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  1. hi... so am thinking of making some folded sails for the syren and there is not a template for this ship but i think i can get away with it if i fold it... or not😉 am using silk paper and paint to look used. I have never dunn this befor ... but i think this wil be my first try... Before i jump on it is there something i need to think of do to rigging the mast etc ?? svein erik
  2. thanks for the coments and likes, i recive the vents today , its 3D printet (shapeways) am lazy .. LOL it need some work ... its going to be longer and when painted i think it wil turn out grait! ... i hope😊 svein erik
  3. thanks for the likes. my nex task was to finish the dekk planking , so i did . the plank is about 3mm × 1.5 mm wood from pine and after gluing it as bin sanded down and for the finish i used oil, on this model i wil keep it like new . and here are som photo of the dekk☺ svein erik.
  4. hi, yes it is 502nkr totel score was 3500 nkr LOL... and thanks for editing 😀 i lost my self when i got the items😵.... i was so happy that it diddent took months to arrive😆 now i have some cedar wood for future projekt also and some of the missing items fore the cheerful😊
  5. wow... all the items has landed.... only 12 days from order to delivery from usa in the corona days😀 thats is an outstanding service ☺ svein erik
  6. thanks for the likes! a little update... i have painted the cabin and also made the draining system from brass tube , to hold it in place i made eyebolts from wire. the roof wil be paintet black and i have to paint the windows then i can make the glass simulating 😊 svein erik
  7. By the way .... the puzzel was finish a week ago i wil take som photo soon😉 i did one 🙊 my wife did 4999 LOL.... svein erik
  8. wonderful work as always, is it going to be rigged ? if not wil there be plans for that? maby i have to jump inn 😲 svein erik
  9. The main mast is nerly finish ... need some paint etc and nothing is glue yet so i can rigg the lower main masts first😉 svein erik
  10. oki... another thing on my mind is , am thinking on doing some sail on this model (folded) of silke spann but there are no templates for brig syren (i mail chuck and ask him ) but he did say i have to look up the book Brig of war (irene) i never have dunn this but .....😉 i wil go in the box on this! svein erik
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