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  1. I am a bit puzzled by the double planking. It does not appear that my build calls for planking double. I was just wondering aobut your thoughts here.
  2. Absolutely. I have looked for info on the site but so far have not found anything about how to enter info or questions. The search box helps some. I have no problem with someone advising me on how-tos.
  3. Thanks for informing me about how to do it. To tell the truth I was doubling my own posts because I could not figure out how to enter text. I probably messed up some other people's sites. I do appreciate you letting me know. I do not do much on the internet. I do a lot of pictures but do not even use clouds and such. I prefer to be on my own. I am not a social media buff.
  4. I hope this is the right way. Sorry but I did not realize it was a problem. Is this the correct way? I must be doing this to others.
  5. I am looking forward to following this part of your build. It will be interesting to see how you taper these poles and connect them together along with the cross trees. It will be awhile before I get there.
  6. Thinking about it a sewing needle is wedge shaped. I have been using a 1mm drill for push pins and tiny nails. The push pins do not want to come out whereas the nails are difficult to handle-but they work and they come out. Thanks again! Have a good night.
  7. Thanks for your ideas. The help you give is very encouraging to us new people. I have studied most of your pages. Do you drill at all or do you just stick the needles through the wood?
  8. I follow YT and a few others. MSW certainly helps me understand many ways of doing things. Thanks for the details. What I was wondering is the size of the nails and the size of the hole. The hole has to be big enough not to split the plank but small enough to squeeze the plank against the hull. I have use some small nails and removed them. I like the way they work. But I am still experimenting with various ways. Rubber bands work great along with push pins. The problem I have with the push pins is they do not come out easy enough. Thanks for your help.
  9. Would you please look at my build and give me the details of how you are using the nails to hold the planks.
  10. Good info. Once I saw that this drill method worked I checked Amazon -20 pc 61-80 4.95-Widget is 3.97 for similar and they are in a case, which is really important. I had to put all of the ones I had into separate envelopes. I have never worked with such small things and I am finding it really draws and demands my attention. While I always used calipers and micrometers it was always larger things. Regarding the dowels and bits I had seen a guy -on this site I think-making "chisels" out of drill bits. I will have to look for that again. It may have been you. The glue is dry so let me see where I go from here.
  11. The drills are new and came with the pin vise drill by Werkzeug.They are not wobbling very much-barely perceptible. And the bits are drilling without a problem. Yes it is a Dremel, my second. Bulkheads are plywood which surprises me because normal plywood is softer rom the side. Even when I drill a pilot hole the push pins do not want to go in. I did not hammer them but ci could give that a try. I will be resuming planking soon. Further efforts should prove worthwhile. And yes the Dremel is at the lowest rpms. When I say a little wobble I could be wrong. It may be none. I am poking a small dent so that the bit will be guided. Bare in mind the bits are only protruding about 8mm from the "chuck". Thanks for the help and input. Let's see how it goes.
  12. Let me add that these frames are extraordinarily hard. The drill is working but I cannot believe that after drilling a .97 mm hole I still was using too much force to get the 1 mm push pins in. I had to hammer too hard on the 5mm long and 1 mm brass nails. They are obviously going to make filling and sanding harder.

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