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  1. Back at the wooden ships after taking a couple of months to work on another project. I’m making progress on the Winchelsea and the Syren. Tonight, between glueing bulkheads on the winnie, I knocked out some coils. I’m PCSing in a couple of months so I’m trying to get as far as possible with out starting the masts. One side to down, one to go. -Joe Just an Army dude who likes ships.
  2. Coming back from a several month break to work on another project for my Dad. I built a model of the USS Thorn dd-988 which he served on from 1984-87. (note, I know it doesn't have have hull numbers in the picture, that was a whole other debacle that has now been fixed) Fresh from the Thorn and chomping at the bit to resume my project on the Winchelsea with some new stuff! Happy to say, House Hold 6 has approved my purchase of a Byrnes Table Saw for the purpose of milling lumber for this project(and other stuff) and my Grandparents contributed a professional building Slip. Excited to get back after it! -Joe Just an Army dude that likes ships.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 best piece of advice I have read in years. You sir, are not wrong.
  4. Thanks for the rundown! Very helpful. Agreed, why would you spend the money to buy a BMW and not spend a little extra to get the leather seats. Going forward, I think the most important pieces for me initially will be the zero clearance insert, the extends rip fence, and the micro meter. Why buy a precision instrument then add in error due to fat fingers? I will be reaching out to Mr Brynes to determine the right blade for my application, hadn’t thought to do that before. I am not to the point in my project where a sliding table will be needed but in a few months, I think I can justify the 135 bucks to the Mrs. And it is very pretty. Finally, I agree, the tIlting table top doesn't seem to be a commonly used accessory and is well down the list of items I want to purchase. Thanks again for the feed back! -Joe
  5. So, I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on the saw after much deliberation. Planning to use it to mill my own lumber. As I’m looking at it thou, there are a ton of additional options/add ons and I wonder what you guys have found to be the most useful additions to the base saw and why? Really the only one I can see being critical is the micrometer. -Joe
  6. The laser cut parts arrived yesterday. I pieced together the knee and compare it to my scroll saw cut one. Laser cut on is on top and the scroll saw cut one on the bottom. Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out now. In my opinion there is a difference in the how nicely the joints come together and how crisp some of the parts are but it seems to only be a slight difference. Also as chuck pointed out earlier, a lot of these imperfections will not be seen as the knee is going to be painted. So with that in mind, I am going to continue with the scroll saw cut piece keeping these laser cut parts in my back pocket. Thanks Chuck! now I gotta order some more 1/4" ceder since I used both boards experimenting with the knee... -Joe Just an Army dude that likes ships
  7. Did a dry fit of all my bulk heads this afternoon, snapped one upright when I dropped it but otherwise pretty happy with how she is shaping up! -Joe
  8. Hey Chuck, I noticed you did not put filler blocks between your frames as you did on the Syren and other have done. Any particular reason why not? Now that you are well past this point, do you think that’s something you would do differently or recommend other do to further stabilize/square off the bulk heads? -Joe
  9. Purchased, I'm still going to cut as much as possible but at least I'll have it on hand If I need it and I can compare my scratch stuff to the laser cut parts. -Joe
  10. Good point chuck, I was thinking about that earlier today. I really like the look of the seams I’ve seen on yours and other models, it makes it feel more real. I’m also not convinced that the historical color scheme is the direction I want to go just yet. With that in mind, do you think it’s worth cutting it again and try to get a tighter fit? -Joe
  11. My first attempt at the Knee is complete. Honestly not very happy with how the edge darkening turned out, seems to pronounced to me. I think I need to get more precise fits along the seams and use the lighter #2 pencil like the larger top pieces. Serves me right for switching pencils half way through. -Joe
  12. I’m Making that saw dust and improving with the scroll saw! I re-cut the false keel as I was unsatisfied with the first one. It initially looked fine but in an effort to even the bottom I sanded way too much of the aft section and it was unrecoverable. New one is cut tho and drying in my high tech clamp. Looking at the photo, it occurs to me that in my excitement I didn’t cut the slots on the bow portion... 😑🤣. I’ll get it thou. This is what I am most excited about, all my bulk heads are now either cut or ready to be cut. Working through it! Lastly, I built my build board. Still refining this one. The initial braces we're too wide and I’m working on cutting/ sanding them down to the right size. Also planning to put one more set of braces in the middle and keel alignment bars on the bottom which are in the picture but not attached. That will be the last piece to go on after the last brace is on so that I can cut them to the right length. If anyone is interested I can go into how I made/making the board. As always, open to ideas and feedback. Thanks! -Joe
  13. Great success! The false keel is cut and holy cow, I’m hooked... Also holy cow this thing is huge, already knew that but holy cow!! That is my Syren behind it and that truly brought it all into scale for me. Next step is it clean it up to the point I’m happy with it then glue it up! -Joe
  14. The anchors look awesome Jesse! Sorry to hear your not feeling good, that's always a bad time. -Joe

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