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  1. Nice job with the blocks! I'm working on a v-bottom model myself and have experienced first hand how many different planes intersect in this area. Howard Chapelle's writes about these blocks in "Boatbuilding" but even after reading several times I'm not entirely clear about them. Michael
  2. Shore thing, The V bottom looks nice. Can you show us a side view of your progress? It looks like no side planking is on yet? Seems like you are making the best of it, all things considering! Michael
  3. Roger, I find this fascinating! For the last few weeks I have been reading C. V. Waine's wonderful books on British Steam Coasters and am anxious to hear about both how you will plate this model; and what methods have been discarded as impractical. Please share as much as you can! Your posts are an inspiration for my next model which may well be a steel plated craft. Michael
  4. TrippleV, Those models look fabulous. What a treat to be able to devote some of your well-deserved new free time to this engaging hobby. I live just north of Boston and hope to be able to do the same sometime in the next number of years. Michael
  5. Andrew, Great photos. The workmanship on the rudder looks really crisp and clean. Michael
  6. Steven, I will start a build in the next month or so. Planning on a small 20' metal lifeboat; I want to "roll" copper sheet over a mold of the hull to see if I can get curved panels. Thanks for the encouragement!
  7. Your model has quite the presence. It is so cool to see an all-metal hull that is so smooth and fair. I am starting a metal hull myself soon and am filled with trepidation ...
  8. Harvey, this is a fabulous model and photo. A real accomplishment to start from that ancient book & create such a lifelike model with so much character. The weathering under the anchor is a nice touch! Congratulations. Michael
  9. Roger, Those hull halves look very nice. Would you be willing to post a photo of the hull plating expansion drawing? I have read about those; but not seen them before. Are the black lines on the upper hull simulating the actual plates? Michael
  10. Mark, What I meant to say is that these Marblehead yachts are not "models" of full size yachts; but are actual sailboats with a set length of 50". So I wasn't certain if this build was appropriate for the forum. I will start up a build log soon and my next build will be a scale model of a full size boat. Still in the dreaming stage about that one .... Michael
  11. Thanks Chris, Well, "looking ahead" to retirement and actually doing it are two different things! I guess the main thing is I can devote a few hours every week to having fun doing this kind of thing & am not willing to put that off anymore. I have been following your Sassafras build and that's exactly the kind of boat/project I love! Thanks for the advice. Michael
  12. Vaddoc, That looks fabulous. I like how you formed the outside of the stem ... just like Chapelle called out. I can't wait to see how this cleans up once you replace the screws! Michael
  13. Hello all, I am so excited to have found this wonderful forum! My name is Michael and I grew up on Long Island Sound in New York. My bookshelf in middle school was full of works by Chapelle, Skene, and others. I built my first boat model – Model Shipways "Gjoa" – with a saw, xacto knife, and sandpaper. During seventh grade I connected with Robert Pittaway in the small craft department at Mystic Seaport. I learned how to draft and Rob encouraged my designs and inspired me to build my first boat. Here's the "Cygnet" which must have weight 200 lbs. Here
  14. Harvey, I love that ship. The second to last photo is my favorite. What a classic! And thanks for pointing out the Ferris book which I am still taking in page by page. I wish there were more resources online about these beautiful ships.
  15. I agree, this is a fine little ship. You've inspired me to purchase the book about the Ferris wooden cargo ships and it's been an interesting read. Your copy of the book appears to have much clearer lines drawings and offsets than mine, though, which I think is a photocopy of the original! I love the overall look and feel of your model.
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