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  1. I thought I would update my log, as I am still a bit mystified about the painting. I am now in the process of painting the hull. Those that have been following along will know that My painting process has been taking a while. The flat red for the hull is pretty thick, but I really like the way it is going on. The following image is after just three coats. I think one more will do it for this color.
  2. @schooner I’ve been watching that build. I never thought of bashing it, but now you have me thinking. I probably need more experience before taking on something like that, but that would be cool having a model of my boat. A lot of people think the Monk is a Grand Banks. They look very similar, especially the older ones. Personally, I like our layout much better than the GBs of the the same era and size. The Monk being a lot more comfortable and sensible layout.
  3. @schooner No reason to apologize. Yes, my avatar is my boat. It’s a Monk 36 trawler. They only made 254 of them. Mine is hull #077.
  4. @schooner Hi Tim, I think you meant to post the above to this build log: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/25401-lobster-boat-red-baron-by-ctyankee-bluejacket-38-scale/?tab=comments#comment-757261 James is having problems with primer.
  5. @CTYankee Hi James, I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time regarding the painting. Hang in there! Have you tried calling Bluejacket? They’re very helpful.
  6. @BobG Hey Bob I am also a former Coastie (1974-1978). I was a boat coxswain on the Outer Bank of North Carolina. I ran 44 footers, 41 footers and 30 footers. Dumas still has the 44’ and 41’ listed on their website and a couple of other USCG vessels.
  7. Just a quick update... I'm still in the painting process. I finally got the deck to look (probably) as good as I'm going to get it. The image shows seven coats of jade green. As I previously mentioned, the jade green was so much thinner than the other paints I've used on this boat, so far. I'm not sure if that is something that is normal across model paint manufacturers or not. I started to paint the hull a flat red and that paint is very thick compared to the jade green (all from the same manufacturer).
  8. Welcome Sam! I'm originally from Philly, but live in Maine now. Great job on the USCG boats! They look fantastic.
  9. @ThirdCoast I didn’t thin the primer. I did thin my first coat of white, but probably not enough. With the other coats of white, I dipped my brush in thinner every four-five brush fills. The jade green is much thinner than the white and primer right out of the bottle. All paint is from the same manufacturer. Keep in mind the first three to four coats looked pretty bad, but then started to even out.
  10. Excellent question ThirdCoast. I scoured the Internet trying to find the answer, but, I couldn’t find anything definitive. I did find information on some enamel manufacturers websites that suggested waiting at least 24 hours between coats. I’m on my first build and here is my experience with brushing enamel on wood, so far, as I’m still in the painting process. I am also following the prescribed painting plan that came with the kit. I primed all the wood using grey primer. Next, I painted flat white. It took me six coats to satisfactorily cover all the primer. I waited 24 h
  11. Beautiful job! Well worth your time and effort. Also, very happy to see another tug.
  12. The painting is going slowly, as I wait 24 hours between coats. I finished the well deck and moved on to the main deck, cabin roof and pilot house roof. I decided to stray from the original color scheme and not mix the flat white paint with the Jade green. I did mix both for my first coat. Also, the difference is very subtle. The Jade Green paint is thinner and goes on so much nicer than the primer and flat white. While waiting between coats I built the lobster traps, stained them and scratched some lobster buoys, to scale, from a dowel and bass wood.
  13. Jeez James, I wish I could add something useful here. I’m new to this hobby as well and the painting part is not so straight forward. I’m painting the well deck with primer gray currently. I have two coats on (over the primer coat) and I hope I have enough to finish the model. I believe one more coat will do it for the well deck, then just a few more areas to prime. i don’t dare use spray paint!
  14. Continuing on with my build... I decided to start building my lobster traps between coats. I broke one of the hoops in three places taking it out of the fret! It took me a while, but I was able to repair it. I’m not impressed with my first trap, but hoping to do better with the next two. On the first trap, I put a coat of clear on thinking it might make the wood look a bit used. I was wrong, so I rubbed it with a stain using a q-tip. I have six coats of white on now and I am moving on to the next step on the recommended painting se
  15. Hi James - You are correct. The man in the videos was using Vallejo Model Air acrylic paint. I believe Model Air is pre-thinned for air brushing, even so he diluted the paint more with water.
  16. Hi Nic, I‘m not sure what you mean by “paint either clear of the color under the tape”? Can you explain further.
  17. VTHokiEE - Yes, I plan to use painter's tape. I only have the blue tape. Does the Tamiya do a better job?
  18. After a major catastrophe I've completed the structural build and started to paint. Someone, who will remain nameless, tripped and fell on the corner of my work table. The ensuant chain reaction caused the boat to land on the floor breaking off both cabin sides and added a few dents to the hull. After more than a few choice "sailor terms", I glued the cabin sides back on, but now there is a slight starboard list to the pilot house roof. The sheer guards and toe rails went on easier than I thought they would, as I'm still working on my gluing chops.
  19. Hi James, Yes, the entire boat is primed, even under where I started the white.
  20. Hi James, Great question! As you know, I’m working on the same kit and it’s my first build. I started priming my Red Baron using the supplied brushes. I then bought some decent synthetic artist brushes. The brush change helped. I had the same concern with the amount of primer I was using, between applications and sanding per instructions. I finished my priming and still have enough primer left to paint the well deck floor, as required. I started to paint the parts that are to be painted white. My first coat looks horrible! At this time, I am
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