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  1. The Bluenose is such a beautiful ship, and you've done her proud! Thank you for sharing your work and progress. She looks lovely.
  2. Looking good, must feel very satisfying finally getting some colour onto the hull!
  3. If you look on page 1 of Retire Guy's build, towards the middle of the page you can see that he makes his main rail early in the build. Since you have to make the main rail anyway, it's no extra work really. He then temporarily pins it to the existing bulkhead head stanchions, and as the main rail is painted white later on the pin holes can be filled and won't be seen. He then cuts his fake stanchions to shape (use jig to get the same heights for fore and another jig for aft stanchions). Remember the hull curves so you'll need to shape your stanchions individually to follow the curve of
  4. What wonderful detail and clean lines. Very impressive and it gives us newbies something to aim for. May I ask your method for serving the lines?
  5. Oh by the way, I would recommend you think about simply cutting off the bulwark stanchions. When you add in the fake stanchions there is a huge difference in their appearance between the fake stanchions and the bulwarks and they just don't match. "Retired Guy" as he had a rather ingenious method of temporarily fitting the main rails, then shaping and fitting the fake stanchions, then removing the bulwark stanchions and fitting fake ones. I'll try and post a link to his diary. His build is rather amazing!
  6. Hi W4LKR, my Bluenose build is my first model build in 40 years. I have very, very little experience in working with my hands as I worked in hospital administration all my life. I found finding answers lots of my basic, rather dumb questions difficult to find since most forums, guides and videos assume some basic knowledge. Reading guides on, say, planking, made the build even more intimidating and there seemed to be an overwhelming plethora of technical, and often contradictory or confusing advice. I do intend on releasing a build diary but have terrible social anxiety and so have
  7. It's looking very nice. I love the warm colour of the deck! Good job on the cabin - it looks very clean.
  8. Your model looks so nice; you must be very proud of it. Your advice about treating every piece as its own project, walking away, and re-doing parts you're not happy with is absolutely spot on. Thank you for sharing your build and words.
  9. Nice start to the Bluenose. I've just about finished the hull on my Bluenose, and ran into similar problems on my build. 1) Try to add strengthening blocks on the keel joints, especially at the back where it is really weak and susceptible to breaking off. 2) Add batons between each bulkhead to help strengthen the model and add rigidity. Make sure you don't push the bulkheads out of square from the keel. 3) Try to use the blocks and batons to pull your keel back to square. If you just can't get the keel straight I would consider removing the bulkheads etc and straighten it
  10. I think you've done a really nice job here, looks very neat with nice attention to detail. Also interesting and informative read. The nameplates and stern lettering look great. Thank you for posting, looking forward to reading more!
  11. I'll be starting my first build, a Model Shipways Bluenose in a few weeks, so I'll be following your build closely. Looks really nice so far, thanks for posting.
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