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  1. Hello all, Can someone PM me the Mikhail's contact info please? Thank you. Alexandru
  2. Thank you Giorgio for the information - I've already found and looked at your model. Great job! I am always looking for other builds of the same ship I am working on for inspiration and to find out how somebody else solved a problem that I might have. Alexandru
  3. Thank you Yves and Heinrich. Heinrich, I am building her according with Boudriot's plans. I bought the monograph at least 10 years ago, and, at that time I read the booklet that come with it. Now, I don't really remember her history - I just took out the plans and start building. I always wanted to build her, but had other projects to finish and to be honest, I was a little bit scared of the clinker planking of her hull - never done one before. Turns out this type of planking is, in my opinion at least, as easy if not easier to do that the carvel planking - especially
  4. Amazing work Marsalv! Can I ask you where do you find the thread you are using to make your ropes? You show two different colours and I guess you can find it in different thicknesses to ned up having 14 sizes. Thank you, Alexandru
  5. Thank you. I cheated a bit at bow and stern to get the planks laying flat into the rabbet. The picture shows what was done in the real ships and what should I have done. Instead I did only the first two profiles and then filed flush whatever was still pocking out of the planks. The result was the same and one can't (almost) even tell the difference even at the flat stern where you can see the planks ends. Alexandru
  6. Tony, The masts are made from some left over hardwood flooring. Here in Quebec, the wood is called in French "Merisier" but it is not cherry tree as a direct translation will say, it is in fact "bouleau jaune" which stands for yellow birch. I used it as it is quite straight and well dried. It works very nice, especially by turning. There is quite a color variation between pieces as you can see in the pictures, but I only use those uniform white. I used it to simulate the nordic pine that was actually used for masts. The sparts and other black parts were just painted with black acry
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