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  1. Hi Rob, You sent me an email and apparently I do not know how to return the same. MSN would not deliver. I see where you said you did drill a hole for doing the cannonballs. I did not drill a hole. I just made a depression in the wood. I had some shotgun shells around from days gone by so I took one apart and made myself a collection of cannonballs. Again I used a touch of superglue and dropped the buck shot in the hole. I hope that helps. I am going to be gone for about a month but I will always be looking in. My question remains as to how to send a personal email like this
  2. Nice stuff Keith. I really appreciate the details of how you made the strops and the chainplate.
  3. I will be gone for about a month but I will still be looking in on you. It’s just great fun watching these little things happen. When you put a collection of them together, well, it just seems exciting.
  4. Looks good Rob. For what it is worth are use the buck shot and killed a shallow 1 mm holes. A touch of glue and tweezers.
  5. I am still giving some limited time to the ship but I am fairly busy with the admiral working around the house. I almost have the tree out of the way. Since a shoulder replacement I no longer Chop wood. I have an electric splitter and the logs usually can’t be any more then 10” in diameter and a foot long. In this case the maple is about 13” dia and only 6” long. The tree was in the path of constant rainwater runoff and that is how it died. I also had to take time and put new antifreeze in my boiler. I shut the house down when I go south. We have to go back to Jersey for more skin
  6. Thank you for your input. One of the things I made sure of was that the garboard plank would go on evenly. In one or two cases I left the frame a tad low So that the guard board plank would fit correctly. The only reason I raise the frame was so that the cardboard plank would fit well. It is not necessary for the deck to fit on the keel. Lowering the frame was more important. Thanks for looking in. I appreciate your ideas. It is great that we help each other.
  7. Living with mistakes and planking seems to be part of building ships. I bet the real thing wasn’t much different. And yes paint will solve a lot of problems. Once again the beauty of wood is being able to make up for mistakes. I am out of action, being a lumberjack these days, but I enjoy your work.
  8. Love the details-great work. Right now I am hungup with cutting the tree in my driveway and splitting it for firewood. I am no longer the speedy one so it takes a lot of time and I sleep in between.🤪
  9. Thanks. Knowing the name of the product makes a difference. In general searches for clamps I never saw these.
  10. Thank you for the details. Is it 15 but when a person makes up his mind to do something will be done. Upon returning to the Hampshire here is what greeted me in my driveway. Chainsaw is a must where I live.
  11. I can’t believe that windlass. I am trying to understand how you could make that darn thing. Did you say you were going back to work? Are people in England going back to work a lot?
  12. You will always figure a way to do something Rob. It’s coming along quite well. Where did you get those two clamps? Do they have a name?
  13. I do not have my shipyard with me so I am a little handicapped. I have some tools at this house and I am roughing it. If anyone thinks I made a mistake sing out-no problem. Remember: those who make no mistakes do nothing.
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