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  1. Didn’t like the bracing so I replaced it with metal. The guns are from Micromaster which came with a second hand HMS Eskimo kit.
  2. I was fortunate enough to be with the UN in East Timor at the turn of the century, and a African bloke asked me why I couldn’t speak French, I tried to explain that Australia is the middle of nowhere, we don’t need to. He wasn’t happy with that answer but I didn’t have to go back to Africa.
  3. So finally arrived from France today (the French post office sent it back to the shop once because apparently Australia does not exist) I got a twin flack for Z-25 (I’ll get to it) and some signal lamps and Hedge hogs for the next Vendetta. Nice touch the chocolates
  4. I think they’re just a bit too expensive for my taste, but never say never
  5. The instructions are probably a bit complicated to build a whole one
  6. This is my digital graveyard here. God knows what the kids will do with them when I drop off the twigg
  7. I got an Eskimo as well on the way. Well, maybe she’ll be an Eskimo, maybe something else.
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