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  1. oh boy !! Another kit to have to buy from Vanguard, if it is anything like the other 5 I recently bought it will be brilliantly packaged, with everything you might need to make a stunning model. So looking forward to it Chris, congrats on the next kit for your company.
  2. Guys, Have any of you rigged this model? If you have can you let me know roughly how much cord is needed and what sizes and colours please. Thanks Guy
  3. Thanks so much for all the replies. I have a lot to ponder and work out what is best for me. Thanks again Guy
  4. Alex, Just received the your plans for this wonderful model. Really looking forward to when i can build it. Regards Guy
  5. All, As I suffer with a disability, which means I cannot Stand without using Crotches, what would you recommend as a workbench which I can sit at? Thanks in advance Guy
  6. Jim, must have missed this the first time I went through all you wonderful pictures, I served on the Gold Rover, in Late '82. I was made redundant the following year during the 1st round of Maggie T's defense cut backs after the Falklands. Best 3.5 years of travel ever during my time on the RFA Thanks Guy
  7. Wishing Everyone in here all the very best for the New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2021. Best Wishes Guyuti
  8. Amalio, Having just joined MSW I have been looking through members previous builds etc, and having just spent the last 2 hours looking at your current build. All I can say is if I can get anywhere near this quality of work I would be happy. You work is beautiful, a wonder to behold. Thank you for posting a picture diary of your build, I look forward to seeing what comes next. You are a master craftsman. Best Wishes. Guy "Acabo de unirme a MSW y he estado revisando las compilaciones anteriores de los miembros, etc., y acabo de pasar las últimas 2 horas mirando su comp
  9. Thanks for all the welcome's guys I really appreciate them. Guy
  10. Hi, Completely new to model ship building, I recently had to retire from work due to severe ill health and as I now have a lot of spare time confined to home I thought I would try my hand at building some wooden model ships. I spent my Youth in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and hope to one day build a model from scratch of my first ship the Fleet Refueling Vessel R.F.A. Olmeda. If i can ever find some plans. I also used to Row in Cornish Pilot Gig's and would love to build a model of one of those at some point. I have read all of the Alexander Kent Novel's so I would like to build vessel
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