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  1. Well plastic wood… anyways the superstructures are done up, now to start on the PE! The instructions are pretty rubbish.
  2. Plodding away on the superstructure that will be nearly invisible below the flight deck. The rear most structure has planked sides!
  3. By 1941 there were fuel lines running down both sides of the hull (not mentioned in the kit at all). They stand out like the proverbials when you look at the photos. and @BANYAN I just found them on the ebays
  4. Hahaha, excellent research! I think all the photos with them are pre war. I might have purchased some Catalinas for her. You’ll find out…
  5. And we have a start. Little bits of wood on the interior for the stands. Goes together very well.
  6. Heaps of research out these, this link is the original plans as a collier. https://maritime.org/doc/plans/ac3.pdf when you zoom in there are hull features such as pipes running along the hulls which I assume are fuel lines . I’ll need to add those and scuppers too.
  7. I have a wooden deck for her, I’m looking forward to this. Lots of weathering applicable too.
  8. I’ve been waiting a few years for this to come out, and Trumpeter has an upgrade set as well as Eduard has some nets. strangely the Full deck (Av1) upgrade set has a wooden deck and Av3 does not. Lots of PE to bend but should not be too hard (he says now). Also a few other goodies like a few Catalinas and other bits still in the mail. I want to have her as she would have been in Darwin harbour in 1942 just before her demise. If you’ve been to Darwin, it’s Oz’s last frontier so in 1942 it would have been challenging.
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