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  1. Very interesting boat Kevin. The bottom photo in your last post shows how large it really is - surprisingly so. I like the anchor, it is unique and ingenious. This is a nice open boat model celebrating your local fishing heritage. Your doing a great job and I look forward to seeing the model in her final paint. Gary
  2. Wonderful progress Kevin - really sweet work. Nice technique for building the lifeboats and your videos are great. Gary
  3. Good grief - everything so tiny, fragile and detailed. Splendid work Wefalck. It's always a pleasure (and education) catching up on your build. Gary
  4. You made a beautiful job of her Kevin - congratulations. Great detail and atmosphere. She drips of the sea. Very nicely done. Gary
  5. Just catching up on your log Kees. Beautiful work as always - every element and detail. I followed your previous F/V builds and have always admired your modeling skills. I am especially impressed by your work in styrene as it is among some of the best I have seen. The mechanism atop the capstan is another example of that high level of work. Very nicely done and completely convincing. Are you using something like Milliput for the inner and outer curvature of the "cast iron" components? Are you cutting/fabricating your own gears? Superb work Kees - keep it coming. Gary
  6. I so enjoy watching your process and problem solving in producing individual parts. Thanks for sharing that process with us. Wonderful work Keith, she is looking great. Gary
  7. Congratulations Eric on the completion of Arabia - she is beautiful. Your build log has been very educational and filled with interesting historical content. Thank you for sharing this rich and wonderful journey with us. I will be watching for your Viking longship build. Gary
  8. Interesting model Chris and you're doing a beautiful job. Nice clean work and I really like the interior framing at the stern and bow. Looking good! Gary
  9. Just catching up Ekis and I see you have been busy. Your village is coming along great. This is such a fun build to follow. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. Gary
  10. Deben is looking beautiful Vaddoc. Seems that you're not far from the finish line. I like all the rigging work that you've done - so neat and precise, just like the rest of the model. Great stuff. Gary
  11. That's a sharp looking sharpie Jim - very nice tight work. It would be hard to tell it apart from a full sized version were it not for the clamps, ducks and other such items in the photos as a size reference. Splining the joinery for center board and rudder is a real craftsman's touch. Beautiful work. Gary
  12. Wonderful work on the Arabia Eric. She's is looking very nice and I think your decision on the support base was a good one as the simple design keeps the viewer focused on the model itself. I love all the cargo details and they provide an authentic atmosphere. As John has stated above, I too appreciate your last post detailing the workings of the grasshopper poles. I knew how they worked in theory, but couldn't envision how it was actually done. Your log has been such an interesting read into the history of these riverboats. I had no idea how many variations on the basic design were used for different river conditions - stern vs sidewheel and so on. It's the history and story behind any given craft that brings a model of it to life. Looking forward to the final photo shoot. Gary
  13. Nice work on the deck and cockpit/cabin Jim. Beautiful tones in the wood and I really like the contrast of the lighter king plank to the rest of the deck. Looking real good. Gary
  14. Excellent work Ken - your hull and planking look great. Nice progress. Gary

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