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  1. The break I wrote about was a bit longer than expected. LOL. I have been working on the Confederacy, just slowly. I did treenail the hull, which took some time. I then moved onto the stern and quarter galleries, which proceeded with several stops and starts. Of course I broke the cove over the stern lights. Also, for some reason, I just couldn't get the molding to look good on the quarter galleries. I had to redo the molding a couple times. The stern decorations took some time to get to line up correctly, but once done, things looked good. The rudder went quickly and looks good. I completed th
  2. Thanks guys and thank you for all the likes. Augie, good suggestion, I think i will hold off on the nailing until after working on the stern and thinning out the bulwarks.
  3. Hi all. I am mostly finished the lower hull. The hull turned out ok. Im going back and forth about treenailing the lower hull. Im not sure if it will be worth the effort. Im kind of burned out on plwnking and the hull. Any thoughts? Other than taht, I still have a bit of clean up to do and then I'm going to apply a natural stain. Pics below
  4. Thanks guys! Also, thank you to all the likes. I am looking forward to completing the planking. I do need to build something to turn the ship over before I start. Yancovitch, thanks for the reminder about reinforcing the stern frames. I appreciate it.
  5. Hi all. Time for an update to my Confederacy build. Since the the last post, I stained the hull using a 30% golden oak 70% natural mix like Augie did on his build. (thanks to Augie for the indirect suggestion!). I then did the drilling for the treenails. I did not use the same pattern as Chuck's prototype. I treenailed every other frame. Next, I filled the holes with wood filler after cleaning them out a bit. I resanded the hull to clean up excess filler and applied two more coats of stain. After drying, I taped off around the wales and below the quarterdeck and forecastle. I applied multiple
  6. Hi all! First off, thanks for all the likes and comments. I appreciate it. I have been working on the hull planking for the last month. This is mostly done with a bit more clean up to do. I have also installed the main wnd channel Wales. Next up, some more clean up, install the sweep ports. Then, staining and painting before tree nailing.
  7. Thanks Augie. The sheaves are a nice detail on the model. Since the last post I painted the gun ports (bulwarks red) installed the lower counter, installed batten strips and made sure everything was straight. I made the jig to pre-bend the planks. The pic below shows the first strips (5/32" x 1/16") in the jig drying.
  8. Quick post. The sheaves have been completed. Pics below. Time to paint the gun ports and layout the jig for the planks.
  9. Ben, thanks! The last few days I added the frames for the sweep ports and marked the ports off using the templates that were provided. I also started installing the sheaves.
  10. It has been a bit since my last update, but I have been busy. A bit slow going. I have worked on the beakhead bulkhead and the gun port framing. I just finished installing the hance pieces. Now for lots of pictures starting with the bulkhead and moving through the gun framing progression.
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