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  1. Setting the rudder. The lead pieces provided are brittle and subject to breakage. Slow, but steady going.
  2. Taking an opportunity to prep for the next stage by painting the beakhead bulkhead with associated round houses as well as finishing the rudder before installing it. Also noted the transom had some missing planking that I’ve add to both port and starboard sides. You can see the build progression. I will also be filling in some of the missing planking/deck area on the poop deck after removing the upper part of the aft bulkheads that show above the poop deck. I also need to fill in some planking that is missing at the transom/ship hull interface. So lots of ‘little’ things going on
  3. Robert, your build looks to be off on the right foot! I think I’ll pull up a chair and enjoy the progress:)
  4. Dave - I appreciate all the detail you’ve provided during your planking exercise. Your Bounty looks very nice. While I’m a bit late to the party, I experienced many of the issues you have during the planking of my Vic. As time went on, I assembled a ‘soaker’ tube from PVC piping and ends and used it in conjunction with my plank bender. Also, your second planking will cover up some of your earlier errors:) I look forward to following along on your journey!
  5. Merry Christmas to you as well Diablo! Happy New Year! Appreciate your kind words on my build. In truth, my transom is coming together more because of your progress/pictures than of the Mamoli instructions! I am nearing the end of my build as I only intend to go to a 'hull down' type of finish rather than the full up, rigged model. Takes up much less room. Of course, I might change my mind later:)
  6. Transom framing coming along. After shaping molding to better align with the transom surface, I still find it difficult to hold the pieces in place while the glue sets. You can see my mish-mash of tools used to keep the piece in place. Sometimes successful, other times not. Had a slight mishap with wet black paint but was able to get most of it off. You can see the remnants on the port side of the transom.
  7. Continuing transom finishing. Still working to understand the directions, but glad I have some Victory source material to aid with what pieces go where. Also painting the metal railings yellow ochre. I’ve shaped a molding piece for later inclusion above the lower windows. The metal railings will go above the piece.
  8. Very nice work Henrik; the detail looks very good! What was your secret for the cannon ball rack?
  9. Assembling the lower transom window framing with 1x2mm laths. I’ve decided the wider (2mm) side of the lath will be placed against the windows rather than the thinner (1mm) sides. This seems consistent with the instructions however the material then covers up some of the window markings. The same size lath is to be placed under the the bottom framing next before putting the inner planks between the windows.
  10. Just starting the transom finishing of the stern windows after a short break. The window material is a plastic base vs. the wood framing so I’m using a ‘super glue’ variant for the window/framing bond. I just wish the glue worked as well bonding the material as between my fingers and the wood!? There is a slight radius on the transom and to aid the bonding process, I actually soaked the wood and used my plank bender to set a slight ‘bend’ in the 1x2mm planks and then secured it in my plank bender apparatus while they dried to maintain the radius. That helped with the actual plac
  11. Thanks for the kind words Bill! I don’t really know what happened with Y.T. All I know is one day he was here and then he wasn’t.
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