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  1. As I recall the rudders are missing or at least very hard to find in the instructions (no longer have). Worth investing in Kurt’s cd of his magazine series. (See further up here)
  2. Completed model of Chaperon stern-wheel packet steamer, by Model Shipways (1:48 scale)
  3. Going to take a break for a bit. The house is filling up with ships. I think I’ll eventually be diving to the bottom of my stack and take on the Confederacy. I need something that will take a while to do well and I’m still not anxious to take on a big rigging job. I do wish Chuck still had some of the nice figureheads....
  4. OK I think I'm done now. Maybe a bit of touch up paint but I'll wait for that till I have a case. Here are some pictures.
  5. I like these because the small ones are very light and don’t cause any sag in the rigging.
  6. 8Pair Round Colored Single Hook Clip Test Probe for Electronic Testing (amazon description)
  7. Yeah, just there to keep tension on the line while I adjusted the position of the stage by fussing with the lines in turn. They are for holding small electrical wires in contact - pushing a button in the end extrudes a small copper hook which retracts when button released. I use them to hold rigging line under tension when seizing.
  8. Getting real close now. With the cargo and main deck people in place I could finally add the bull rails. It really helped to paint the whole set of wood strips (24") ahead of time. Then I could measure for each interval and cut 5 pieces off with a sharp x-acto chisel and immediately place them on/in the brackets, and then glue a bunch of them in place at one time. Put together and installed all the rigging for the stage. I used Syren Co. small hooks (the older black plastic ones I had from the Morgan build) which worked really well. I used epoxy for all of the cleats - learned my lesson from previous builds when cleats popped off using CA when tension applied. Adds a overnight wait but the security is worth it. Now trim the stage rigging, make and place a bunch of rope coils for that rigging and for the 2 sets of boat boom rigging. And some touch-up painting here and there and a bit of pastels weathering in a few places. Then .... finished.
  9. Kurt Many thanks to you. Without your series of articles this build would not have been anywhere near what it is. I strongly suggest that anyone undertaking building the MS Chaperon kit have copies of those articles in hand. The suggestion of scratch building turnbuckles rather than using the supplied flat brass pieces alone added significantly to the appearance. Gluing card to the inside of the cabin walls that are bent 90 degree curves was truly a lifesaver. To say nothing of the modifications to the pilot house and the boiler that add greatly to the realism. Thank you again. By the way, did the end part of Part 2 get cut off in the publication?
  10. Moving along... Finished the rigging (except for the boats). Got the railings all in place. I had a lot of trouble with the brass roof decorations for the pilot house and Texas. Decided to try a different brand of CA (Bob Smith Industries) and it worked much better - no problem with placing and gluing the railings which I had been dreading. Here's some pictures of current status. Most of the people are in place. Awaiting some cast seed/grain bags to fill out the cargo areas, after which I'll place the main deck rails. Other than that, the boats and their booms and rigging and the foredeck stuff remain.
  11. Took a break and made up some cotton bales for cargo. Painted my cuspidors to look like brass. Touched up some of the people I've been collecting for the voyage. I have a few barrels left over from previous builds, and have some white metal grain/seed sacks coming. I think that will complete the cargo loaded onto the main deck.
  12. My wife just pointed out that if I don’t move the pilot house door handle to the other side no one will be able to get in or out due to the narrowness of the landing ...

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