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  1. Today I finished all the counter-frames and glued them in place. The jig had to be modified for the frames to match the plan, Now all frames are separated by equal space (about 8 mm) like shown on the plan. Just some final sanding before the inner planking will be started. Next weekend I will start to glue all frames onto the keel starting with the stern frames .. Stay tuned and save. Andreas
  2. As the jig was temporarily deconstructed I was able to take a sneak peek on the side ...
  3. Thank you for all the likes. Frame no. 40 required a little surgery. The plan shows the frame on top of the lower transom .. but the middle transom has no cutouts for the frame. So I again had to deconstruct the jig and sanded just a little off the middle transom. At last the frame needed some tapering. Test-fit passed 🤗. Now I have to repeat that on the port side. 😰
  4. Frame 38 and 39 proved to be more time-consuming than expected. Frame 38 is made of two segments and then has to be tapered to fit the counter. Still dry-fitted I have to squeeze some scrapwood into the jig to make it stay in place. Frame 39 is just a single peace that has to be tapered. Frame 40 is still missing. Stay tuned and save.. Andreas
  5. Thank you very much Yves, this took most of the building time so far. The wood is rather soft and removing the laser char with electric tools is difficult because too much substance can easily be taken off. But I take my time. Only the last frames 38 - 40 and 1 - 2 have to be done, these are just single pieces added to the keel and counter. And then everything can be glued in place. I am heavily occupied by my self employment these days and this is slowing me down a bit.
  6. The keelson is build up from 4 segments. The slots have to be cleaned and checked first before installation, so that the frames will fit into them later. Test-fit on the plan.. ... and on the frames. Still nothing is glued yet. I will make some final adjustments next weekend. Stay tuned and save. Andreas
  7. Finally found the time to correct the jig. The side-parts A1 - 7 have sawtooth pattern cut out to match the related frames but I had some difficulties to fit the frames in. So I deconstructed the jig (it wasn’t glued) and corrected all side parts basically by sanding off about 2 millimeters of substance. As the position of the frames is determined by the horizontal jig and the keel anyway changing the side-parts doesn‘t affect the geometry of the hull. Now all frames are aligned properly but still only dry-fitted. I have to enlarge some frame-slo
  8. Wow, that is indeed a big ship and a nice subject to model. Good luck for your project and I‘m looking forward to watch your progress.
  9. The Coureur is having my full attention, so I have to switch between both projects for a while. But I found some time to make more cannon parts. As I don’t own a lathe, I made myself some little tools to make the wheels by using a regular bench drill. They‘re made of stainless steel tube with a thread (cut off from of a 1,2mm diameter screw) soldered into it. The wheels are drawn with a pencil using a template, a 1,2mm central hole is drilled and then they are roughly cut off from 1/16‘‘ sheet boxwood. The tool can be used to turn the wheels in my bench drill using spacer
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