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  1. Darn, I wish I hadn’t seen this! Now I’ve got this little voice in my head saying “wouldn’t this be nice to alternate working on the Confederacy?”…. truly a beautiful model.
  2. I noticed the absence of the stern post installation in the instructions as well. I pm’d Chuck about it and he said straightforward, sand to fit the counter once the planking is completed. looking good. I’m already anxious to get back to work but that will be Memorial Day.
  3. Thanks all. Since this build is right at the edge of my abilities I’m very pleased with it so far. The admiral thinks it’s my best so far.
  4. I have managed to get the cannon placed and breech ropes rigged. It was surprisingly difficult to persuade the eye bolts at the ends of the breech ropes to seat in the pre-drilled holes. In the end, it took two tweezers - one curved - and my optivisor to manage it, and even then often two or three tries before success. Because of all the fumbling I didn't put any glue on the ends of the bolts to avoid smearing it all over (as everyone says, don't ask me how I know). I dribbled a bit of white glue diluted with water on each where it protruded from the hole to secure them. After drying, not
  5. Well, I've finished 28 12 pounders! I love the resin cannon from Syren. I wish he had a size suitable for the upper deck 6 pounders. Going to be able to get them installed before leaving the shipyard for 6 weeks or so to travel and stay east. I have definitely decided not to install the cannon tackle, and therefore probably will not install the (upper) eyebolts beside the cannon ports. The thought of blackening and installing 56 eyebolts to no purpose led me to this decision. Judge me if you must. Touched all the cannon up, and will drill the holes for the ring/eye bolts
  6. Well, went about it a different way. Firstly, discovered that if I want to use the kit carriages, I needed to modify them due to the fact that the cannon barrels I'm using (Syren resin barrels) have the trunion symmetrically placed rather than offset to the bottom. This resulted in a depressed pointing position for the barrels. So I ditched the piece above the rear axel, made the other piece 1/32 rather than 1/16 thick, and built up the trunions a bit with black shrink wrap tubing. With those modifications everything worked. Secondly, I found it easier to drill all the holes for the iron
  7. I'll make all 28 to this stage, then finish off the barrels and rig the main rope. Then back to the carriages.
  8. Faced with construction of 28 12 pounders. While waiting for some stuff to create a good finish on the cannon barrels after drilling and gluing the eyebolts in all 28, decided to work on the initial steps for the carriages. Got the idea for a jig from a Bossman (I think) post (thanks). Constructed a simple jig to hold the axle pieces and the sides in correct orientation. Four spots of Titebond in the notches of the side pieces for the axle pieces, slide the side pieces in, and as they say over there 'Bob's your uncle'.
  9. Well, a real milestone: finished the deck, added the scuppers, the stairs, and the cleats, to the best of my ability. I was very glad I had just ordered a new set of mini wood files to take to stock a (small) model workspace in our second place in Marblehead Massachusetts which included a straight file just 1/32" on edge - perfect for making the slots in the uprights for the steps. Looks OK, warts and all. The planking was tedious, and after congratulating myself on finishing it, realized the next step was drilling hundreds of little tiny holes, filling them with Elmer's wood filler, and
  10. Thanks for the input, Bossman. Yes, I have used Syren blocks on all of my models and if I decide to fully rig the cannon will definitely order those. I'll likely experiment first to see how hard it would be, but leaning to do it. Meanwhile, completed the gun deck structures except for the two small scuttle covers. Nothing glued yet. The main grate, as seen in the pictures, had a through and through laser burn that could not be sanded out and is quite unsightly. Didn't glue that one in, and requested replacement from Model Shipways. I love their replacement policy - it certainly helps make
  11. Thanks for the advice Gary. Still deciding. Meanwhile, finished the bulwark painting, placing margin planks and waterway. Constructed the floor for the quarterdeck cabin. The instructions had the alternating strips glued to a 6x6 piece of 1/32 basswood before cutting into strips. Provided however was a 4x8 piece. To get the diamond pattern, had to remove and patch parts of the completed glued strips (Thank you Byrnes saw - that walnut is HARD to cut with a knife or razor saw) to get something that would accept the pattern to fit the floor. A lot of work and difficult to match the pat
  12. Finished the inner bulwarks and painted them. Placed a few of the beams to double check that all was shipshape and symmetric. Glad to have reached this point, with mainly deck work to go for a while (to say nothing of lots of cannons). Speaking of which, I am undecided as to whether to fully rig the cannons other than the main rope, given that this is an admiralty model and I do plan on leaving half of the quarter deck unplanked to show both the construction and allow a view of the underlying quarter deck compartment. I'm sure a double take at the size of the blocks involved and
  13. Thanks for the likes. Each time I make a decision about what to do next I lean towards something “different”. Don’t think I’ll ever build another masted gunship. Been there done that. If I ever finish this build I believe the galley is next. After a visit to Malta a few years ago I will modify the La Real (Dusek) to at least resemble a Knights of Malta galley from the era of the Great Siege.
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