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  1. Hi HakeZou, that video is very helpful and I believe it would be possible to convert one to resemble the James Caird. this is a kit I hope to build in the future. just one other thought Have you thought about a painting or drawing of the trip from elephant island to South Georgia as a background to your build. best regards, gerry
  2. Hello i am following this log with great interest the knowledge and information stated is amazing. I was wondering how difficult would it be to convert one of the lifeboats to James caird before it’s journey to Elephant island. best regards, gerry
  3. Hello, I notice only 137 members have taken the poll would it be possible to add a 3rd option to the poll. option 3 leave the build logs as they are. thanks for all your hard work. Consitution
  4. Hi Anja My name is Gerry and I came across a article with a picture of the Hsu Fu and decided I would like attempt to build this so any photographs or articles would be most welcome regards Gerry
  5. Hello I am very interested in the bamboo raft Hsu Fu. Is there a kit available for this or has anybody scratch built this thanks in advance
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