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  1. So these arrived today from Atlantic models in the Uk so I can progress with the Kent. There are safety lines and signs everywhere these days on ships that just weren’t there in ww1 or 2. You kinda can’t Unsee them
  2. Big swell today, quite tiring to get out the back. Got well and truely dumped by some rubbish surf. My dogs had 3 trips to the beach for a swim so at least they’re very happy and napping.
  3. Thanks, having a break from her at the moment, she’ll never look this clean again
  4. Thanks Pat, happy Xmas to you and yours as well. The deck can be quite detailed but as there will be a bloody great chopper plonked on it it won’t be so visible .
  5. Piece of cardboard! I’m thinking of masking the centre line as there is a Chanel that runs down the centre. there will also be a big bloody helicopter parked there! I ordered this set off the internet’s as it has the ships names as well which can go on the stern. There are safely signs all over the ship as well which I might just use cut up decals .
  6. So, masked up oilcanning done, mask comes off as do decals (lucky I ordered another set) so no biggie to fix and overspray. Still annoying but so be it.
  7. Bit more fading and grunge on the deck, I think that’ll be enough until I start working on the focsle with some rust later.
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