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  1. With regard to lighting I meant to say I use two 150 watt daylight bulbs which use 14 watts each. They are expensive but they provide a lot of light. I have to admit that I also use a miner's light along with 2.5 glasses for situations that call for it.
  2. Glad to have you back. Remember putting masking tape on the frame tips when doing the La Nina. Maybe applying some heat to the plank near the tip will loosen the glue.
  3. Yes I was looking at that-terminology is important. I meant to say the bow area looks neat-what no easy seats?
  4. The pictures ar great and help me understand many things. Don't the jeers go somewhere near the parells? Great work.
  5. I'll be darned. I have a surfoam and did not know it. It is with all of my planes. I forget why I bought it. A garage is something I do not have when I go south for the Winter. That is one reason for the Santa Maria. I have a question to ask you about the stern fillers. the block they gave me seems huge compared to what is needed. I will let you now tomorrow. I go to bed at Nine. Tht is 2 a.m. for you.
  6. While I am still busy with some lower deck work I went ahead and did the bow fillers. I am waiting for a Dremel vise I hope will help with certain jobs. I saw where Jpett was hesitant about power sanding so I as a bit cautious. I did buy some 4x4 balsa for mistakes I might make but so far my only planned use is for making a little boat for the La Nian and the Santa Maria. At any rate I realized I could use my belt sander after some fiddling around with a plane and using some curve instruments I have. I did some hand sanding with 150 to finish. I gave my son my table sander and wondered if I would ever use the belt sander again. But here I am in the shipyard. I should say that I did the sanding in my garage and the belt sander has a good vacuum.
  7. Hahaha-So my ship has no place to go-I guess over the side. Thanks for the good info. It is clear that this ship leads to a great deal of learning.
  8. That helps. The seats of ease are not shown in my diagram. I assume that the sails are tied off to the knightheads. I wonder if the bowsprit is tied off to the seats of ease. a couple of these bridge timbers (or perhaps all) I have seem to be for that purpose. Thanks for the input. It will come together.
  9. Sorry, I did realize it was for Matthew after the fact but I still mean it that way. As for getting attention it is not happening these days. and yes I am thinking all the way through many things. While beginning work on the bow fillers I am trying to figure out how all the parts fit together around the breakhead bulkhead. The bridge timbers are mystifying me along with the shape of the Keel in that area. I see where the bowsprit will be tied off through the Breakhead piece but cannot, from the drawings, see how the bridge timbers fit in. I was just now looking for a log that might give me a clue. I chucked the timbers in there for clarity-duh.
  10. I have a Santa Maria kit but plan on using it when we go South in October. I appreciate your advice but to tell the truth, if I am not able to see a cardiologist soon for my heart tests, my sons may have to finish it. I think I can handle the first planking. To be honest this looks easier than the La Nina. Actually what bothers me is not doing some other things correctly that i will not be able to fix after planking. E. G. I am hesitant about doing upper deck as it may get in my way not to mention the directions about the poop are a reflection of the word itself. Thanks for being a friend and giving me your ideas.
  11. I like the idea of doing things like that. The pressed wood stuff is depressing looking. I hope I can figure a way around using it. I guess it may be OK for a few applications. Thanks for showing me how you use the wire. Annealed wire is quite strong. I have used heavy stuff in the past. I remember fixing a steel porch table with it.
  12. I am currently thinking card stock. I can shape it to the way I want the stairs and it is easy to glue but I was thinking about a little deck as well. Glad you mentioned it.
  13. Is this what you mean? It is 22 gauge. Is this wire around the blocks in the above pics? No. I see copper wire is used for deadeyes but do not understand where this wire is used.
  14. Dd the 1/2 gun holders. The lack of a profile of them in the drawings made it difficult to figure out how deep they should go so I set them back 1/8" or 3-4 mm

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