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  1. The planking is taking forever. Taking it slowly and actually looking pretty good for a beginner😊
  2. Just got my USS Constitution. Built a Long Boat but this will be my first major ship build trying to work out as I am not a carpenter how to build the building slip will show you pictures once I get started
  3. Cut all the thawts and scored them. After I sand the cockpit I'll stain and glue the thwarts in position. This is far from a masterpiece and looks more like cpt jack sparrow built it on an off day lol. But for my first build I have learned a ton thanks to the many people on this forum.
  4. A quick question planning ahead. What paint should i use to airbrush my model? Oh and any other tips 😊 Guy
  5. Decided to stain with Golden Oak instead of the Golden Oak natural mix. I should have stayed with a mix it is a little dark. I have cut the platforms and have dry fitted and still need a little trimming before gluing . Decided to add tree Nails which I think makes it look a lot better. I know this is not going to be exhibition quality but I'm learning a lot and hopefully my next model will look a little bit more professional LOL Guy
  6. Cap rail done. Had a few problems but thankful it is painted and will cover up the slight flaws. Still more sanding to be done and then pre-stain and stain inboard. Guy
  7. Thanks Steve. For a first build built an excellent job. Your boat looks awesome. So pre-stain is a must then I guess Guy
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