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  1. No. They came that way. I just had to cut them out. Sorry for misleading. By make I meant using aluminum wire and trying to make it look like the ship is under way. I am not sure what to do about the dashes. I have been looking on line for an idea but so far have not seen anything. I ought to add that the sail mentioned above on the main mast is a topsail not a t'gallant. I have learned a lot about sails during my research. Here is a picture I found that shows a ay the sails can be furled on the Santa Maria. My kit has no instructions or illustrations that helps to understand how the bowsprit should be rigged.
  2. I should say that the india ink might have worked better, even without diluting, if I had used a thinner string.
  3. I wondered about that Keith but I had plenty of the thicker string and very little of the thinner. Thanks for commenting. I have to find out more about increasing my choices of material.
  4. Decided to make the sails so that the ship looks like it is underway with the wind at their backs. I started with the small sails and made a lot of mistakes. I got a little better by the time I got to the big sail. My fingers were well coated with CA.
  5. I think top gallant is the wrong term. It should be top sail. Top gallant would be for a third sail on the main mast. I'm trying. Just do not trust me.
  6. I am showing details that are often now shown. These things are so new to me that I think I am doing something major and they are difficult.
  7. I certainly am into the chaos of rigging. It is a job trying to learn all the terms especially as they are given in Italian. I have been looking at many illustrations for terms. I found a helpful page for translations. https://www.euromodel-ship.com/eng/files/NAUTICAL-TERMS-version.20.pdf I hope the following terms in the following photos are clear. I guess it took quite a few men to haul the main yard into position.
  8. I managed to do the ratlines. It was very challenging trying to keep the shrouds in a straight line and make tight knots. I put a touch of glue on the end of each line. I was wondering how to make the shrouds tighter. I tightened them as much as I dare when installing. I was wondering if wetting the shrouds before attaching the deadeyes would help with shrinkage.
  9. Thanks Keith. I do use the beeswax and I was thinking the ink had to be diluted. I will have to think hard about how to dry the thread.
  10. Only 10 years Haha. On a different note I tried dying some lines and they came out rather stiff. Do you dilute? I was considering doing ratlines for laughs but I could not tie a proper knot. I just dipped the lines in the ink bottle. I took them out after a minute or so. I mixed the bottle. This is what I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007ZJ8TM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Doing the deadeyes was a very challenging job. I did not glue right away and had to some fixins to make sure the deadeyes aligned like the pros on this site do so well. I should say that I tied the line from the tree to the bowsprit to make sure I did not move the mast while working away. I was wondering if I would finish this ship here is Jersey but now I have to go back to the doctor in a month. I passed the stress test, which is necessary because I have three stents in the master ticker, but failed the EKG. Turns out I developed atrial Fibrillation the morning of going to the doctor. Anyhow, yet another drug. Now I have to quit drinking, I hope not forever. Why would I tell this site? Maybe it relieves stress. I'm a pretty lucky guy.
  12. India ink was mentioned so many times on this site you would think I would catch on. Thanks Keith.
  13. Beautiful work Keith. I need to spend more time on line looking at this stuff. Dying the lines black is awesome. Why did I not think of doing that. Oh well I am learning.
  14. I have been a little busy at our Jersey house but am making some progress on rigging. I thought I should put some pics in on my status and show some of the work I am doing. This is back breaking work because you have to stay on top ot the work for a long time. Tying the blocks is very challenging. You do get better as you go. This ship is much more difficult than the La Pinta. I am doing the deadeyes in 3 stages as shown. Stage 3 will be tying the deadeyes together by going from Port to Starboard with each line.
  15. Still not back to build-busy with the change of houses and things to be done-plus the visiting of doctors. I had this photo of the turret in an upside down position so that you can see the lines for the yards.
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