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  1. I have ordered several times there before (pear stripes and some basswood), but haven't seen Castello on their website. The stripes were precisely cut. You're sure they also sell boxwood?
  2. Some more work on the stern. Prepared the stern plywood templates, only minor adjustments needed. The cabin template is just dry-fitted, it will be glued on after all planks and windows have been applied.
  3. Hope you will be fine soon. After 10 years of using I still fear my bandsaw..
  4. Thank you barkeater and Jean-Paul. Those are photo-etched parts made to my specifications. I draw them myself with Corel-Draw, create a template for all parts on one sheet and then they are made of 0.5mm brass sheets by a small company by demand. That saves a lot of time, especially when 200 eyebolts, 100 hooks and 50 iron bands for the guns are needed. But you have a several weeks waiting time for the parts, so I already designed the sheet in June this year.
  5. Thank you Edward. At the moment these are only small steps. Because I have to do a lot of unpleasant preparations first, I keep motivating myself with these little side-projects. Beside the enlargement I try to add as many details and corrections to the model as possible using the NMM plans as another reference but beside that there are limited information sources for the Badger. BTW the plywood templates will all be covered with planking later.
  6. Very nice ... and fast. May I ask if the inner structure is a part of the kit or at least shown on the plans?
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