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  1. And yet the blown out instructions make it look so easy!πŸ˜„ Bet it isn't though. Guessing thats why the tweezers are out! Good job. Nick
  2. Hi all The engine is coming along nicely and I have started painting the body. For the body I am using mr hobby aqueous red gloss. It is a very nice paint but is quite tacky and dries very quickly so you need to work fast when brushing. Unfortunately I don't have any thinners to hand apart from white spirit and I am guessing I probably should not use that. Any recommendations? It doesn't look this good in real life! πŸ˜„ Still very patchy. Another couple of coats required. I might try to thin it down a bit more with water to see if it helps. Nick
  3. Lovely build I loved watching his TV shows when I was a kid. Also had a load of the comic strip versions of his adventures. Certainly brings back memories! Thanks for that!πŸ˜€
  4. I know what you mean. My list of plastic kits I'd like to build is growing! Nick
  5. Thanks for the background info EG. Always makes the model that bit more special.
  6. Cheers for info Canute. I'm guessing they use an airbrush which I don't have and not quite ready... For that type of investment. Besides which if I do that my Le Mirage is going to give me some really dirty looks (think it's feeling a bit neglected at the mo...)! Nick
  7. Cheers EG didn't know that silver was such a difficult colour to work with. I will still put some varnish (type TBD) just to protect the paint work. Nick
  8. No need to worry Martin I also have gloss on order!πŸ™‚
  9. sorry Danny I was aware of your health issues (read your post). I just fired off the response without thinking...my apologies.😞
  10. No problems Danny! Maybe it's time you ventured back into car models?...πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
  11. Thanks Kevin (and everyone else who commented)! I just can't wait to get the satin varnish I ordered just to see if it will make her pop a bit more. Nick
  12. Evening all Welcome to my next car build. This wasn't supposed to be my next car build but as my next car build hasn't even left the warehouse it will become my next car build after this next car build!πŸ˜„πŸ˜ Probably not a bad thing in fairness as it gives me another stab at making mistakes I mean increasing my experience. Heres the box art. However I'm going to paint it gloss red with two white stripes in the middle similar to this (Image downloaded from classic cars.com) as red and white are going to be the primary colours of my next car build and I wanted to get some experience with using those colours. Having looked at a few videos and picked up a few tips from the good folk on this website I'm going to start on the car body at the same time as building the engine. First thing to do was to work out how much I could glue one go before painting and without it hindering the insertion of the car interior later on. Good job I did this as the parts don't fit perfectly and I would have had to do what I had to do on the Aston which is to add filler after painting and then repaint... Gaps have now been filled and I have started cleaning up the body of mold lines and flash. Next step is to sand down the filler and start painting! Stay tuned and thanks for looking in Nick
  13. Thanks for all the comments and the thumbs up!πŸ™‚ Appreciate it. Pictures always highlight flaws. It's not that bad in real life!πŸ˜„ This hobby is all about learning and enjoying it and I certainly did both on this model. And like I said it's good experience for my next car model (build log coming soon to a model ship forum near you!πŸ˜‹) Nick
  14. Thanks for the link Martin. Think I need to up my skills a bit before thinking about kit enhancements although I have to admit a proper set of wheels would have looked good!
  15. Morning all. The Aston is finished. Not entirely happy with it mostly due my lack of experience! As I will learn from my mistakes my next car model is going to be a stunner! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‹ Joking aside my thoughts on the kit. I know it's an old one but I would not recommend it to a beginner. Lots of flash and mold lines to clean, lots filling to do around the front of the car and a glaring mistake in the instructions! In my humble opinion that is not how you entice people into a new hobby.πŸ€” Here are some pics. Looks a bit dull but it's not varnished (order not arrived not even been shipped yet... I know there's attenuating circumstances but still...) Body work paint still not perfect. Should I do another car with a metallic finish I'll certainly reconsider using a rattle can. One of my mistakes was not dry fitting parts before painting which meant I had to fill the wholes around the front grill after the body and grill had had a couple of coats of paints... Thanks the Egilman, CDW and Martin for the molotow pen hint. Those things are amazing and meant I could do the chrome trim around the windows. However here comes another mistake. I painted the black undercoat and chrome finish free hand without using masking tape so as the trims are not on the body work the result is a bit messy... Here's a few more pics. I did enjoy the model despite what said above! Good experience and hopefully the next one will be an improvement. Thanks for looking in. Nick
  16. Very classy lady indeed! Not surprised it has the spousal seal of approval! πŸ™‚ Daft question why are the spare tyres white but the actual tyres black? Do the spares have a cover of some sort? Nick
  17. Very realistic! If you are interested in the market garden operation I can recommend both the film "a bridge too far" and especially the book by Cornelius Ryan. Nick
  18. The red chrome black combination just makes this model pop! Lovely car. Nick
  19. Thanks for all the info Martin. I'm just using brushes for the paint so it's does make it trickier to get a smooth finish. I just need to sand between each coat and make sure paint is properly thinned. Very impressive what you have done by the way!

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