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  1. I appreciate you taking the time, Glenn, to document your approach to plank ripping. Although I've been modeling for over 15 years, I still picked up a couple of ideas from your doc that I will use in the future. I think these types of docs are extremely helpful, especially now for those who are attempting to enter this hobby or are considering it as a result of the pandemic (or whatever) - some people stay away from this hobby due to the perceived notion of how to acquire the skills to do it, and to do it well. Your doc is an enabler for those new or considering this hobby as well as those
  2. Thanks for the explanation on the plank tapering. You must use a very thin pencil lead for your marks!! Anyway, your planking really looks fantastic! garthog
  3. I noticed earlier that you mentioned you began tapering your planks at bulkhead 6 - how did you determine where to begin the taper? Is there a method? I understand that you follow the tick marks but how did you figure out that it was a specific bulkhead? garthog
  4. She’s really looking good! And that’s very interesting that the wales actually fit into the rabbitt.
  5. Your fashion pieces are impressive - and I like the way your photographs tie in with your narrative. Keep going! garthog
  6. Your photos and explanations are some of the best I’ve seen on MSW - thanks for making the effort - you should consider writing an illustrated book on shipbuilding! Great photos! garthog
  7. Really nice work! btw, you mentioned gaffer tape so I checked amazon and there are about two million versions ... which one do you use? and it seems to me that sanding sealer would defeat the enhancement of the wood produced by wipe-on poly. have you tried the two on scrap wood to see the difference of sanding sealer first, then wipe on poly? warthog
  8. Glad to see you’re back on track - although maybe, if you repair the first one, you can build a scratch-built fleet! Seriously, the shaping you did on the stern looks perfect. garthog
  9. the winch looks very impressive, and you're right - the red appears pretty red! BTW, I did receive my order from Jotika that I placed on 14 Feb ... so be patient!! Also, how do you use the 400 sandpaper? by hand, or do you put it on your hand sanders? garthog
  10. Sounds like Cornwall has a virus problem. FYI, if you haven’t tried Jim Byrnes’ sander, you’ll find it’s as impressive as the table saw. I drove to his location to pick up my saw in 2006 or so - he’s a very interesting person, and works alone in his shop. He also re-works old classic cars! dana
  11. Looking very good - thanks for all of the details regarding how you do each task - I also liked the photo of all of the sanders/tools/glue (where did you get your Admiralty White PVA?) which immediately sent me to my sanding tools to compare ... you win! dana
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