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  1. Cut all the thawts and scored them. After I sand the cockpit I'll stain and glue the thwarts in position. This is far from a masterpiece and looks more like cpt jack sparrow built it on an off day lol. But for my first build I have learned a ton thanks to the many people on this forum.
  2. A quick question planning ahead. What paint should i use to airbrush my model? Oh and any other tips 😊 Guy
  3. Decided to stain with Golden Oak instead of the Golden Oak natural mix. I should have stayed with a mix it is a little dark. I have cut the platforms and have dry fitted and still need a little trimming before gluing . Decided to add tree Nails which I think makes it look a lot better. I know this is not going to be exhibition quality but I'm learning a lot and hopefully my next model will look a little bit more professional LOL Guy
  4. Cap rail done. Had a few problems but thankful it is painted and will cover up the slight flaws. Still more sanding to be done and then pre-stain and stain inboard. Guy
  5. Thanks Steve. For a first build built an excellent job. Your boat looks awesome. So pre-stain is a must then I guess Guy
  6. Thank you Joe, i had no idea stain would be like that. I have not purchasef the stain yet and will now do research on what to do because I don't want to leave the basswood completely bare. Will a gel stain do the same as stain to the basswood? Guy
  7. I agree Russ. I don't need a whole lot of unfinished models lying around. I'll wait until I get to the rigging, which seems straight forward, then look for something larger Guy
  8. Hi dmslcolm72 I started following your build as well. You doing a fantastic job. As you can see from my build my mess came up when. I did the garboard. But even after that disastrous start I'm more than happy with how the build is going so far. The great thing about wood things can be fixed. Guy
  9. I did nor realize how much sanding has to be done with the frames. I used double sided tape with 220 grit sandpaper on a AA battery and it is working pretty well just slow slow slow. I think a few hours of this sanding and the cramps in my fingers I won't be taking piano lessons for quite a while lol. I read on a few threads that people people use a Dremel but after the catastrophe in the beginning I think I'll just stick to doing it by hand
  10. A few more bulkheads to remove and then sanding and fairing. Although i was tempted to remove the bulkheads with my hobby knife I took Chuck's advise and filed them. It was actually pretty easy with no major problems. The number 2 bulkhead broke in my massive destruction in the beginning and I will cut the piece out from the laser cut and install it. I have a little mess at the Bow with the filler pieces but I will fix it up with a little filing and sanding. After I have sanded and faired the frames I will sand the top of the frames and sheer in preparation for the cap rail
  11. Thank you Steve, I've been reading Chuck log and the boat looks awesome but I think I'm going to finish this model first. I finished the planking and although it's not perfect I'm pretty pleased with the way it worked out. I still have plenty of sanding to do and little touch-ups and little fillers and then I should be ready to take off the bulkheads. The planking wasn't easy but towards the end I thought I was pretty much getting the hang of it. I will attach more pictures once the sanding and and little imperfections are completed
  12. After a disasterous start my little boat is starting to look pretty good. I have a little more planking to do and then on to sanding the complete hull. After that I just have to add the little piece on the stern, replace the broken piece on the stern and remove the bulkheads and sand inboard. A question: would it be okay to stain the complete hull and inboard before I do any of the airbrushing? On another note I see model Expo has a one day sale today on the 1/24 scale Longboat at 40% off. I was thinking of ordering it but I should finish this project first. Happy Halloween everyone

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