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  1. Welcome, I think you'll find folks here helpful and encouraging. I just finished my first model, and plenty of people had advice, criticism (helpful) and even praise. It's nice to have other people appreciate the amount of effort that goes into one of these projects.
  2. The different bright colored tunics are going to look fantastic with the shields once they go on. Looking really good!
  3. Your fantastic instructions are the reason I chose the Syren, hoping to live up to the quality of the design.
  4. Glad to have you aboard, hopefully the back orders get cleared up and Model Shipways starts shipping kits.
  5. Thanks, and I do think I’m hooked, next is the Syren, and we’ll see where it goes from there.
  6. I ordered the kit from Model Expo, got a great deal with the Father's Day sale. Unfortunately she's back-ordered for a few weeks, but I hope to be unpacking soon! I'll be using the Syren Model Company blocks and rope, so it should be a good upgrade from my last build where I used cheap square blocks, but that'll be a ways down the road.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and helpful comments, looking forward to sharing the next build. Put the finished shots in a gallery:
  8. Here's the finished shots of my first model. Build log:
  9. I would think just carving a figure would be tough, but to get them all similar enough to hold a row of oars at the same angles would be quite the feat. Your first painted figure would stand alone as a model by itself, bravo.
  10. Wow, Vlad, you’d almost think she could sail right out of your workshop, so lifelike. Your attention to detail and craftsmanship is incredible.
  11. No hurt feelings on suggestions/critiques Bill, it’s a great way to get better. All 3 items are definitely on my list for build 2. The hull is painted copper, but strips of copper and planking the deck would have looked pretty nice. Shrouds, I just goofed up, and the deadeye shortcut on the model would have made it pretty tough to back track by the time I caught the fowl up. Chalked up to experience, unfortunately. if I had it to do over again, I would have done those items, real dead eyes, better/smaller wooden blocks, better line, and done a better job of pre-rigging blocks to the masts.
  12. Appreciate all the kind words, I know there are flaws if you look close (or not so close ), but I learned a lot and am already looking forward to another build. I’ve got a Model Shipways US Brig Syren on back order, so hoping it’s here by the time I finish the details on this one. I know I need some better tweezers, and I’m going to try spray painting (air brush purchase and lots of practice is on my to do), and when the time comes, I’ll be getting some of Chuck’s line and blocks.
  13. Still some details to add, but the rigging is done (still need to do something with the main sheets, still a little slack, but I'll do that after I glue on all the dead eye/lanyard castings.
  14. One thing I know I will struggle with shortly, all the sheets for the main sails/crojack have nothing to really pull against, the sails have small wire on the edges to help it hold it's shape, but not enough strength to straighten out the line. You can see the fore main sail sheets already, very slack. I'm thinking I may have to find either some thin/invisible fishing line and find a way to pull the corner forward, or possibly use a very thin wire to push it from behind, but I'm certainly open to ideas on this one, I can't leave it as is.

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