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  1. Centre ventilation shaft and 50 cal stand, as well as metal shielding around the rear superstructure top deck
  2. Funnels done, lots of extra details needed, but it appears by later in the war the little platform on the smaller stack had been removed
  3. I’m painting up some 1/350 Pom Poms at the moment, the level of detail is offensive! I’m sure he’ll scale them down .
  4. I’m now back on this build, having received some splinter mattresses from Micromaster
  5. Yes, I have 2 tribals to finish then a couple of Vendetta’s in 1944 and 1945 and a big project for the end of the year
  6. Unfortunately it was pointed out to me it had t even made its maiden flight before Langley was sunk ! Somewhat of an accuracy issue!
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