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  1. ... well, I AM considering the wooden deck and PE parts for the Mikasa, which seems much more involved. However, another thing I will do differently is attach the PE details tot he hull and superstructure before painting it. Maybe I'll have more luck that way? Thanks very much!
  2. Well, I guess I didn't make enough entries for my first Build Log... sorry about that. I finished the Yukikaze superstructure without any added details (or drama!) choosing to paint the gun mounts a lighter colour (Tamiya XF-75 Kure Arsenal) just to get them to stand out a bit from the rest of the model. After applying a quick wash to them, I think the effect is fine. CE glue was very difficult to come to grips with. I suppose I worried that I wasn't using enough when applying the PE railings, but everything seems to be hanging on fairly well... if something went on a b
  3. Thanks very much! I am also assuming it'll be some of both as you say. I hope it's not necessary to shave down all deck textures from the plastic, as that'll take a lot more patience than I possess!
  4. Hi all; I'm planning my next attempt at ship modelling – the 1/350 Hasegawa Mikasa. https://www.hlj.com/1-350-scale-ijn-battleship-mikasa-120th-anniversary-of-launch-hsgsp470 After my initial foray into PE parts, I was interested in the wood deck that Hasegawa has available for this model, but had one major question... Will I simply apply it over the plastic deck on the model? Or do I have to ‘shave down’ the deck details in the plastic before applying? https://www.hlj.com/1-350-scale-ijn-mikasa-wood-deck-panel-hsgqg48 Any
  5. I am totally using your great work as a guide for rigging my own attempt at the Tamiya 1/350 Yukikaze this weekend! Thanks for taking it on first!!!😀
  6. Okay, here's some more progress... I drilled out wee little holes in the gun bases for the 12.7 cm Fine Molds PE barrels I bought... not a great picture (sorry) but I'm happy with the results. The metal is primed and ready to paint. I wasn't too happy with the fit of the turrets; they are molded in 4 pieces (top, sides and bottom) so, using my limited skills, I filled the spaces with Tamiya putty and sanded them down... after a quick layer of primer, I fixed a few more edges as best I could, and am ready to airbrush them. I've applied the superstructures for
  7. Admittedly, this is something I tried, along with my 'glue applicator' (which is a fancy plastic version of the toothpick, IMO) I certainly felt like Godzilla trying to use knitting needles!
  8. Hi all; So I'm new to CA glues, and found that my wee squeeze bottle from Tamiya dispenses a LOT more adhesive than I needed (now my Photo-etched 1/350 scale ladders have large blobs at the bottom of them!) Does anyone have good advice on techniques to dispense JUST the right amount of glue? I tried squirting some onto a tinfoil cup ad dipping my glue applicator into it, but it didn't seem to 'get enough' on the applicator. Any tips or tricks are most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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