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  1. Beautiful work on those anchors. As said many times before yet worth repeating - extraordinary detail at this scale. Excellent. Gary
  2. Hello Dan, Great to see you starting a new project. This is a very interesting vessel and logically its design and the theory behind it makes perfect sense to me. It will be interesting to watch it take shape. Gary
  3. Catching up on your schooner Allen and she's looking very nice indeed! The rigging looks terrific. I too have never had much luck with stainless cable when applied to smaller scales, because so much force is required to keep them tensioned on a model that moves around with humidity. As others have stated, you are moving fast, but the workmanship has not suffered in the least because of it. Beautiful work. Gary
  4. Such a wonderful log Keith, so fun and educational to read. I love the ships bell, but making even the liferaft clamshells look good - well that's just modeling mojo. Terrific work. Gary
  5. Hey Eric, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Loosing someone so close is always such a difficult time. I wish you and your family peace. Gary
  6. Just catching up Paul and I want to congratulate you on your fine model. It turned out excellent and in no way looks like a first build. It’s cleanly made and nicely fitted together. Good paint too. Gary
  7. Just catching up Ekis and I see the superb work continues. Your village is coming along beautifully! Gary
  8. Really nice work on those tracks Keith. I agree with Keith and Pat - no one will ever know the tracks are a hair wider than prototype. I certainly wouldn’t have known. I bet that was time consuming laying them down and getting the all those curves to sweep naturally. And they contrast nicely with the wood deck as well - great visual appeal. I like it! Gary
  9. Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. It is so great to share a hobby with like-minded folks. Hello Druxey and Allen. Thanks for asking and your interest. When I began this Stonington boat, I always had it in the back of my mind that this would be a trial run of sorts leading up to a larger and more complex Eastern-rig vessel. I always figure the scar tissue developed during one project will benefit me in the next, or at least help in avoiding a total face plant. There are numerous weaknesses and flat-out errors on every model I'
  10. Thanks to all for the comments and the likes – it is always greatly appreciated. Hello Ron. I'm glad you found my log and thank you for the kind words. Thanks also for the comments regarding the dory, but I'm going to respectfully disagree on the dory's purpose for the following reasons. First, as I researched these small western-rig boats, I found references to the roof mounted dories as indeed being lifeboats. I agree with you that present day F/Vs mostly do not carry lifeboats, only inflatables. But even as late as the 1970s they did. In Peter Prybot's book, White
  11. Hey Eric, Another way of adding rivets is to purchase injected molded rivets. I use them quite often and have a selection of sizes. Tichy Train Group manufactures them and they range in rivet head diameter from .02" to .08". They are available with round or conical heads - $3.00 for a package of 96 or 200 rivets (depending on rivet size). https://www.tichytraingroup.com/Shop/tabid/91/c/o_nbw-rivets/Default.aspx The largest ones shown below are the .04" size. Just another option. Gary
  12. You never disappoint Keith - in the creativity of the process, or in the beauty of the result. Great stuff! Gary
  13. Wonderful work Ekis! You seem to be ever raising the bar on your own work. Each new post is more detailed and more perfectly executed than the last. Nice. Gary
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