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  1. Thank you both, I found the signature page and also how to create a new album for finished projects. I need to take a few more pictures and will then create some albums of my finished projects.
  2. I just finished Covid-5, my fifth model since the Pandemic started. This time the Chesapeake Flattie by Midwest Products. The blue color I had available and I think it is the Caribbean meeting the Chesapeake Bay. Anyway one day I challenged my son to make a boat in 30 minutes, when I was a kid we just cut a point into a piece of wood and raced them down a local stream. So here is our fast and dirty plank boats, mine is the Tortoise (sail boat) while my sons is the rabbit (rubber band powered paddle). He gets the jump on me at the start but I win in the long haul. So I have a few
  3. John

    Are you still looking for Peterboro canoe plans and instructions. I have a set I could copy and mail to you.


  4. Steven Thanks so much for the link to ahssa.org, they had some great photos and links to YouTube videos. One video showed them launching a newly built wooden skiff which was beautiful. I also learned that instead of a tiller extension or hiking stick, they just use a rope on the end of the tiller. With a sailboats natural tendency to turn into the wind, you really don't need to push on the tiller to had up into the wind so a rope to pull allows you to hold course or head down and just let it go to head up into the wind (simple elegance). Well when I feel skilled enough to try
  5. Great picture, but there is a lead keel on this boat. Sailing has certainly changed over the years, now we have foiling catamarans.
  6. Barely controlled chaos, thanks for the link. That is a tremendous amount of sail area on a 16 ft boat.
  7. Thank you for the welcome, I spent 15 years in Canton Ohio which is where I started Ranger.

  8. Jim Thank you, does the site have any models of Australian skiffs? They look like a wild boat to ride and would make a neat model.
  9. Thank you for the welcome. Please keep coaching me to make sure I use site correctly.
  10. New Member So I started building Amati Ranger 20 years ago when I bought the model in Italy. With the pandemic keeping me quarantined at home, I committed myself to finish Ranger. Once complete I had a Tippecanoe model which was a quick build as it only requires finishing the hull. So keeping with a nautical theme but wanted to build a balsa and tissue paper model, I built the Spruce Goose. Then a neighbor advertised two Midwest Products kits which my wife grabbed for me. The Dinghy was barely started so I just finished building The Dinghy and painted her to match my old Dumas RC Hudso
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