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  1. more update..... i finish painting the brigde and also started to prime the funnel and vents, i still desiding wat color to use.... is goi g to be black or some sort of orange (funnel and ventes) may not be the right colors but i do have no info on this and all the orginal photos is black and wite... so dont put me in yale..... 😉 svein erik
  2. thanks for the likes.. i yust finich the ship brigde , it needs to be sanded an paintet.. more items wil be added on this later... svein.e
  3. hi.. and slow going update.... am working on the control room/ship brigde, need to finish this and get it painted... then start finish the dekk plank etc... but it start to look like a ship... sorry for all the mess in the background...😉
  4. thanks for the likes.... hee are my latest update , am started on the sea diorama and am also finish with the weathering of the Dukw.. not overdue... since is in the water... i can know place the dukw on the diorama and do some fillings around and then start shape the foam around and paint all the detail, some part are still left of ... figure etc... svein erik
  5. thanks for the coments and likes.... the dukw is know paintet . gloss varnish is aply so know the markings can be aplyd and some weathering wil be dunn.... i made canvas from silkspan ..... when dry it wil be painted.... the rope is from syren....😉 svein.erik
  6. well done.... and a grait job on your first model😊 svein.erik
  7. some photo of the verlinden resin chunky parts.... and yes the Dukw is in 1/35 scale....😊
  8. yes it does... but not all of the resin parts are good, like the splash rear cover from verlinden was to thick and not wide to match the kit, so i deside to use the kit parts insted,
  9. Hi... a summer projekt.... its a boat.... lol.... so i think its ok to have a build log😉 the dukw is a work horse and a remarkable vehicle buildt from 42-45 .ww2. am pimping it up with parts from verlinden, royale models and eduard. it wil be in a water diorama when finish... here ate some photo from the build. svein.erik
  10. thanks for the likes.... am still here.. yust rigging blocks for the mast yards😉 svein.erik
  11. thanks for likes and coments.... am now finish as far as i can with the anchors i wil store these away and rigg them in the end of the build.. nex is to rigg the masts etc...
  12. thanks fore the likes.... making buoy.... i used clay then filed it to shape then painted them, then rigg.... they are smal .... lol svein.e
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