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  1. nicly dunn Peter... maby i have to do the conf. again later😲 i have all the guns and etc with rigging i only have to get then off the first and then re rigg them ... i have to many mistake on mine ... svein erik
  2. am starting a build log for the S- boat / Schnellboat Type 38 the scale is 1/35 from Italeri and its big.... 99.9 cm long and there is 600 parts on this! its going to be a bracke projeckt from wood ships ( yust a wile) i have muth to do and a little time for wood building right now , on this model, everything is made for you😇...... so i got the big items today , well not all , i have orded the photo etch from Eduard for the P 38, also etch for the Bofors gun from Royale models, Gun barrels from Master model and on hold is items from Shapeways and some mines , i wil get som more photo when i start building but for now here is the kit! svein erik
  3. am planing to build the german ww2 E-boat/ schnellboot P38 from Italeri , its big ..... 99.9 cm long i havent resive the kit yet but its here in 2-3 days. i also orded the photo etch from Eduard for the P 38, photo etch for the Bofors from Royale models, the nex to order is some barrels , maby some mines ... i need also 3D parts from shapeways (Torpedotubends,weelhouse sett etc, maby dekkplanking/sterndekk suport/torpedo rack etc , paint for the kit comes from Model missjon . there wil be a build log later for this prodjekt ,but in 2-3 mnd .... i need to get all the parts i need first! svein-erik
  4. OMG..... after some time off building the syren i notis some error 😲 the hammock cranes is plased with to nerrow space , so i can do this 2 ways , try to take off the 4 of them and get more space so the wil get more aft or get 1 more on at the aft ... but in the plans there is 5 here , so if i get one mor here there wil be 6 of them , maby it dosent matter or not😲 svein erik
  5. ok... hi again😲 i think is time to get some more work dunn on the syren and am sending the Pequot on a hollyday😉 i wil get some photo out soon! svein erik
  6. hi again.. its now time to get some photo out again, i have get the portholes on ,the first layer of the top coat on the hull is on , i also painted the main dekk cabin( yust the first layer) and also the rivitts bands , the windowns frames is install . am working also with upper rear dekk cabin and when this is finish i wil get to work on the front cabin. svein erik
  7. thanks for the likes, now the fun starts....😉 the roof is on and am now moving on to do the windows frames befor i do the many other details.. svein erik
  8. Happy new year! i have bin working on the upper dekk cabin , am using cedar for this, only the beems are basswood. am doing the roof construktion at this time and moving on to the windows / outdoor panels etc. svein erik
  9. like chuck told.... now the fun part start, and yes its fun... nice build and looks good😊 i also have the syren and am working on the mast and rigging , but its om hold at the moment! have a grait new year☺ svein erik
  10. nice! how do you do it??? its so clean 😲 but it real helps when am going to do some rigg for syren and cheerful, your photo as always show's the rigg inn so perfeckt detail so you can see how its layd out and made!😊 svein erik
  11. Dirk.. i do not have words to say... so am not going to say anything😉 svein erik😊
  12. thanks for coments and likes the construction of the main dekk cabin is on its way , for this i use evegreen styro yust the main dekk cabin, wood vil be used for the topp dekk construction. at the rear you can se the 2 sleeping quaters and a sallon and the doors opening . later i wil glue some wood panels etc on the wall, beds ,table etc.... at the aft i wil do the same. the hole construction is loos and not glued on the ship. i markt the windows , doors etc so i need to take this out to. the main dekk construction wil get simulated rivvits using the same metod i did with the hull (thats because this part was made of steel plates. the topp dekk was wood. svein erik
  13. nice photo... and there is a lot of garbage😲 you need to take a new one befor and aft photo😆

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