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  1. thanks for the likes.... i finish the crew .... yeeeee, wel am not a figure painter so this is the best i can do at tis time... there are 5 figures . svein.erik
  2. hi again😊 wat i recive this week, schnellboot crew and i orded also a 1/35 scale Italeri DUKW for later ... the figure is primed and soon ready for some paint.. am using only 5 fig the rest wil be speare parts for late projekt... svein erik
  3. yust go for it, i did.... its yust wood so you can make new ones if you are not happy with it😉 here are some photos , hope that helps. svei.erik
  4. yeeee.... well almost dunn (98%) som paint here and there, decals , some wheatering , fix the flag (no wind in here😉) i used black rope from syren on the model. and am waiting for the schnellboot crew , so i have some painting to do here also. this is photo taking from the shop, when finish i wil take som nice photo with some background.
  5. thanks for the likes and coments 😊 its almost finish , i got all the parts painted , so the nex thing to do is to glue them on etc and i almost forgot... i did order the schnellboot crew and i have to make a displey case also.. it seems to me i do have alot to go ..LOL new photos of some parts etc (not glued yet)
  6. hi again.... some new updates making vents and the funnel is coming along to its rightful look, but more to go here befor finish☺ svein.erik
  7. thanks for the coments and likes, 😊 new update ..... making of skylights and funnel 😉
  8. Am back...... wel i started on the huge build again in most of the photo i have seen you cant see the dekk clear , i can see there is a wood dekking , but is this for the hole dekk or some of it ? so i desided to yust plank the hole dekk an leave it with that. am starting at the rear end , working my way to the bow . the planks wil have a curve its going to be alot of edge bending here, i hope it wil work out in the end😊
  9. thanks for the like... still not finish yet... the parts never ends😅 but soon am there, the rails are not glued on yet , the bot needs to be painted etc and last i will weathering a bit svein erik
  10. Hi, Thanks for the coments and likes, its slow going but am getting there. i have paintet some new parts ... or likly many parts , some i dry fitt but most of them i have to glu, so my next task is to finish the windows etc and glu all part so i can start the countdown twards finish line😊 and a photo of a side prodjekt😉 thanks for now and stay helty and safe. svein.erik
  11. hi again.. some update on my schnellboot s.38 .... after i got my new aibrush i can move forward on this build , startad to paint all the parts and dry fitt then on the boat ,all the detail paint wil come after all is glued on . am not happy with some of the paint fore the wood dekk , so this has to be re painted in the right wood paints . i wil do some weathering also before i can say its finish😊. svein erik
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