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  1. The ropework on the base has been finished. So it is finally ready for mounting the AVS on it. The anchor buoys are next..
  2. Beautiful little ship, very clean work. Looking forward to see you continuing your Confederacy build.
  3. I studied several pictures and drawings of anchor buoys and experimented with different shapes. As they are originally made of several layers of cork there was either the option to paint the blank ones I made before dark brown or to simulate the layers with thin layers of boxwood. A rather bright wood color will allow to see the different layers rather than a dark colored wood like pear. I made my final templates out of 1mm sheets of boxwood glued on each other with 0.8mm steel wire inside to prevent the assembly to break when brought to shape. Did this with a needle file in my stood drill as I don‘t own a lathe (yet). Now I‘m free to worry about rigging the buoys...
  4. Some work on the anchors. The kit-supplied ones are very small, so I decided to use some bigger ones. Served the ring with .008 rope. Attached the anchor cable with a knot I found in Mondfelds „Ship models“ book. Surrounded two 3/16 double blocks with black card to simulate an iron band and attached two hooks made of eyelets. Made two new templates for anchor buoys that looks more to scale. Although the anchor buoys are made of cork AFAIK I think about leaving them unpainted.
  5. Happy new year!!! I have finished all the running rigging but still have to readjust the tension and to fix loose ends to the belay points. Unfortunately I‘m running out of tan rope and have to wait for another syren order to arrive to resupply my stock until I start to make some rope coils. Will use the time to finish the anchor and buoys and the base.
  6. Thank you for the nice comments and likes. Some more work on the topyard. The rigging is very time-consuming, today I haven‘t done half of the things I wanted to. But the ship is stuffed with different kind of tackles, jigs etc. If you‘re looking for some special kind of rigging - the AVS surely has it...
  7. Thank you Jean-Paul. Lower yard is finished and test-fitted. All the remaining rigging will be done in the next 2 days.
  8. Upper yard parrel is installed. Served the rope and used .08 brown rope lashing on one side. Three days break and then I will turn on the lower yard. Started this build on 12/30/2016 and hope to finish it before 12/30/2019. And BTW - I wish everyone on MSW a merry christmas. 🎄
  9. Before I will continue with rigging the yards, I took a break to make the swivel guns. The supplied ones are made of Britannia casting and I substituted them with syren 1/4 scale swivel guns. Soldered two metal stripes together to make the holding and drilled a 0.8mm into the gun to add the handle. The handle was made from 2mm brass rod. The kit-supplied gun is shown in the lower left corner. I then test-fitted two guns on the ship.
  10. @Chuck: Thank you very much, but the honour belongs to your fine rope and accessoires 🤗. The footropes on the starboard side are finished too. 168 glove hitch knots per side and this is only a cutter-likely rigged vessel - can‘t imagine if I will keep my mind when it comes to building a two masted ship. Anyway that completes the standing rigging. Will turn on the yards next..
  11. Before I do the starboard side I took a break from knoting glove hitch knots and made the traveller ring from .8mm brass wire. Used a .5mm drill to drill two holes into the ring and soldered two eyebolds to each side to rig the traveller inhauls.
  12. Thank you for all the likes. After finishing the shrouds I started to do the ratlines. Lots of clove hitch knots. The plan calls for .021 rope for the ratlines - instead I used .012 brown syren rope. Else the ratlines would have looked way to heavy. I made a template in Corel Draw for the ratlines including the shrouds to avoid a hourglass effect. Took about 4 hours for the port side.

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