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  1. Thank you for all the likes. Still nothing more to show than frames but I‘m approaching the bow. There are only 5 frames left to assemble, frame 1 and 2 are just single pieces. As I come closer to the bow every new frame needs more tapering than the one before. But the laser-engraved lines makes tapering rather easy. There is another assembled frame waiting for me to be cleaned and tapered. Another view from opposite direction. So maybe I am able to finish the last ones next weekend. Stay tuned and save.
  2. Thank you, Brian. Some more replacements have slowed me down but I managed to complete more frames ... frames, just frames. Have the impression that I have done nothing else for months. But there are only 10 ones left.. Time to see a man about a dog .. wait, we‘re locked down. Ok, let‘s bring the dog to the man 🤗. Stay tuned and save. Andreas
  3. Thank you very much, Yves. Thirteen is an unlucky number and indeed - frame no. 13 was kind of a mess. All parts have defects all over and a small edge broke off while releasing it from the sheet. After calming down I decided to replace all the parts. I scanned the plan, redraw all lines with Corel and printed the templates on adhesive paper. Cut all segments with templates on and used the existing parts for reference. Used the plan to complete the frame. Test-fit into the jig - passed. If I will do POF again, it definitely won‘t be a clinker-plank
  4. That is an interesting project. I like the selfmade-jig, looks very professional. And the ribs looks very clean and neat. Keep up the good work..
  5. Thank you very much James and Bob, While processing I‘ve finally reached the stern. The last three full ribs needed a lot of tapering. I find it more easy to assemble the middle and upper segments first using the engraved guide lines. Then I fix the lower futtock on the plan with pins. The pre-assembled segments are then attached using the plan as reference. So you only have to deal with three instead of five segments. The last three frames 38 to 40 are just single segments (upper futtocks) and I will add them later in the build. I will continue with the ones at the bow nex
  6. Thank you very much, Jeff. More frames have been prepared. As I make my way towards stern I finally found out what went wrong last time with the tapering. The rear markings for tapering on the upper futtocks are sometimes misplaced - means that you have to check the plan instead of the markings. I used my disc sander to carefully sand a little and compared the tapering with the plan until the correct angle was achieved. This has to be done with all upper futtocks as far as I can see .. Continuing next weekend. Stay tuned and save.
  7. Preparing more rips towards the stern. This time I won‘t taper the upper futtocks too much and double check the plan. If needed I will taper them later by hand after installation.
  8. As I had to wait some weeks for replacement parts I started a little side project - the 4-pounder guns. The Badger has twelve of them. For the carriage I use the gun schematic from Syren as reference, enlarged to fit the 4-pounder barrels. The handle of the quoin was made of 1,3mm boxwood dowel and turned to shape with a needle file. Still have to make the axles, the side parts and the wheels. Stay tuned...
  9. Due to the pandemic the replacement parts took about 3 weeks to arrive here. But now I‘m ready to continue the build next weekend. Tom also has gently supplied a blank cherry sheet so I can make replacements myself if needed in the future.
  10. I wish I could say that - but they are not. Take a look at the photo I made from sheet no. 8: Shown are the top futtocks of frame 35, 36 and 36. you can see the tapering lines for the lower heads. The marks on one side are too narrow while the counterparts have their marks too wide. The true line is among between both marks. I have checked the frames 31 - 34 and the tapering is off the plan. I may ask Tom for some replacement sheets and will keep that in mind next time.
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