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  1. Hello to all. First time for me / no experience at all I started a project using some plans found at (link removed by admin because of copyright violations). I ve chossen the Black Pearl so after I downloaded the plans with the help of youtube I manage to print them at the corect scale. The next step was to search for as much info I can get, downloaded lot of pictures with the ship from the movie some from kits allready finished viewed some videos. a lot of measurements details I manage to get them from real pictures of the ship using my imagination. Sure I m not the only one t
  2. after I ve cheked the log and read the title carefully got the idea that it s a kit 😂. I m using only wood and glue. noted some info from the topic of the sails knots. but from how to work with wood at some details I must use my imagination
  3. found it ! thanks! his work is at a different level. much to learn from him. thanks again
  4. hey mtaylor! it s a scratch build. working a lot with pictures from the movie. didn t find much info / details about it to build. don t know what to say about the build log, I didn t find other members working at this project. here s a pic of her now
  5. thanks acaron. hope I ll find someoane that finished same project for some tips
  6. I m working for a couple of days at a model. It s the first time for me, no experience. so I found some plans on the internet an saved a lot of pictures to help me with the design. I ve choseen the Black Pearl. I will apreciate some ideas. sorry for my writing I don t speak english every day. Thanks
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