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  1. beautiful it is, i do love your photo .... you can see all the detalj and it wil help me to go the same path😲 (in the future😉) svein erik
  2. thanks for the likes! am back in shop.... the first belt of planks are now finish, need some more sanding and the wales need some paint too(later) i wil start the next thing to do is to start with the square tuck.... see you! svein erik
  3. am trying it out, i yust got one today, and the teeth is small also😊
  4. Mark i do not feel bad , so am now good to go..... i got some new ply 5mm (ligt ply) 8 sheets . 33cm×66cm and a new tool 😲 proxxon so am starting to make a new frame😊 svein erik
  5. thanks for te likes and coments... am in my cabin and doing some planing for the pequot prodjekt in the rain!! (am inside.. 😉) so how do i say it😲...... i just descover that am are a knokelhead , i think i have to re do the hole frame work and start all over , how did it happen! i have so many plans that i have some wrong plans inside some of the right one it dident get in the trash 😖 so i did some re masuremant and come up with , the bulkhead frames are in 1:50 the backbone is in 1:45 (this is buildt) the righte scale is 1:48 , i have the plans for this scale (OMG, how stuped i am) when am home again a have to look at this more, now am yust mad at my self... but the prodjekt is on hold not stoped, it just going to take more time . need to order some ply for new frame😨 svein-erik
  6. Am now using chuck metod of planking with edge bending ( am also use my wife's iron to heat it) and i think /i know for me this was the best metod and easy to do! Chuck describe it in the winni log☺ am also sad to say i cant do any building on any of my models fore a week..... am curently in the mountains in our cabin... because of our daughter's disease we staying here.. its a scool camp thing so the rest of the class staying a place not far from us! but i did take with me some plans for the Pequot ,so if i get time i do that..LOL😊 some morning photo of the mountains , wel it yust a small peace... and some photo of the edge bending plank! svein-erik
  7. it is, yust look for brig syren (by svein erik ) its not finish yet😉, but pleace do look at Dubz build log for the syren , he has outstanding photos of the build☺ svein.erik
  8. and some more, 12 punds long guns from syrens modelcompany , also the wheel ! hope that helps! and good luck with your syren build😊 svein erik
  9. hi, for my syren i used 18 lb , the long guns i had some extra 12 pund from syrens model ship (Chuck) als you can get the ships wheel from chuck, go to his web site! svein erik
  10. i did try out chuks metod he write about not spilling yust edge bending etc, and am supriced how akkur it is ( after the 3 time is on the hull...😉 but on the cheerful) i also used the iron to heat the plank, i was happy to use the template edge bending plank that was in the box for the confederacy. it was so muth better this metod its now my favorite😆 svein-erik
  11. so i gess i can do this metod on the cheerful without the spilling 😊 am looking farword to the video of planking☺ a grait looking model!! svein erik
  12. thanks for the likes and coments😊 i have bin testing som material for the simulated steel plates . i first used some alu foil , but i think te seem was not thick for the scale, so i have to go and think out some thing again🔧🔩🔨🚀..... i did find some card stock , cutting it in some peases (not in scale yust randum) used some pva glue om the back and glue it to some wood , i think this is it!! nice seems and teksture . Is low cost and i can cutt it in any way i want! the test is not painted yet, but after this is glue on the hull and painted i thing this is going to be very nice😊 svein erik
  13. this is a grait tool, i have bin looking for some like this😊 its on my favorites too! svein erik

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