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  1. This is the first time that I've seen an recent model ship book mention the "Lift Method." Is this the best source for diving into this method of scratchbuilding?
  2. This is a beautiful build! Tell me, what exactly is the difference between a Yawl and other ship's boats? How can one determine the era or providence of small boats?
  3. Hey Everyone! Like a bunch of people here, I'm starting this hobby to keep myself occupied during Covid-19, but I've been interested model ship building it since I was a kid and my grandmother bought me a half finished Phantom pilot boat at a garage sale I'm currently in New Haven, CT, USA finishing up graduate school in Forestry. I hope to get involved in the modeling community on the Connecticut shore once we can start to safely gather. I'm almost done with my first model, the Lady Nelson, and will be starting on Chuck's practicum to kitbash the HMS Sultana with
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