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  1. Cattleman’s cutlet, roast potatoes and carrots. Delicious
  2. I think it’s lighting OC, this is such a dull paint job, I’ll do a better job on the final shots I promise. I kinda lost interest in this one about half way through as it’s a lot of plod. I’ll enjoy this build a lot more when I get to a bit of weathering.
  3. All the little bits thrown on, lots of touch ups to go, railings, and ship’s boats plus the last guns. Bit of rigging to go.
  4. Decals are tomorrows job, I’ll just give them a matte coat prior to weathering. I’ve been quiet as all these tiny pieces have just taken forever to collate, plus work, dayshift and dropping #1 son off at rowing at 0545 every other morning. Wife, #2 son and dog off to the beach for the end of Autumn and Easter so I’m at home alone to finish this off.
  5. So, about 5 days of throwing everything left to go onto the ship together, primer coat then a grey coat. Tomorrow I’ll place the 445 decals on, then commence throwing everything on board. Should come together quickly now I expect. I completely stuffed the borfors and had to order another one.
  6. I think if I’d planned this build a bit better I’d probably just disregard the PE non stick and use some very coarse brush on primer with mask. This was only ever supposed to be a sorbet between my next major build as I collect bits and pieces. One thing I do notice is how heavily invested people are in destroyers more than any other ship.
  7. Just remember the nets were dropped (unfurled) from the torpedo net shelves. Gravity did the work, The booms were then pulled out via ropes to the capstans. In reverse, the capstans pulled the booms back in, then the brails were used to pull or furl them up. You can see from the pulleys on the deck attached to the rope that runs along the deck would be used to do that via the Brails. So brail, rope, capstan.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I put the second round house on really because it was that complicated to construct this piece it just would have looked ramshackle. I’m reasonable at PE, but this one really needs a it 10 attempts to get right. The deck is always hard, and it’s a balancing act and if it wasn’t ‘42 it would have been a lot more faded. That being said, there is so much detail to be added yet not that much will be visible. Whats 04 level?
  9. Main superstructures done and dryfitted. I calculate I’m about 2/3 done
  10. So I tried this new modeling putty. Nope, don’t like it. This is now really fiddly and slow as I’m using individual stanchions. Fading done with an airbrush and then dry brushing to bring out the details. None of this is glued yet, there are a heap of details to go.
  11. I’m just looking forward to your interpretation of Seydlitz!
  12. About 3 hours of masking, using a pencil on the masking to ensure the oilcanning lines up, sea blue, and the same process as with grey, I’m pretty happy with the outcome so far.

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