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  1. Can't use the link either, but doesn't look good, the whole crew is watching and a oil spill boundary thingy is encircling the vessel..
  2. Late to the party, but just binge-read your Bismarck build, and will follow this build as well! Great job so far, love the rust and salt marks! Cheers, Erik (Ps, those 'vins' you mentioned earlier on the hull are called bilge keels, this is to reduce rolling, just fyi)
  3. Hi there Semore! Holy.. Damn.. ****! I stumbeld across this thread yesterday.. And i binge-read the whole thing! (Well, kinda, as a sailor i don't have 4G phone connection all the time) But what a build! Awesome, just awesome. All the details and tiny work you've done! Amazing! I've build a 1/350 Bismarck when I was a kid (12 y/o tops). But the vessel has not survived and was looking to build this kit of yours as well! But sinds it had been quite some time building a model i'm starting with a tamiya Nissan Primera P10e JTCC. And hope i have 25% of the s
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