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  1. Hear we are at a further stage. It is turning out that each part needs a some work before fitting. The metal gun port casting isn't the greatest lots of filing to get them to fit flush to the ribs, the odd one isn't square in design either, makes it more interesting I guess.
  2. Hi Dave I can only go on what is on the packet I'm afraid and i'm not saying you are wrong. The NEPTUNE, reconstructed on the basis of original shipyard models perfectly preserved in the Greenwich Naval Museum, represents a 3rd class vessel (55/60 canons), which took part in the battle at La Hougue on 2 June 1692, where the English fleet commanded by Admiral Rooke, defeated the French fleet commanded by Admiral Tourville. I think the build will be interesting as plans already seem to be a little off. Hey Ho
  3. Thank you Cosmo. Neptune even in the very early stages is proving a challenge as the build instructions are poor however I will master it. I have tried to find another person who has experience of the ship but now joy so if you hear something I would appreciate an update.
  4. Here we are at stage one, quite a lot of filing the slots to get the ribs to fit the keel however they seem to have fitted OK and the decks are glued down. Next to do is my first attempt at fairing. I made the clamp stand but did find that the keel came loose after awhile, maybe the material used was too slippery however I cut two small strips of 80 grade sand paper and solved the problem. A tip if you've had the same problem.
  5. This was quite a traveled boat, we visited France on holiday back in 1995, saw the model in a kiddies toy shop i hadn't built a model since early 60's so for 99 euro I bought it. In 2003 we moved to live in France so still in it's box untouched it went back to France with no time because of work it didn't get started till end of 2018 when I partly retired. Mid 2019 we moved back home to the UK and back it came hull, paddle wheel and first deck in place. I finally finished it during last month. Having not built a wooden boat before I did find it a challenge, I love working with wood b
  6. Thank you Bilge Rat for that info, much appreciated.
  7. Hi all and thanks for the welcome messages and tips. The problem I'm finding with the Corel HMS Neptune is constructing the the hull. Firstly the 'ribs' took some file work to make them fit to the keel. Secondly now they are in place but not glued the top levels vary slightly: Question is do I file down the high ones or pack up the low ones so the decks sit properly? I don't want to throw out the rest of the building process. Secondly I have a rib that is slightly smaller in width than the others which could be a problem when blanking. Maybe I've picked a duff kit, hey ho I'll
  8. Hello everyone. I am fairly new to wooden model ship building so I'm full of questions, sorry. I have just finished building after a fair amount of time the ARTESANIA King of the Mississippi 2 Steamboat. Now I am ready to tackle Corel HMS Neptune. Do any of you have any comments good or bad on Corel Models. Thanks
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