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  1. Yes, that sure doesn't look right. It is not only the heads but also the fairing lines seems to be different. I'm pretty sure it was not like that on mine (only on frame 1 I noticed a misplacement of the lasermarking). I think maybe Tom have redesigned plate 8 because I do not have the 2 parts you have in the red sqare:
  2. I had the same talk with Tom and after I spend many hours studying the 3D drawings he sent I could finally see that the laser marking on the frame parts are correct. The 2D plans are kinda playing tricks with your eyes. Also have a look at the 3D PDF drawings Tom posted recently here as well. There you can view the frames from any angle and from inside and from outside. This may clear things up a little.
  3. It looks very clean and nice. I cannot see this clearly from your pics but did you notice on the drawings that the deck transom above the windows should be tilted forward compared to the 2 others below the windows:
  4. You are probably aware of this but a small hint just in case . . . check the total width of the 9 middle stern timbers before you glue them together. They are alll to much too thick and when you multiply that by 9 . . . each stern timber needs a lot of sanding on the sides
  5. Well, since you are super detailing you could put a SMD-LED in each . . . too late though to hide the wires in between the layers of the roof BTW, I'm blown away by ingenuity and craftsmanship in this build
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