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  1. Colin: I thought that I would mention that Ranger by Corel was also my first attempt. It was challenging and I went slowly and methodically, sometimes changing tack in my approach to some difficult aspect. But it turned out well and I think if you keep at it, you will also be surprised at the result. Take it slow, think things through. Yes there are instructions that seem confusing. I found that I referred to the parts list quite often. Keep good sharp knives handy. You can't have too many tweezers. Use small brushes for applying the glue. I found the 1/8" square "hobby sanding t
  2. Very pleased to have found this site. Found so much helpful information as a guest that it was a "no brainer" to become a member. I am Dave, a retired structural engineer in the Minneapolis area. Well, actually semi-retired. I am one of the original founding members and the new leaders won't let me leave yet. But I am now a part time "worker bee" rather than a executive, so I spend most of my time at the coffee machine complaining about the bosses like the rest of the employees. I recently finished my first model, Corel's Ranger Revenue Cutter. It took about 2 years and I was pl
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