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  1. Wonderful work on the oar rest Steve - elegant and utilitarian at the same time. And the boat itself is expertly crafted and simply beautiful. I love it. I remember seeing it when I was following your 1:8 model build of it (also stunning.) There is something so appealing and even nostalgic about a small lapstrake boat. Gary
  2. Hello Chris - very nice progress on Sassafras. Looks like first launch is not far off. I want to chime in on the tie down issue. I don't proclaim to be an expert on canoes and kayaks, but I have owned and transported quite a few of them. I don't believe any of the hardware shown in post #182 is adequate as roof top tie-down points. A heavy gust of wind or the first time a tractor trailer rig blows past at 70 MPH and I would expect them to be torn off or broken off. Wrapping web straps around thwarts up close to the breast hooks at both ends is a better option. As @Bedford has
  3. Just found your log Andrew and I really like the way your model is progressing. Beautiful work - so clean and precise. I'll be watching for future installments. Gary
  4. Just read through your log FF and very much enjoyed it. Nice work on the hull and a great job scratching the engine - I like it. Your model has a wonderful authentic feel to it. Look forward to future updates. Gary
  5. Good to see you starting another project Patrick. I will be following your progress. Best of luck with the new build. Gary
  6. Simply beautiful Siggi ! Perhaps a 60 gun ship shouldn’t be referred to as pretty, but she is. Gary
  7. Beautiful job Eric, longship and base. I agree with Brian and Steven that the rustic base is a nice compliment to the model. I really like the tones of the two woods together and the way the walnut stands proud of the cherry is a great visual plus. And the chatter marks echo the thwarts. Very nice work. Gary
  8. Four more to go - put your head down and slog your way through. Really nice work on the jackstay Keith and such a fine detail ! Gary
  9. I'll be taking a seat in the back to watch your dual chopper builds Egilman. I appreciate the extra effort you've taken in presenting the historical story of these craft. I'm always amazed that these birds can actually fly when I stop and consider the remarkable physics and mechanics behind them. Like huge metallic dragonflies. Good luck with both. Gary
  10. Ouch ! But a very nice recovery Druxey. Yes, but I don’t see how you could have anticipated the difficulties beforehand. Sometimes a thing just needs to be tried. I have no doubt she will be an absolute beauty in the end. Gary
  11. Those new figures have really crisp details and your painting is top notch. I have never tried either Vallejo or Mig products, but they sure produce some nice results don’t they. Of course that is mostly due to the person holding the brush. You have a steady hand OC. And I agree with the others, that placing the farm at an angle has greater visual interest and appeal. Gary
  12. Beautifully done Gary - she looks great! Congratulations on the completion of this very handsome model. Gary
  13. Hello and thanks to all for the nice comments and for your past experiences with space heaters. When I was a young man I worked for a year as an electrician in a welding fabrication shop that was located in an old run-down mill building. That winter was freezing cold and it seemed colder inside that cavernous old structure than it did outside. But I can still remember how good it felt when those darned heaters would kick on and wash you in warmth - if only temporarily. Hello Popeye - thanks for the interest and fine comment. It will have a small compressor for tires but no a
  14. Nice update Brian. Extremely clean and well executed work as we have all come to expect. It is reassuring to know that I am not alone in this. I have modeled myself into a corner more than once. And aren't 1-2-3 blocks the handiest things? Gary
  15. An interesting build Bill and so nicely executed. Gary
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