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  1. Hull sanding is largely finished. The next step is to gently remove the bulkhead tops on the quarter deck to allow for planking the inside walls. You can see where I’ll be removing the tops but note that some of the planks were glued to these structures. I’ll need to be careful when removing them to ensure I don’t damage the planking.
  2. Thank you Henrik and Emmet. Message received and understood. Thanks again Henrik for your guidance on filling/sanding and you are correct as I've found there is more work on the bow and stern areas, with less mid ships. Emmet - I'm using a relatively small spatula for the areas between the gun ports. It is tricky to reach all of the areas. Henrik suggested using a cloth, in small amounts, to help spread the filler. I will do that in the harder to reach areas. I think the Mamoli metal gun port inserts make it more difficult to uniformly fill and sand. Kits without these ports may be easier to complete the process. Pros and cons with each kit.
  3. Emmet - Good that you added the keel reinforcement pieces. Be careful that they don't reach too far down toward the bottom of the keel as it could interfere with your lower plank(s) when you start adding them. Something I ran into with my Mamoli Victory. Good news was Mamoli included the reinforcement pieces, bad news was I installed it a bit too low and had to later chisel a portion of it off.
  4. Yves - Truly a museum piece if there ever was one; very well done and in such a relatively short time! The detail is amazing! Where will you display her?
  5. Matthew - Thanks for including us on your fantastic journey. I look forward to the trip. Good luck, keep pressing and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of resources at your fingertips for if and/or when you need them.
  6. Continuing to fill, sand and then fill some more. The question becomes, ‘When am I done?’. I believe the answer to be when the resulting hull has a relatively smooth and continuous surface for the next set of planks. In my case it won’t be perfect, but I’ve seen several examples in this forum of those who have gotten very, very close to perfect. You can see the bow where there are areas that were filled in (first bow pic) sanded and then the resulting low spots filled in again (second bow pic). Hope this covers the bow. More work on the upper sides both port and starboard. I added an additional row of planking on the forward starboard side (top) as well as filled in some of the missing quarter deck planks between the gun ports because I saw that I can easily reach that area of the deck for gun placement, etc. The after and forward openings will remain at least for now for access to those areas of the deck.
  7. Hey Emmet - the filler I am using is MinWax stainable wood filler. You can paint and insert nails on/in it. I’m also using 220 sandpaper for the initial sanding.
  8. Have started the filling/sanding process. Thank you to Henrik and Mark for their sage advice in this process. Just getting started using a water based filler. You can see there are uneven spots (shadows) in need of filling/sanding. As observed, the filler hardens quickly so I am doing sections.
  9. Hey Emmet - Be sure to check out Wallace’s Corel Victory... He has a lot of detail in there for you!
  10. Planking continues. I’d like to think it is a ‘minor touchup’ but as you can see it is actually some reconstruction as I fix some previously damaged bow planks. One note, the dark stains in the wood are actually from where I inserted nails in damp wood resulting in some type of wood/nail interaction resulting in the stains. I’ll cover it up with paint. Still working to install some bow and stern planks and since the nails don’t always hold the plank in the right position and I can’t get a clamp into some spaces, the going can be slow. But that is OK! It’s not the destination, but rather the journey to be enjoyed!
  11. Will see Emmet! I’m sure you will make good time. But for these beauties, making sure it is right (e.g., Y.T.) is more important than the speed we are going at.
  12. Hey Emmet - I'm really looking forward to following along on this build. It will be a character builder, something you already have plenty of! Hope your trip home went well and you are ready to go.
  13. I was looking over this log and saw that I installed the first plank last Oct... I’m going on seven (7) mos of planking! Wow. I glued on the planks from yesterday that were formed. I only think I’m this far along because I’ve had a few extra hours on my hands! I’m amazed at some of the modelers in this forum who complete this work in what appears to be days. Very well done! You can see clear evidence below where my tapering was not quite up to par. I still have the bows and sterns to finish and hope to do so in the next several days. Then to finish the quarter deck railing per the instructions. I’ll need to look over the logs to get a sense of filling/sanding and then looking to put on the green ‘copper’ tiles. I don’t intend to put on real copper as some others have done. I’ll also be looking at the tile tutorials out there for assistance.
  14. Port side nearly complete. Planks moistened, formed and now drying in place. Will remove, cut forward ends, sand and affix tomorrow, GLW. Then to complete the port bow before turning back to the starboard side.

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