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  1. As I wait for some rope and fittings from Syren Company to arrive, I thought about adding a shot garland to each cannon. Since the 3-pounder cannonball has a diameter of about 6,5cm AFAIK 1,5mm steel balls may be a little oversized but a smaller diameter would be too small to recognize. The garland stores 6 balls each and is made of 1,5mm square stripes with addition to 1x3mm stripes glued to each sides. Then the space for the balls (9mm) is enclosed by 1,5mm square stripe pieces. Sanded both sides so the garland is only 2 mm thick in the end, then sanded a 30 degrees slope on each side and rounded the edges. Have to paint them red and installed them next weekend.
  2. I finished the channels (donˋt know if that is the correct english word for ‚Rüste‘ - the sheet, where the chain plates are fitted on). Also installed all eyebolts on deck. All that is left (before rigging) is finishing the guns, gluing all the deck items and installing the mast.
  3. Wow. That size of the model is really big. It is more like a 1-room-apartment, so you can bring a table and two chairs and have a cup of tea inside the ship.
  4. Only small updates these time. Glued the eyebolts of the breech lines in place. Have to shape the breech lines after glu is dry. Will add the gun tackles next weekend.
  5. Thank you very much. I glued the guns in place. First I drilled a hole through the front axle, pinned that with a short 0,7mm nail (so that the nail is only about 0,5mm longer than the bottom of the front wheels) and positioned the gun in place. Pressed it down until the nail in the axle marked a spot on deck and drilled a hole into the spot through the deck. Then glued a longer pin into the axle and that into the predrilled hole on deck. Positioned until it has the correct angle. Epoxy gives a lot of time for correcting the angle. Next is gluing the eyebolds.
  6. Added the stop chocks. This completes the boom except for the heel lashing and the footropes which will be done with the rest of the rigging later. Next is installing the guns. I think about a way to store some cannonballs. Maybe I add some sort of rack or sheet beside each gun storing 5 cannonballs.
  7. Thank you very much for the kinds words and the Likes. I took a 4-week break from modeling the AVS to prepare my next project, the H.M. Brig Badger POB in 1:48 scale. Drawn the bulkheads and some parts in Corel Draw to have them lasercut soon. Now it is time to return to the AVS. Installed all iron bands on the bowsprit.
  8. Very beautiful, please keep up the good work. I hope you don't mind me asking a question: How did you transfer the printed deck layout onto a plywood sheet? Best regards.
  9. Happy new year 2019! I finished the painting, there is only some clear varnish left. I made two ladders for the cabin front and installed the catheads. The plan shows the catheads installed near the first gunport but a lot of contemporary plans of smaller vessels show catheads installed rather in front of the vessel, so I fitted them between the first two timberheads as I am going to use anchors larger than the kit-supplied ones. Drilled all the holes for clamps and eyebolds. I will install them later this week. All deck items are dry-fitted, nothing is glued yet. I will rig the guns before I install them on deck.
  10. Thank you. I also started to build a base for the finished ship. Haven‘t decided to leave the wood natural or to stain with cherry colour.
  11. I hope everyone had a merry christmas. I prepared the rudder and attached it on the hull using the supplied brass stripes and 0,8mm brass rivets, which I epoxied into the pre-drilled stripes. The glue has to dry 12 hours and the support strips to keep the rudder in place are shown on the photos.

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