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  1. Just to let you know I have decided to go forwards with surgery to remove what they can of the metastasis on my brain This may happen quite quickly so I may disappear for a while soon but I hope to be able to let you know My thing now is to get my mind off things so I hope working on the models will help I will do more work on the Will tomorrow It is actually looking very close now to starting the rigging and the masts and I do hope for a few pointers here If I can get them as the instructions are non existent
  2. Hi there Was rushed into hospital Sunday night with a severe speech impediment I am not going to run to deep into it here other than to say that an MRI scan found a lesion on my brain I have had a Caring bridge web going giving the full story of my recent cancer problems If you wish to visit the site and read the story and the things other people have also left as it were, could you please message me personally as I don't want everyone on there who just want a visit for the hell of it, I want people who WANT to read as it does go a little deep Obviously I am not sure what the immedi
  3. Did a few more hours on the Will First things were two bits of wood that go the full width of the ship just off the deck I am presuming they hold rigging as one has some eye bolts and a hook, the other just a hook They look like prime objects for tripping over Also somewhere in the parts list the name 'Horse' was mentioned Does anyone know if that is what they are called ??? Then I made a couple of pulley systems Looking at the plans these control the dropkeels They took most of the time today Tomorrow we have friends up for the day then Tuesday my day club I MAY
  4. Ok I am here to get some ideas from you all Firstly my main supplier is Cornwall Model Boats They have a fair supply of rigging thread, but are a bit limited on colour First regarding sizes, I was thinking of 0.1 for the ratlines and 0.25 for the rigging Looking at the scale of 1:67 is that good or do I need a little thicker ????? Next the colours They seem to be limited in the smaller sizes to hemp and black I couldn't find a brown So what are your thoughts on this, both the size and colour As to colour I err towards the hemp As to size I just don't know which would be
  5. Once again I spent half a day on the Will for little seeming to get done I got the wheelhouse, wheel and steering gear fitted Should have retaken the first photo as it is crap :mellow: Not sure the angles are quite right I will sleep on it I also, for some reason, started the lifeboat davits and was a bit worried about the thread size To me it looks far to thick especially with that 3mm block And white?????? Really???????????????????????????? Advice please I have lots to do and I will try and get a few hours in tomorrow as next week looks quite busy
  6. Well I have had my first major misreading of the instructions It's the wheelhouse How it looks now is how if should be, it just needs cleaning up and painting I had misread the arrows and the bit at the bottom with the portholes and shelf did not belong at the bottomof the wheelhouse where I had it I had presumed that it fitted into those sort of slots at the bottom of the wheelhouse However had I had my thinking head on I would have realised that the rudder wires had to go somewhere Anyway all sorted now and I am in the process of putting together the other pulleys and gears
  7. Thanks for all your comments Macbride, I have to say that I would not consider the Will a beginners boat as the instructions do seem to assume that you have quite a bit of foreknowledge of boat building The very first ship I built, The Sergal Racehorse, was a really good model to start on as the instructions were very good Anyway I am still not 100% but I thought I would try and do a bit to take my mind off things I did glaze all the windows, fitted the edges and then used a little stain on them I also placed the bits in place for the photo I am not sure when to stick every
  8. You will all have to excuse me for a while as I have a stinking cough and cold I feel like death warmed up I would like to say I will get to glazing those windows tomorrow, but I am not promising Hopefully see you soon
  9. Thanks a lot all Done another few hours work I have made another hatch/roof thingummy That is the last large item for the deck though there are quite a few gears and rigging bits to go on I have also given most things their final coat of paint and some stain where I think it should be dark natural I am at my club tomorrow so not a lot will get done, but my next job is 'glazing' all the windows and fitting window frames Then I need to start fitting things followed by making the rest of the pulleys etc using purely drawing as there are little to no instructions
  10. Been hard at work again today although it don't look as if I have done much I have given the big bit on the deck its first coat of green Also a few other bits have a coat of green on them though they look as if they will need several coats I have built something with portholes and a couple of other brass thingummybobs sticking out of it I painted the gears etc of the bit that goes at the front, grey And I have painted the top of the wheelhouse white, fitted a shelf at the back and fitted window frames Well that's it Tomorrow I have another bit to build to go on the deck and n
  11. Managed to get a bit more done today Put the ribs on the dropkeels and a coat of paint I also roughly put together the wheelhouse The wheelhouse is very rough with wet glue and will need cleaning and scraping but it's made a start The dropkeels on the instructions show eight ribs running straight vertically However all the photos show three ribs running at quite an angle so that's what we got More to do tomorrow
  12. Ok made a start today I have painted the sides of the main roof/hatch and also added an opening that looks like a sliding hatch as that is obvious on several photos I am going to paint the top green and I will try to leave the hatch and window edges natural as they seem to be on the photos I have seen Be alright do you think
  13. Thanks a lot for that Eamonn I am just about to start work for the day Thinking about those life boat thingeys I cannot find a photo with them on Therefore they are not going on Right, couple more minutes of looking at photos to get a colour scheme going, then on with the work
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean Kip There is only the name Will available to put on the boat so you would have thought that would be later on in its life Question is though, when was she finally fitted with an engine
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