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  1. Wondered off and on if this was still underway. Nice progress. If at first . . . and all that.
  2. Thanks. Yes, they give you a few minutes of instruction and take you to the first lock transit. Then you are on your own. It is very comfortably equipped - all you take is your clothes and groceries. It helped that I used to drive LST's in the Navy, so handling it was not bad. Tricky in and out of the locks though, but they rent them to anyone, so it is very learnable. Most of the towns along the canal have good overnight accommodations for tying up, shore power and all. A beautiful trip.
  3. Nice work for a luthier, Kirby. At least you have the tools! Maybe I'll try one myself after seeing how yours goes. I would think using Douglas Fir would be a bit challenging, especially the carving part.
  4. Thank you. Like they say, even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while. This is my first topic post and I had some trouble finding any specs about the size and resolution of photos. Is there any guidance on the forum about these kind of technical requirements for posts? Couldn't get my profile picture to go up at all . . .
  5. As I said, not your average MSW build, but it is a boat! I've built my share of kit models, but this one will never be in kit form I suspect. It's a 'canal cruiser' that we rented in the Fall of 2014 for a 4-day/night run on the Erie Canal. It was a great experience. These are custom built for the rental company, much on the order of the narrow boats so familiar on UK canals. They are 42-footers, all steel, and displace about 22 tons. With a single screw and small diesel they move along at about 6 knots, helped greatly in slow situations by an electric bow thruster. All I had was the pictures
  6. Hi Andrew: I too recently built the dinghy and have just ordered the john Alden. I'll be watching your build with interest. Meanwhile I just resurrected an R/C Sterling Lumba Lumba I had built back in the mid-70s. Nice to get back into modeling again.
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