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  1. Greetings, Shipwrights, I'm selling my set of plans for the Hannah by Harold Hahn. I'm asking for $30 for the set; buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking, Glen Cherry Boston, MA
  2. Hello, Everyone, I'm selling my set of David Antscherl's Swan Class books, Volumes I-IV. They are all in like-new condition. I'm asking $150 for the set; buyer pays for shipping. Thanks for taking a look! Thanks, Glen Cherry Boston, MA
  3. Hello, I'm selling my Auriou Rasps. Pictured are a 7-inch Modeller's Rasp, with a 10g surface; a 6-inch Modeller's Rasp, with a 15g surface; and a set of 4 needle rasps. All are very lightly used. I'm asking $200 $150 for the set, shipping included within the US. Thanks, Glen Cherry Boston, MA
  4. Hello, Everyone, The sale is now 60% off! Come get your kits! Try true plank-on-frame with the Duke William, go all out with the Victory, or go in between with the Rattlesnake or the Pride of Baltimore. Prices above in the original post. Thanks, Glen
  5. Yes, and I thought I had replied to you. My reply to you and one other person have disappeared, sorry about that. My reply was that I'm not offering free shipping at this time. Thanks for getting back in touch.
  6. Hello, everyone, Thanks for your patience with me and please forgive me if I'm slow to respond. It's tricky to manage all the DMs. The sander is spoken for. That's a popular item. I've had interest in the saw, the Fair American, the Rattlesnake supplemental wood package and the Constitution wood package. Thanks, Glen
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