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  1. Hi Marsalv, what an awesome work on your model!!! Every single little detail came to perfection! You can be really proud of it, the amount of hours on the model were definitely well spent! So much inspiration in this build log, when (if) I get back to ship modelling... Huge congratulations! Jan
  2. Hi Marsalv, I haven't been following your or actually any build log recently but I have to say just WOW!!! Simply amazing!!! I have almost fell of the chair watching it! Great, great work!!! This is going to be another beauty built by your hands! Unfortunately my work on ship modeling is not on hold as my current hobby is our little daughter so not sure when I will have time to get back to it. But the time will come (hopefully ). Best regards, Jan
  3. Simply amazing job! I am speechless! This will be another beauty! Jan
  4. This is just an incredible masterpiece! Congratulations Vlada! Your build brought me a lot of inspiration and I have learned a lot from it, so again thank you very much! Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Championship during the weekend but I believe you must have gained the highest award! Great work!
  5. She is simply beautiful!!! An incredible work! Celebrate the success!
  6. Hi, some new pictures... I have constructed the chain plates channels, mounted the capstan, including ropes, created the chimney using Sculpey... Thanks for watching! Best regards, Jan
  7. Dear visitors of my build, here is some update on the Royal Caroline model. Thanks for watching. Regards, Jan
  8. Dear visitors of this build, last days I have been working on several things. One of them are the doors and the deck cover (not sure what is the right term...) and also the handrails. There is also a picture of ornaments on the bow. There will be still some more decorations needed... Thanks for watching!
  9. Hi, here comes a little progress on the ship. I was mostly working on handrails. I also was finishing the figurehead and some other things but still need to take pictures of that. So that will come in next updates... Cheers, Jan
  10. Hi, after about 4 moths of silence there is an update of my build log of the RC. I had quite a lot of changes in my personal life - wedding, flat moving,.. so not much time was left for ship modeling. I needed also to set up a workbench for the modeling work. Now I am mostly done. So hopefully updates to the build will come on regular basis. So what has changed on the build during the long period? Just updates to the bow - including production of the ship figurehead... Again from Sculpey. Here are just a few pictures. I will try to make some more soon and post them. Best regards,
  11. Hi Marsalv, great to see that you have started a scratch build. I am absolutely sure that this is going to be a great model and a beautiful ship! Will be following your progress! Good luck! Best regards, Jan
  12. Hello, last week I have been working on the beakheads - adding ornaments to them. Best regards, Jan
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