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  1. Ok everyone, so I’ve figured out I’m terrible at keeping logs. I start building and it was full steam ahead. I have finished the boat, aside from the oars. I made the stand out of some scrap wood I had laying around. It’s not perfect and lots of mistakes but it’s done and I enjoyed it! I will include some pics I took along the way.
  2. Ok so I had a little time this evening and was able to get in a little planking to the inside of the boat. I used very warm water to apply heat and soften the wood and gently bent the planks and then clamped them to the frames so they can dry. The instructions are vague at best...
  3. Hey guys. Haven’t done much as of late but hope to get back to it soon. My son loves his basketball playing and well...you know how that goes 😬.
  4. Started this kit and it has proven to be tougher than the Artesania Latina Whale boat so far. The box says it’s from 1982! The wood quality doesn’t seem to be as good. Instead of the pieces being laser cut, they are more pressed, so I’ve had to use my mini jig saw at times. The keel was badly warped and quit a few of the ribs were too. I soaked them warm water and ironed them flat. I soaked the deck too before temporarily pinning it in place. I almost didn’t start this but I figured what the hey, if I really mess up it was given to me and it’s all a learning process anyway! I have
  5. Hey Art. Completely understand that. I’m the other way, not much into RC anymore and getting more and more into wood type models.
  6. So I think maybe I have fixed it. I drilled two long holes down the middle of the spin and inserted two cloth hanger wires as reinforcements and use wood glue to bind it all back together. We’ll see how good it holds. Fingers crossed.
  7. I like that story, very inspirational! Thanks ! First obstacle encountered. I was showing my wife and I ummmm...dropped it on the tile floor! Yeeeeaaaaa...not too happy but could have been worse, the dog could have gotten ahold of it. 😆. Any ideas on fixing it. I have a few but shoot them my way!
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