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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 I've completed work on the starboard side margin planks which are made up of four sections joined by scarf joints. I decided to join all four sections together first, rather than adding them to the ship individually. The idea was to get really tight joints while still being able to maintain the proper shape along the bulwarks. That would mean using a light box or a window in daylight to check the joint fit. All of the sections were cut wider than the provided template to allow for any custom shaping that might be needed. I started with the first s
  2. Check the height of the rail on the plan sheet. That should tell you where you need to be. Mike
  3. Seems like forever since my last post. After completing the starboard side bulwark planking and spirketting I painted everything red. To prep for the paint work each gun port was sealed on both sides with thin pieces of soft foam cut from weather sealing, typically bundled with window air conditioners. I figured that if I did both sides of each port that it would remove any chance of paint over spray messing things up. Cutting the foam pieces goes quickly with a #26 X-ACTO blade. The most time consuming part was the taping of deck clamps, etc. Once done, the painting goes quickly.
  4. Nice progress, Rusty. The poly really brings out those deck colors. I'm curious though if there was a reason for your not painting the QD clamp. Mike
  5. Sooner or later you will have to know where you are going to place those gammoning holes. Might be a good idea to figure it out now and commit to doing it while it is easier to accomplish. Mike
  6. Wes, I'm Just curious as to why you wouldn't have done the gammoning holes prior to tapering the stem Mike
  7. Greg, just a small reminder to fair the outer stern frames as shown here by the dotted lies. Mike
  8. There is something I forgot to mention with regard to fairing the inner hull. If you want the bulkhead paneling to sit flush with the stern frames inner edge, then leave room for that. I left about 5/64". The panel height will not go above the height of the window opening. Mike
  9. I've been working on chapter four, port side. The filler piece for the hawse hole, bulwark planking, fixed blocks, spirketting and deck clamps are completed. It was my goal to get the overall width at the waste no wider than 9/32" (13.5"). The first task was to finish the inner bulkhead fairing. I opted to sand the bulkheads, gun ports, etc. down to 1/8" all the way to the false deck. Another option would have been to taper everything gradually to 1/8". Chuck would know more about this, I'm sure. Anyway, it worked out okay in the end. After completing the first layer spirketting an
  10. Outstanding work as usual, Chuck. From now on we'll have to call you Laserman. .Forget the other kit guys, they won't even come close to this. I have seen the prototypes you were working on and they blew me away. Those tiny tweaks you've been making sure paid off! Mike
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