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  1. Thanks Dave - just when I think I've been challenged I get to another step in the book. This is really an amazing and rewarding process. Brian
  2. TRESTLE TREES Well these are really challenging. I've never worked with metal construction of this scale. I still have a long way to go, but thought this would be helpful.
  3. Thanks Red Rhino. The color scheme for the hull was a real labor of love. Aside from the recommendations from the manual I drew inspiration from Bob Steinbrunn and Rstrick's amazing models. Additionally, John Hearl helped me find the right color red in this post. After searching everywhere, turns out Rust Oleum makes a Red colored primer that was perfect.
  4. Thanks John - I'll check that paint out. I like the spray paint idea as well. Brian
  5. Hey guys - I'm on my second try of hull color for my first build, the Smuggler. The manual says to use 50:50 Floquil Boxcar Red and Roof Brown. In looking for a flat reddish brown enamel I came across True North's Flat Royal Navy Hull Red. After looking at it for a few days, I'm thinking it's too orange. Any thoughts? The topside color is Flat Euro Dark Green.
  6. PAINTING Well this was more difficult than I thought it would be. You really see your mistakes and careless glue ups when you have magnifying glasses and a micro paintbrush. With the timberheads painted white, I began painting around them with Ocean Grey. That turned out terrible as it was to difficult to get crisp lines and a quality look. I then decided to use a 3MM masking tape to create the white "bands" on the deck along the rails. This gave me a much better (albeit slightly less historically accurate) way to paint up to the rails. The waterways are several coats of True
  7. Thanks guys. This has been a challenging first build. I have a new respect for the engineering put into these ships and the complexity of these models. I have such a desire to sail on one I googled old movies and found the classic Captains Courageous. It was so great to see an old schooner up close with all the detail I've been trying to replicate. Highly recommend the movie.
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