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  1. Thanks for comments. To Bedford - I was thinking of white-off painting under the waterline at the beginning, but then I decided to let the hull unpainted to show the planking. Next part - timberheads.
  2. Hi David, thanks for compliment. Rear windows and gallery instalation.
  3. Top rail of the beakhead - realization took me quite a long time since I've rebuilt many times some parts. The whole set is very fragile, so I decided to put the whole assembly still only provisionally. Definitely will be placed on the hull and finished after completion of the hull.
  4. So I finally started to make the beakhead. RC model kit of Panart has a slightly different bow - dimensions and shape, in addition with my own mistakes (too raised wales on the bow), so it was very difficult to make the beakhead same way as in AOS. And because I did not want to use the system of beakhead from a kit I had to implement a number of compromises during this part of construction. In the first stage, I made ​​the cheeks, whose shape and location is affected by the errors of the model. At the same time I made the sheave block and bumpkins that I will need for realization and posit
  5. Hi all, thanks for nice comments. Steve - I use ordinary water based acrylic matt varnish, the colors are water-based acrylic paint too - I like acrylic paints - they dry relatively quickly, work well upon them and look pretty. Next part of build - scuppers.
  6. Thanks for compliment. After front top deck mounting I continue with railing and cathead. I needed special planks with the exact thickness 0,7 mm for the cathead. I helped with my Proxxon milling machine. I made the cathead somewhat shorter, so I had to extend the cathead.
  7. Hi Steve, I'm glad you like my build log. I will post new pictures from today. I´m starting with placing of components on the main deck under the front top deck and top front deck installation.
  8. Hi all, first I will re-post pictures from the old forum. Then I will continue with new pictures.
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