...
  2. Regret to say but my friend had to stop making models (( He's got perfect tools and one of them is my Serving Machine 2.6 (motorized with "endless" attache). If you are interesting in purchasing this tool please drop him a message at "Marc Meyen marcmeyen@gmail.com" to negotiate fair price. thank you, Alexey
  3. Just for example. Stropped 7mm block using 0.3mm rope made by PL4-3 ropewalk using SM4 server. (Sorry for block quality, I haven't got good looking block at this time 🙂 ) (instruction video still to come)
  4. Dear all, I proud to present new series of serving machines - SM4. Full details on Shipworkshop.com Video to come. What's new: Fully redesigned and improved. New "rail" design allows you to move cheeks to any desired position along the length of the machine. Special design allows you to serve extra long ropes with or without "endless" option. Optional "endless" rope option for those who do not want to wind ropes up on handles. Motor option is easy mounting and helps you to automate serving process. Symmetrical design for right- and left-hand operators. Out-of-box ready for using. All operations are similar to my previous serving machines: serving ropes, making beckets, stropping blocks, making eye-splices, laying seizings, making stay mouse (diamond knot), other jobs where one rope is to be wound round the other.
  5. Hello, Bob, first of all, thank you so much for kind word and for the review I've never done by myself. You are right in most even all points in your review. Thank you again. Here are my answers which I post with pleasure: I use new and different materials as well as new 3D printing technology instead of acrylic laser cutting to make most parts. Why? Because it saves my time and works better in total assembly and utility. Makes it universal, you see, I use one platform for 3, 4, 6 strands. Allows me to make new parts in more free manner which can be resulted as redesigned other machines. I always try me best to simplify (genial is simple): for me - assembly process, for my lovely customers - utility, usefulness, plain and simple work with and so on. Oops... There is just one lead needed as you can see it in video guide. Two came from experiments and I forgot to remove closest to the head 🙂 There is no adapter disk anymore. To be honesty it's not needed even in previous models. I put it only for marketing purposes and for avoiding claims from some guys about 3 threads twisting process on 4stranded ropewalks. That was more simple for me to include this disk than explain why they do not need it. Sorry... As I said I forgot to change it to regular one-fair lead 🙂 No, this is the question of looking. If you need it I can send you new ones. You know, my spare parts cost not like M. Benz's 🙂 There is 3mm hole. I presume it could be enough for all ropes produced by PL4... Ok, I check how to make it 2holed version, for the first time you need to order another one or just drill bigger central hole. If you need to move first crossbar closer to the head you may replace white tubes with nuts. The only thing you have to remember - you can't move the second crossbar as result rope can cling to the threaded rods ends while going from the second crossbar to the traverse lead. That's why I use far fair-lead instead of close. Hope I made some points clear for you. Anyway, please feel free to contact me. cheers, Alexey
  6. Dear All, I proud to present my new PL4 series rope making machines. How to operate on YouTube Full details on ShipWorkshop.com Basic features 2-, 3- or 4-stranded; With/without the core; Plain laid or cable laid; Left or right lay. Series members PL4-3: 2, 3 strands, no core; PL4-4: 2-4 strands, with core. PL3.2 successor; Choosing the right machine Please consider followings choosing the machine: PL4-3 makes 3-strand ropes and cables little bit better and easier than PL4-4. 4-strand ropes are rarely used on models and can be made using another tool like our VR series rope making machines. BR, Alexey
  7. Dear All, Would like to offer Dec'19 special prices for MSW members. Product details you may find on web site here shipworkshop.com Please include your membership name with order (in PM, "Other Notes" section of order form, email etc). Tool list price Dec'19 MSW Price (worldwide shipping cost) Ultimate rigging tool kit 3in1 (PL4-4+SM 2.6 + VR 3.1) 490$ 390$ (40$) PL3.2.2 "endless" rope making machine (2-4 strands) 330$ 250$ (25$) *NEW* PL4-4 "endless" rope making machine (2-4 strands) 330$ 270$ (25$) *NEW* PL4-3 "endless" rope making machine (2-3 strands) 295$ 230$ (25$) Serving Machine 2.1 (hand operated) 110$ 75$ (15$) Serving Machine 2.6 (hand+motor operated) 145$ 110$ (15$) VR 3.1 rope making machine (vertical, 2-4 strands) 95$ 60$ (5$) VR Mobile rope making machine (vertical, wireless, 2-4 strands) 100$ 65$ (5$) Please note: Shipping cost and PayPal fee are not included and should be paid additionally. Some products are subject to quantity. I can't guarantee before Christmas delivery as post service is beyond my control. You may ask for quick EMS delivery for extra cost. PL4 Series tools Video guide will be available soon. Please state type of plug required (US, EU, UK, AU) in Other Notes.
  8. Dear friends, If you've already got any of my rigging tools I'm pleased to offer you special discount for the rest of the tools. For instance, the owners of Serving Machine get VR 3.1 as a free bonus when ordering PL 3.2 ropewalk. For more details please PM or contact me by any preferred way for you https://shipworkshop.com/contact Here is the list of current products available from me. https://shipworkshop.com/products/all-products regards, Alexey
  9. Dear friends, here is another one version of my rope making machines. This time I proud to present WIRELESS version. So you are no more limited with power line in making rigging ropes. You are no more needed to use any extenders or extra long power cables. Moreover you may put your tool even on the second floor of your summer house :-) to make extra long ropes. More details on my web site https://shipworkshop.com/products/tools/vr-mobile This version is HD Adaptable as well as VR 3.1. This means soon you may use it in horizontal direction with special option (will be available soon). Video Here is user's manual: VR Mobile
  10. Do not be afraid, you do not need to program it - I've done it already for you. :-) Hope this returned your interest back.
  11. Dear friends, I proud to present next version of endless rope making machine (video to come soon): https://shipworkshop.com/products/tools/pl-3.2-endless-rope-making-machine PL 3.2 Endless rope making machine with traverse Fully automated ropewalk with traverse (rope making machine). Minimal control is needed. Basic features PL Endless rope making machine with traverse ("PL machine") is intended for making professional model ropes: 2-, 3- or 4-stranded; With/without the core; Plain laid or cable laid; Left or right lay. What's new: PL = Planetary ropewalk. New version of former ropewalk "Planetary". New traverse unit. New Smart Control Unit v3.0 Endless means extra long result ropes. User manuals: PL Endless rope making machine Smart Control Unit v.3.0
  12. Brass is easy to twist as cooper. But can be easier blackened. If you're not sure in brass softness you may anneal brass before using. Some times I blacken straight wire, some times result eye bolts/rings. I think you may blacken cooper wire before making rings using sulfuric ointment from drug store. Here I've used it to blacken cooper stripes. http://hms-vanguard.blogspot.com.by/2009/06/blog-post_02.html
  13. I use brass wire and then blacken eye bolt/rings made from. Blackening is simple process using blackening powder
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