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  1. Thanks Edward! As tempting as that is😄 I've got an airfix starter kit of an Aston Martin DB5 that my best man gave me on my 40th which was nearly 3 years ago... Probably should start that first! Kit isn't brilliant but it will be a good way to get back into doing car kits. Nick Ps: can't get too hooked on plastic kits Le Mirage will end up being exactly that!
  2. I should add it's not finished yet. C A few patches to tidy up and I also need to try and accentuate the panel lines on the main body. I do have a dark grey wash but it doesn't appear to flow in the lines easily. Might be worth getting Tamiya panel Line. Nick
  3. Thanks for the comment and suggestion Egilman. I'll see if I can get it
  4. Hi all Shipyard is in the garage and it being a bit too cold to go in there during the winter I thought I'd do something a bit different: Also had a case of builders block with Le Mirage... And also really wanted to finish a kit in less than 20 years! I've been watching a few (lots!😄) Of plasmo's videos to get some tips. I've not got too many progress pics but here there are As you can see I've gone for a greyer colour than the box art which just looks too much like blue to me. Question for the more experienced plastic modellers out there: what kind of spray varnish (out of rattle can or with brush) is the best? I've tried humbrol acrylic varnish out of spray can but it comes out far too quickly and also appears to make the paint crack... Thanks for looking in Nick
  5. Quite apt at this time... "If you're going through hell... Keep going!" Winston Churchill
  6. Sad news indeed. You have been a cornerstone of MSW for years and definitely one of the reasons why this site has flourished. I have always enjoyed reading your build logs. As others have said my thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. I got the last one in my local store at lunchtime! (and a crowbar set but I'm not planning to use that on my build.😆)
  8. Heads up for anyone in the UK, Lidl have those back in from tomorrow! What a coincidence that I'll be working from home and will have time to pop out at lunchtime...😃 https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-disc-sander/p29561 Nick
  9. A friend of a friend had Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life" song as a ringtone... until he forgot to mute his phone and it rang during a funeral... Nick
  10. Hi Vane Lovely build. I did exactly the same thing with some of my second planking but spaced out the CA so that I could add normal wood glue as well. That should give a stronger bond to the first planking. My two pennies worth anyway! 🙂 Nick
  11. Morning all The family and I went to Portsmouth yesterday trying to make the most of our season tickets before they ran out. Had no idea that HMS Prince of Wales was arriving that day... As one of the guides kindly told my wife: "Madam don't you listen to the news?" 😄. Anyhoo here's a few pictures Nick
  12. No worries No Idea! Think I had seen that link already. Just gotta keep looking at Lidl website...
  13. I'd love to get one of those but unfortunately they come up very rarely on the Lidl website...☹️ And I can't find anyone else in the UK that sells them.

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