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  1. hi again.. some update on my schnellboot s.38 .... after i got my new aibrush i can move forward on this build , startad to paint all the parts and dry fitt then on the boat ,all the detail paint wil come after all is glued on . am not happy with some of the paint fore the wood dekk , so this has to be re painted in the right wood paints . i wil do some weathering also before i can say its finish😊. svein erik
  2. hi again😊 here is my new pirate.... his name is Max and he is 8 weeks old , so its going to take some time befor i can do som building again , but i will be back soon😉 svein.erik
  3. hi... there is no building at this time, ..... but am waiting fore my new famly dog and crew member ... he wil be here on des. 27 with the plane from Trondheim to stavanger . 8 weeks puppy 😲 , and its a silky terrier and has gene from usa. in the photo he is 6 week. svein erik
  4. yes a do use 3/16 .... i yust some time ago take some messurment from this why.. i do not know..LOL, in the future i need to check wat i have is correct.... but its to late now so i just has to go with wat i have.😊
  5. Hi, i use line tape, used on wyteboard , after installing you can dust om some pigments so it looks like iron.
  6. Hi again, and tanks for the likes ... i have just discover something on my plank sheet spreder, the provided marker for 5/32 plank does not match the 5/32 sheet (ca 4mm wide) is more betwin 3/16 to 7/32 (5mm) i think also this my had some impact om my planking since i have used this marker in the prosess , se the photo.
  7. Here is another photo , the mistake i did with the planking at the stem is the curve of the planks is to severe to the bow so it gets a bit messy at the end, so this is wat i need to work on in my next prodjekt 😉
  8. some new photo , my eyes diddent want to see wats going on ..... so i have to lay out some tape strips to see the run for the plank at the bow , i do have tick marks but it seem wrong , the tape helps me on that. the are 10 planks to the keel inkl. the garboard plank, i can know see were it goes , and it seems i have to place it up wards in the bow to get it right for my planks , i may have dunn something wrong with my other planks so i have this problem know... in chucks photo the garboard plank sitts more aft then mine, maby it dosent matter at this point..... in on
  9. thanks for the advice and warning...... and yes my eyes are playing with my head😨, i think i need to ripp of the garboard plank also and make a new one and place it more fare back then i did so it wil flow more strait into the bow 😊 svein erik
  10. thats wat i was afraid of.... lol i need to ripp of te 2 plank and re do it so it flows strait and follows the marking i made..
  11. i think am on the wrong track here...... i edge bendt the 2 plank a bit but it seems thats wrong to do here 😷
  12. thanks for all the coments and likes... 😊 am getting ready to plank the 2 plank belt , all the tick marks are in place and i also took a control of the run, wat i can se at the bow is the plank seems to go more upwards then the first belt . in my 2 belt there is totel of 10 planks if i go dow to 9 i may have to use a drop plank aft, i think is going to be to wide ....
  13. thanks for the coments and likes😊 am now ready with my sqare tuck and planks, am not like chuck... but it turn up nice .... svein.erik
  14. thanks for likes and coments☺ i yust finish the last planks for the first belt , so know am moving along to the sqare tuck before the rest of planing begins again😊
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