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  1. Continuing the transom work. Instructions call for shaping a couple of small blocks to form the bottom portion of the starboard and port sides of the transom. I’m not completely sure the best way to mold the blocks so I intend to solicit help on potential techniques by starting a forum discussion. My initial thought is to identify/mark sections on the block, secure it in a vise and sand it with an electrical sander. I’ll use sand paper for the finer sections. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. Transom work on the port side. Instructions call for small, 1mm x 3mm walnut strips (about 11mm) between the cut outs. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for the strips to adhere to.
  3. Transom work has begun as I transition to instruction set ‘6’ of the Mamoli plans. The transom windows are on a thicker paper stock, cut out and glued to the sides. This will be the same for the aft windows. I’m sure there are more elegant solutions, similar to use of copper tiles for the hull, but I plan to stay the course with the as provided materials/approach.
  4. Very well done Henrik; Agamemnon is coming along nicely. Very impressive work and detail!
  5. Thank you Nirvana! Appreciate the very kind words! Continuing the bow finishing activities. These clamps are extremely helpful. Seems like there are never enough!
  6. Continuing quarterdeck finishing... Should finish up the bow portion this week and then redo the cannon ball storage on the upper deck before turning to the transom.
  7. Slow going finishing the quarter deck moldings and running into a few issues along the way. Primarily we have a quarter deck support beam that is running across the aft steam grate on the starboard side. I’ve elected to leave it as is rather than cut it and later face a ‘load bearing’ issue. You can see the finished product.
  8. Thanks Emmet - understood. I will see what I can do. For messaging, simply select the member you want to communicate with and you’ll see a hyperlink with a ‘Message Member’ type link near the top. Then write your email/message. However, to respond you have to be in the forum. Select your name/icon and navigate to your messages where you select the appropriate thread and reply within it. You can’t respond externally. Hope this makes sense. Safe journeys!
  9. Quarter deck finishing at the bow section. The grates are difficult to work with especially when banding with the finishing moldings. The Mamoli instructions don’t always call out the molding dimensions so I’m using best judgement. I used the deck planking material for the molding parallel to the gang boards because the material wasn’t specified in the instructions (or I couldn’t find it).
  10. Now that the thrill of planking is largely behind me, I’m working the deck finishing aspects. I’ve included a few pictures of the grates as they progress from pieces to assembled components to the finished grate assemblies. The instructions call for you to assemble the grates, mix some glue in hot water and throw the grates in the glue/water mixture for a few moments. The glue is supposed to adhere with the grate pieces and make it easier to tailor them appropriately. However, after doing this and attempting to cut the grates down to size, the grate wooden sides/parts fall off..
  11. Upper deck grate moldings replaced and ladder repositioned. I’m having trouble putting the cannon ball fixtures on the brittle walnut laths. Will have to go even slower. Preparing the fore quarter deck grates.
  12. Repair and replacement activities ongoing and nearly complete. I was able to scrape off the old pieces, sand down the rough spots and starting to replace the removed grate assemblies. Hoping to complete this exercise tomorrow and begin with the quarterdeck finishing. The bow is to the right.
  13. Taking some time to assess next steps. May not yet be ready for painting as I need to consider some primer options. I did add another decorative strip to the outer hull. In looking closely at the upper deck grates, I noted I used the wrong walnut laths - 1.5mm x 3mm vs. the 2mm x 3mm called out by Mamoli. I believe now is the time to correct this. I’m taking the old strips off with a sharp wood chisel which is working pretty well. Will also reset the ladder and attempt to drill better cannon ball holes for the accompanying laths. The small wooden strips are brittle and many times will s
  14. Thank you Christopher, I will check. Decorative planks installed with just a few more to add. The Mamoli instructions are a bit vague for some of these items so I’ll be looking around the forum for other examples. Some may think I’m including too many pictures. My thought is show incremental progress rather than bigger jumps. If desired, one should be able to see how I got there.. whether the end results were good or bad. Lessons learned. I’m also thinking now may be the best time to start painting the hull. I still have some gun port maintenance and light filling/sanding bef
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