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  1. Thanks Don and Bob, I appreciate your giving her a look! Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before I post again.
  2. Hi Bill, I was disappointed with this kit myself even though I started it and found a bunch of poorly cut bulkheads which I didn't correct before I planked. Your plan sounds fantastic with the use of beautiful hardwoods. This is something I wanted to do myself and I found that I was substituting some nice wood that I bought pre cut. Since these ships are some of the most beautiful to me and my time is limited and I live in a small appartment, I decided to just forge ahead with the whole project and go off the reservation- turning it into an 1812 privateer with 14 guns. I found much better gun
  3. This model is just a stunning work of art. I'd love to know how long it took you. This is my favorite model on this site now. Nicely photographed too, you can really see how well it's made. I can't get enough of this! Fantastic and beautiful!
  4. Thanks Jerry, I just read that passage in Chapelle's book. I always wondered why the ship was painted in that green patina color and I assumed that it was to imply a coppered bottom. Since I'm deviating from building this as an accurate Pride model, I may try to copper it anyway. Or I may paint it, not sure. I can't wait to see your Pride in the water.
  5. Thanks very much Michael and Don! Mark your Pride is looking very nice and I see that you planked your counter properly. I had to come up with this solution for the transom area. I realized that if I want to turn this ship into an 1812 privateer, I have to raise up the bulwark/rail by another 1 foot. According to plans on p. 251 of Howard Chapelle’s “The Search for Speed Under Sail” the privateer ship rail height is 3’ and the Pride model is only 2’. I’ll have to add to the height of my bulwark to get the guns to fit properly.
  6. I’ve decided to start this build log even though it might take me a long long time to complete. This is the Pride of Baltimore from MS, but I am substituting some fine woods I’ve gotten from Hobby Mill and will be adding more guns to the deck. I’d like to make a ship that could have been an 1812 privateer. As this ship is just so beautiful under sail – I intend to make sails and also experiment with coppering the hull with a green patina. I discovered early on that I made a big mistake with the hull. A few of the bulkheads were not symmetrical and I didn’t catch it until I started to pl
  7. That is really an incredible job! I love the Essex and always had it in mind to try to build her one day. It seems like a super ambitious project for a first ship model. Very nice!
  8. You are also an outstanding photographer. The quality of these photos is excellent.
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