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  1. fnick


    Yes the heating is on! Roast cat anyone?
  2. Does she take notes...?
  3. Definitely be following this one. I recently did the AMT Chrysler 300C as I wanted to do a classic American "chrome" car and I have to say the Moebius kit would have been my second choice. Nick
  4. Theory is where we understand everything and nothing works. Practice is where everything works but we don't know why. Here we succeed in both. Nothing works and no one knows why! 😋 Nick
  5. Hi Ekis Nice photos of the village you are using as an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing how they translate to your model... Nick
  6. Yep plasmo build this model with the carbon decals. Also an aftermarket chain with separate links! Easy when you are used to doing ratlines!😋😄 Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Nick
  7. Have to admit I'm not a big fan of yellow as a car colour but just this once I'll change my mind!😀 Very well done. Nick
  8. That is soooo cool! And also reminds me of the windmill in sleepy hollow! Lovely carpentry skills! Nick
  9. "but will make a decision soon. " Didn't take long then.😀. Looking forward to this one. Sticking with the yellow or going with a more traditional red? Or something completely different? Nick
  10. Still can't get over how good the headlights are. What's your secret to getting such a smooth finish. Don't worry it will be safe within MSW! 😁 Nick
  11. Hi Craig Fantastic work on the decals. One thing I have seen some people do is use a hair dryer for a few seconds to speed up the drying process between microsol (or equivalent) applications. There's a YouTube channel called scale modelling channel (mainly cars) that has quite a lot of good how to videos. Not saying you need it! ☺️. Just FYI... I'll stop rambling now... Nick
  12. Wow that is beyond words! Bravo. I would however like to claim 0.0001% of the plaudits as I did egg you on to stick to your plan!😋😉 Nick
  13. Stunning. Are you planning to take this masterpiece outside for some outdoor shots? Nick
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