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  1. After taking the winter off to drive across the country with my wife, I am back on the job. Quarantine leaves lots of time to fill The mast is stepped and the spars are assembled. Now I discover that it literally takes me five minutes of fumbling to tie an overhand knot with thin thread!
  2. A good day today, assembling the spars, second coat on hull, etc. Nic from Bluejacket was kind enough to send me some more flat white. In the meantime I just prime anything before painting it white. But here I'll have to leave for a month while I am traveling. This build is not abandoned! Just "on hold" until January.
  3. I f***ed up the cabin yesterday. It was sliding in OK during the fitting stage, but since the fit was very tight I had decided not to force it all the way. When it came time for the final installation, it would not seat all the way, so 1) I applied too much force and broke the coaming and then 2) I had to pry it out again and dig out some more of the hull before it would fit back in correctly. Thank goodness I had not used any glue! The cabin fit fine after just a little more digging out of the hull but the cabin & coaming are definitely the worse for wear and are no longer 90 degrees. Hopefully the moulding and some more white paint will cover up the worst of it. My poor wife just looked at my my face and walked out of the room. Today was better. I glued on the bowsprit and main traveler and the wales strakes and then taped and painted the hull.
  4. That would be great. Thank you! My solution for coverage was to put several layers on, and it literally takes days to dry. Being impatient I went ahead and tried to work on the model anyway, with regrettable results. A good jar of white paint would at least let me try to re-coat the white coamings and mouldings once I am done!
  5. Homicidal rage today. This white enamel doesn't cover well, or apply smoothly, and if you hot-coat it, it won't dry. Yes, I stirred it well.
  6. Thanks for all the support and encouragement I have in fact started a build log for YANKEE HERO, not that I expect anybody but utter novices to learn anything from it! If I have learned anything in my first two days it was that reading the instructions all the way through BEFORE STARTING was a great idea, and reading them again and again is an even better one.
  7. Day two. Waterline is scribed, rudder is hung. Wife has warned me that dining room table must be cleared for company Thursday evening...
  8. First coat of primer on! I feel like the hull is smooth, but not perfectly symmetrical. I guess that's why full-scale boatbuilders carve half-hulls and not full-hulls.
  9. Good morning, all! This is my first model in 40 years and my first wooden kit ever. Luckily, as a sailor of traditional vessels, I have a little basic knowledge to fall back on. I have elected to start with the Bluejacket kit YANKEE HERO, and since it's a snowy day here in Massachusetts, I am making fairly rapid progress. I've got he hull shaped, the hold and cabin top assembled, and I've just glued the deck to the hull and am waiting for the glue to dry. Wish me luck! Capt Mike
  10. Good morning all. On this snowy day in Massachusetts, I am tackling my first-ever ship model. I am 55 now and built my last models in my early teens (Revel and Monogram models of WW2 tanks, battleships and planes). So it's been a while since I had to pick Testors model glue off the pads of my fingers. Fortunately in the 40 years since then I helped build and now operate a traditional gaff-rigged schooner. So at least I know how these things go together, and what they're supposed to look like, in the real world. If I lacked that knowledge, I think I might find even the very simple model I have chosen (novice kit of YANKEE HERO from Bluejacket) to be overwhelming. That's not to say my first model won't be my last, as Chris Coyle warned in his excellent post, but I'm jumping in today! Wish me luck. Capt. Mike

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