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  1. Mark, thank you very much. By far, this has been my most difficult life experience...some days and moments are better than others. The support my family has received from our communities of friends has blown us all away...so much kindness and love from the initial days to now has been beyond incredible. The heart given by all those folks, and here as well, is a potent reminder and place of healing for me and my family: Most people in the world are intrinsically kind, decent, and good.
  2. Wow, thank you all both here in the thread and in PMs for the kindness you've expressed. I am very touched and my words here come nowhere near capturing my feelings for what you have shared with me. Beyond ships and models, it is the human element and humanity of this forum that have always made MSW a wonderful community. My apologies for not getting this post up a bit sooner--wanted to get everyone taken care who reached out. I've made lists of who contacted me first both within the thread and here to honor my commitment to be fair about first come. If things shift with those
  3. Thank you so much for your kindness--it's very much appreciated, Pete! It's been incredibly difficult; we're still dealing with all the court stuff, which I'll be glad and relieved once it has ended. I'm so glad your daughter is safe and well--after things like that, I know you and yours must have hugged and held her close. Again my friend, thank you. :-)
  4. My daughter shared my love of boats and ships, and to make models for her was the driving force behind why I began building. She was murdered more than a year ago, and with her senseless death, I lost my reason and purpose and passion for modeling. Therefore, I’m letting my Sherline Mill and remainder of desirable books from my book collection go. These are my last few items, and I would like to see them go to members of this great community; therefore, I’ve set prices to help make these last few items more accessible. If you’re serious and interested in the items I
  5. Dirk, I'm with Augie & Mark about taking a timeout to think about it. In the end, do what will make you happy every time you see your build when it's with your father--don't settle for anything that will make you think harrumph every time you see the ship! Cheers, Jay
  6. Bob, your planking looks great and that's an excellent tip for planking the around the ports--thanks for sharing! Cheers, Jay
  7. Mike, your latest go with the fashion pieces look excellent! Also thanks for sharing your experiences with these along with how you solved getting them to look right--very much appreciated! Cheers, Jay
  8. Beautiful work and the pensive look of the captain is great; plus the story of the voyage sounds fascinating! Cheers, Jay
  9. Wonderful model and especially like the figures--well done, sir! Cheers, Jay
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