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  1. Thanks for the liks, After all the fairing of the hull , am over to the stern fraim I did some sanding first before it wil be glued on later so I think thats it on fairing the hull😊 Svein.erik
  2. oki, i have bin sanding the hell out of the hull today😇 and i think am ready for the nex task.... the stern peases and sills, wel i hope i may have to sleep on it😅 but here is my cheerful hull ! svein erik
  3. Thanks everyone 😊I yust order the yellow cedar wood for this prodjekt, so chuck.... send it fast, I May need it wery Soon. .. LOL well I do have to finish the fairing first and the gun port sills. I do have some 1/4" boxvood leftovers for this😉 Svein.erik
  4. thanks for the likes, more fairing( port side) and its beginning to look a hull , but how mutch do sand off..... its always a question😲 i do fhink i need to take more off at the stem and stern here there are some small dips etc here and there ... but its not going to be perfect as chucks cheerful😉
  5. hi , tanks for likes! this is the start of fairing the hull , it needs more and more and... sandig svein erik
  6. thanks chuck, its going to be slow recovery.... it started 4 years ago and its going to be more years to come! butt back to the building 😊 am now ready to fearing the hull and is there something i need to know before i start? and i need some wood chuck😲 😉 svein erik
  7. hi chuck well i havent had the time to build more at this time , am working on the syren😲 and a little on the frame on the scratch build USCG Pequot, so after summer i wil start fairing the hull and go from there, wi have a sick child so am trying to get some building time in between! but thanks for chekking inn😊 and yes i wil have questions when i start fully svein.erik
  8. wow, beauteful ship, and congrats from mee to! so wats your nex 😊 svein erik
  9. hi ! oki, i dunn some yards constructing , need to be sanded mor before painting, i did also look closer at the lower course yard i make a time ago and the yard cleats sitts the wrong way😲💩, but i do know why... look at the plans for the syren ... at first i did used this when making it ..... svein erik
  10. thanks for likes! i did make a time ago the main and fore lower course yard and did wat chuck instrukted to make the footropes with stirrups. i used wire for this, but it was crapy dunn of me, so i desided to re make this . i seved a lenght of wire and make the stirrups , drilled a hole and glued it in i wil also use rope here, but in the photo it is not on yet. am also making the footrope using rope ( tan 0.18) with splice . after i dunn all the rigg here i vil see if this is the way to go for me😊 svein erik
  11. Wow, lovely model you have so many exelent detalj I cant keep up😲 I love your case to.... wat did you used for the case? Svein.erik
  12. Is there black pvc strips betwen the plank? How about using black glue! Am sitting down for this prodjekt 😊
  13. hi am starting to do some rigging of the collars and harts for the brig syren. the collars are 7 mm and from chuck also all the rigging line. it calls for 0.21 rigg but it wil be 0.25 with syrens rope. in the plans it says that it will be bobbel rope but the collars are thinn , so if i serv the 0.25 rope is that right with yust one ? svein erik
  14. wat is the best way to make the rigging for the harts and collar ? svein erik
  15. hi dubz , yes it was in my mind , i was in yor log after i have dunn it😲 but i was thimkimg about the space to do it? that is we build the model a little difrrent so if i do it i make the tiller longer ad you did ... but may my... you are a grait builde and am not there yet.. but i a will do it 😊

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