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  1. That looks fantastic. And the detail level that can be achieved with this little printer is amazing. The designer did also a good job. Are all parts of this kit supposed to be printed or is any aftermarket stuff necessary to finish the model?
  2. Thank you Brian. I‘ll try. Well, challenge accepted. I was able to remove all planking without doing any damage to the structure. The provided precut-planks might still do the trick - but I failed somehow to install them properly and won‘t give them another try. Feels like turning back the clock - every step backwards hurts somehow but on the other hand I surely need more planking practice for all the projects still to come. I studied the plans in the Boudriot / Berti book and also the pictures of the POF model build by Etienne Riette and now have an idea how to change the inner planking in a more authentic and easier way. But first I will have to give the frames another good sanding to enable a smooth planking run. Studying Chuck’s planking guide again might also prove useful. I‘ve just ordered several cherry stripes but now have to wait for delivery. So meanwhile I might build some barrels / boxes or just take a break from modeling for the next weeks. Stay save .. and thanks for all the feedback. Andreas
  3. You're right Yves, the frames look much better without planking. Well I think about removing the installed planks, get rid of the pre-cut-planking and use some regular cherry wood 5mm planks (or better pear) as a substitute instead. But the question for me is: Is it worth the effort? Well, it may at least be good practice for future projects. Most of the inner planking will be barely visible after the interior will be installed. Even if I would leave the planking off, the frames and skeleton would be barely visible as well. And the planking add stability to the fragile construction, don't know what happens if I leave the frames completely unplanked.
  4. Planking the inner front of the bow turned out as difficult as the stern planking and the result is not my best job. I don‘t know if it is my lack of skill or misshaped pre-cut planks. I spend some time carefully sanding all of them to shape so they fit into each other. I watered them only for minutes and used head to bend them to shape. But when time to install had come I had to force all of them into position knowing something went wrong. Sanding didn’t help very much. Not a good sign for further progress and motivation .. Stay safe.
  5. Well I is also a pity to cover all that nice frame structure. I thought some time about different options to leave areas unplanked to show the structure. But I discarded most of them because these options would leave the finished ship look very much unfinished. This would have been an option if I was to build a dockyard model without masting. So I decided to leave only a small center area unplanked located at the port side to light the inner structure and to show some frames (like done on the MS Confederacy) To enable looking into the ship I will leave some deck planking off.
  6. Thank you all for the likes, you give me much credit. Better don’t bring up high expectations until the planking is finished. To check the upper bow planking I started to plank the upper front frames. These pre-cut planks fit much better - but some of them are too short. About 3 mm missing to fit them into the brackets between the keel and the first two frames. Well I did my best to fix them anyway. This area won‘t be seen later but it is still a pity (my OCD keep telling me that). The sides are painted with black acrylic paint to simulate chaulking as done on the gallery. I consider finishing the bow area first, then starting with the lower planks and finish the stern area at last, So I will be able to make a custom plank to fit the unplanked area between lower planking and upper stern. Stay tuned .. Andreas
  7. Thank you Steve, much appreciated. After installing the strake below the clamps I started to do the inner planking of the frames. As mentioned before the planks are laser-cut but they simply don‘t fit the corresponding upper and lower planks. I don‘t get it - all of them are individually designed with complex shapes but in the end they don‘t fit each other, so more post-processing is needed and because of the reshaping I might need a custom drop plank to close the area left. It might have been easier - and more true to scale - to use regular planking with some use of fishing at bow and stern, because these provided planks are very wide which makes them difficult to attach properly to the frames. The planking is also simplified - maybe because most of it will be covered with interieur later but it looks even more weird in comparison to the stern gallery planking. I only managed to do two strakes - as every new step becomes more and more time consuming my motivation is limited these days. Stay save ..
  8. You‘re doing a wonderful job, caring about every step. Keep up the good work. Hope you don‘t mind me following your build.
  9. Thank you there much. I have started to plank the stern gallery. The planks are already laser-cut, but they differ from the plan and most of them doesn‘t fit onto the gallery at first so more post-processing was needed. The planking still look weird but I guess it is simplified to speed up the building process. The top and bottom edges of all planks were tapered to fit the corresponding planks as the surface to be planked is a curved one. I painted the edges with clear acrylic vanish first (to prevent the black colour from soaking into the wood) and then applied one layer of black acrylic paint to simulate chaulking. The cherry wood is too dark to use a pencil for that. No finish applied yet. Hm, not sure if I‘m satisfied with the result but most of the inner planking won‘t be seen later. Stay tuned…
  10. You‘re making great progress, very nice build. The Swan-Class is a favorite of mine, hope you don‘t mind if I follow along your build.
  11. Wow, you‘re a very fast and clean builder. Is it all depending on your own high building skills or does the kit go together that easy?
  12. Absolutely beautiful. Do you feel a little sad to give away your ‚commissioned’ work to customers? I ask myself if they will appreciate all the hours and research you spend into that little project.
  13. Very nice. I like the „painting with wood“ approach and the little cut out with simulated frame structure.
  14. Very nice progress. Do you make your own laser-cut parts and if you do, may I ask which laser-cutter do you use?
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