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  1. Alas, it is still in development. There is no website. Probably, only in the social network. I know their address in "Vkontakte" and Instagram https://vk.com/technell https://www.instagram.com/technell_/ They still have the "boat Peter 1". Very young manufactuer
  2. This is a small manufacturer and they do not have their dealers in other countries. But if you are interested a Kit, you can write them a email. I think they can send the package themselves. You can write on English. Technell@yandex.ru
  3. Hello! I became the owner of a new KIT for the assembly of galleys from the Russian manufacturer. I know that I will be the first blogger to tell about this model. I hope you will find this interesting and you can ask questions to me or the manufacturer, I think they will be interested in this. The Kit is good because of the large scale 1:48 and quality of the laser cut from wood.(pear) The instruction is only in Russian now, but there are beautiful pictures.
  4. IMPORTANT. I made a big mistake and want to tell about it. Pay attention to this, who will make the model. I used only the instructions for the pictures and did not refer to the description in the text. I decided to stick it right away. This is a mistake. It is necessary to glue at the very last moment. I had to tear it off with a kettle.
  5. Good day! Thank you for your attention to my topic. It is very nice. Finally, the weekend has come and I can to continue on. I still hold back for another project. When I saw it, I would be very interested. You yourself will understand such a kit.
  6. My first review is finished. I will build this kit (next part) only by Sunday, in my rest day. But i still here and can comments, as Google translate possible By Egen
  7. The skeleton consists of a large number of elements that must be assembled as a lego. It is amazing, as if collecting a spaceship.
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